And I say also unto thee, that thou art Peter, a small rock and upon the Large Rock I will build My Congregation {Gr.Ekklesia – called out ones}, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against her. (Matthew 16:18)

About Us

Welcome to Firestorm Ministries International. We are excited Yahweh has brought you here to check out all the wonderful people in our Firestorm Family who would love to help you learn where and how you fit in the Kingdom.

Firestorm is a Prophetic Ministry seeking to train, equip and activate the Body of Christ through the use of video stream forums, classes, prophetic articles, e-mail (fsmi) teachings and our Website archives, in order to help you grow and mature in the Prophetic Ministry. 


FS Prophetic Training & Equipping Classes 

Each month we have 2 prophetic training and equipping classes here on the FS Zoom Forums on Tuesday Nights. These classes are video streamed and then placed in the FS Archives, where you can access them 24×7. If you can’t make the class, you can go into the archives and catch the message.  

Why would it benefit you to register for these classes? If you are seeking to grow in the prophetic or if you are just starting, it is imperative to get around other people who move in the prophetic. This is the first step. Just being around prophetic people, watching them prophesy and receiving a prophetic word from them does not activate or train YOU to move into the prophetic. Prophets are not just born, prophets are trained and refined when they go through the process. Think Boot Camp.

The FS Prophetic Training Classes provide prophetic fellowship and activation’s to help you learn how to see, hear, move and understand what Jesus did so you could co-labor with Him and be a valuable part of His Kingdom, here and now, through the Prophetic. Knowing who you are in Him and what He did to enable you to take your place, is key in your walk in the prophetic with Him.

The cost of the training classes is $10 a month. This help us with ministry expenses such as the Zoom Program, which enables us to stream our forums, but it does something more. It begins with the understanding: your donation is a prophetic act of sowing, into your prophetic ministry. 


For Donating & Registering for Classes 

Current Zoom Forums

All Forums begin at 7:30 CDT for worship

FS Situation Room – Shirley Riser – Prayer Room – Every Thursday night 

FS Training & Activations -Password Protected – Two Tuesdays a month 

Facebook Forum

FS Living Word of God – Hebrew Word Study – Eva Windahl – One Wednesday per month at 12:00 PM (CST)


Firestorm Prayer Opportunities

FS Prayer Storm – Moderator Cathy Matthews – This is in-house online group of intercessors committed to pray for Firestorm members, their immediate family and friends. Please send your requests to

Open Prayer Room – FS Thursday Night Situation Room – Lead Intercessor, Shirley Riser – Everyone is invited.  Come for prophetic prayer and intercession.  You are also welcome to prayer for others.


Meet the Firestorm Leaders


Bonnie Nelson


Becca Card


Prophet Jim Mellard

Tuesday Night Forum

Dr. Mary Sue Davis

Saturday E-Mail Teachings



Bonnie has done several teachings that will be a blessing to you. Her most recent teachings are the “The Courtroom of Heaven” and “Applying the Rhema and Logos Word of Yahweh.

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Jim has teachings on “Crazy Faith” & “2 Chronicles 20.”

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Dr. Mary Sue is currently teaching a verse by verse study of Ephesians. You can also find her studies on Genesis and Revelation.

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