To Access Training Classes & FS Zoom Video Archives

If you are donating a minimum of $10 a month to Firestorm Ministry, you will be given access to the Prophetic Training Classes, unlimited visits to the FS Zoom Video archives, upcoming online conferences and any special events, which requires a password. 


You can set up your monthly donation  through PayPal by clicking the following yellow donate button  or the donate button on the bottom of any page on the web site.



After this has been set up, please email  Sheryl Upchurch  

Sheryl will email you with your log in information for the Archives as well your password to access the Prophetic Training Classes.  

 For checks: Please send to Firestorm Ministry, 937 E Northfield Blvd, Murfreesboro, TN 37130. 


Greetings Firestorm:

A lot of providers such as; AOL, Yahoo, and Gmail, have been sending Firestorm’s e-mails to your  spam folders, even though you have subscribed to the list.  Please check your spam folder if you have not received anything from Firestorm in the last week or two. Regular posts are sent out for our forums, special events, regular teachings & Sunday Specials each week.

If you find Firestorm e-mails your spam or trash folder follow the directions below depending on your address:

For all users – Add and to your address book:


Click – All Settings

Click – Junk Mail

Look for Safe Senders and Domains

Click – +Add – You will have to add each one individually

Firestorm Ministry

Bonnie Nelson

Sheryl Upchurch



After you each one click add again


At the top right mouse over Settings

Click Settings

Click Filters

Click Add

Firestorm Ministry

Bonnie Nelson

Sheryl Upchurch

Check the box that says “Never Send It to Spam:

Click Create Filter

You will have to do each one individually.

For AOL the only thing you should to do is to make sure these three are in your contact list.

Firestorm Ministry

Bonnie Nelson



Helpful Tidbits:

You can access the archives from a smart phone.  The buttons to  log in are at the top above the lion. 

In order to log in on an I-Pad or other note pad, turn it horizontal so you can see the buttons. 

FS Prophetic Voice

Firestorm’s Online Magazine

Firestorm’s online magazine if a new platform for YOU to share your poems, short stories, sermons, teachings and/or prophetic words.  

Please send your submissions, or any questions to Sheryl at Sheryl Upchurch