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Tom Clark Memorial/Celebration Service

By September 11, 2021Uncategorized

Hello Firestorm:

Thank you again for all your prayers for Tom and Margie Clark, what a blessing you all have been.

The Memorial Service for Tom was held Sunday, September 12th at his home church, Word Alive, in Oxford Alabama.

You may click this link to watch the service. https://youtu.be/WZD2PQ_qnoM

It was a Memorial Service, but also a Celebration Service, for we surely remembered all the times we shared with Tom, celebrate he is no longer striving to breathe and now he is taking a nice nap before all the new stuff comes along with Yahshua/Jesus…HalleluYah, We will see him again and it will be a Holy Ghost Party. Until then, I will keep his memory alive and tucked inside my heart.

Blessings to you all, bon

Bonnie Nelson, President
Firestorm Ministries Int’l

Pictures Above:

Tom Clark as we have known him always with a smile….Tom Clark Navy…….Tom and Margie Clark

Pictures Below:

Tom was always quick to pray for people, always encouraging you and standing behind you. He loved to worship Yahweh as seen here in pictures of him with the Mattah (Staff). He loved everyone, especially Terry Thompson and Jim Mellard, his running buddies. He called his group the “3 Musketeers.”

He prayed over many for healing and taught us things from Charles and Frances Hunter’s Healing Ministry, so we could pray healing for others. His favorite was the laying on of hands and praying for arms and legs to grow out and be equal. One picture here shows him with Cathy Matthew who felt she heard Father Yahweh say, don’t put those braces back on. You don’t need them anymore.” She came to Tom for confirmation and on his knees he prayed for her to be healed and whole. She has to this day, not put the braces on. She donated them to help others.

He prayed and encouraged me to be who I am and always loved to do ministry to all our Firestorm friends and families. I’m pretty sure in the picture below he gave me a prophetic facelift. (smile)

Tom and Margie have been with Firestorm for many years, faithful in teaching the Saints more about Yahweh and His Healing Powers and showing us real Christian friendship and love. He was always helping others.


I thought I would leave you with one more picture of Tom and a message from him on “faith.” As he said, “Choose Faith over Fear.” So be it!

We love you too Tom

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  • Bruce Maddox says:

    Tom was a dear friend and working partner always a joy to be around . He loved to share the gospel and had a genuine concern for all. About 3 years ago I had open heart surgery after being home only a couple of days Tom came by for a visit and to pray over me I truly felt the power of his prayers and really lifted my spirits, this is just an example of the man Tom was , no doubt where Tom will spend eternity.

  • Mike Johnston says:

    Tom was a dear friend. We stayed in touch regularly by phone after retirement. Everyone should strive to leave a legacy such as Toms.
    💐 RIP my Friend. See You Soon 💖

  • Joe and BonnieCamp says:

    Tom was a dear friend to our family! We will miss him here on this earth but the day is coming when we will all be together again!

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