How to Enter Firestorm’s Live Video

Prophetic Training Rooms



Be Sure To Join Computer Audio – Turn off Video

If you are watching on your phone, follow the info below when the prompts come up on your phone (see graphic below):




IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  It is important to keep your “cach” & cookies cleaned out on a regular basis.  This is particularly important if you watch videos which include the FS Video Forums.  If you are use Google Chrome which is recommended, follow this instructions.

Click the three dots on the right side of your browser.   






Click More Tools

Click Clear Browser.  You can choose what you want to clear but make sure “Cookies and other site data” and Cached images and files are checked.





Another Helpful Hint:  You sometimes have to refresh a web site/page the next time you go to the same page even though it might have been a few days between visits.  For example, if you come to this page which has the Firestorm Monthly Schedule in January and it still says December follow these steps.

1, Clear your cached files first. 

2. Close the page. 

3.  Open the page again and if it still says December, refresh your browser.  This should take care of it but if not you might have to reboot your computer.   



Special Features in the Firestorm Zoom Video Rooms

You are now able to save the chat log with your prayers/words and etc., by clicking on the arrow next to the word “More” located on the bottom right corner the Chat Box. The chat log will be saved automatically to your documents folder. Look for a folder with the name ZOOM.

Phones do not have this feature, however you can send a note to Sandi Jones at and she will be able to e-mail you the chat room log. We do not transcribe the video log.

In the Zoom Room to Access the Chat: Hover your mouse over the bottom of the page and a bar will appear with the word Chat – Click.

If you want to pop the chat box out there is an upside down arrow on the top left corner of the chat box and click pop out.

You will also see other options. Click the participants to see who is in the room. If the chat disappears, click it again. You can merge both of these back together if you choose.

Current Forums


Tuesday Night Special

Prophetic Teaching & Personal Ministry

Prophet Jim Mellard

Evangelist Terry Thompson

Pastors Tom & Margie Clark


Wednesday Facebook Live

FS Living Word of Yahweh

Eva Windahl


Thursday Night Situation Room

This room is set aside for you to bring your prayer needs, receive prayer and have the opportunity to pray for others.

Lead Intercessor, Shirley Riser


Friday Night Prophetic Activations & Training

This room is password protected (Email: for more information)

President, Bonnie Nelson


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