Eva Windahl

FS Wednesday Special:  The Word of Power

Live Study of Hebrew Word Pictures on Facebook

Eva Windahl – FS Wednesday Special:  The Word of Power

Live Study of Hebrew Word Pictures on Facebook

I’m originally from Toronto, Canada. My mother is German and my father Canadian (he passed five years ago). I met my Swedish husband, Roger, while staying in Israel the second time (I lived on kibbutz Alumot, Golan heights, and then kibbutz Nir-Oz, Negev for 2,5 years.) We reside in Varberg, on the west coast of Sweden and have lived here since 1990.

We have four children; our oldest son Daniel is 24 yrs old and has autism. Yoel is 18 yrs old and well you know that he has diabetes type 1 and is recovering from anorexia. He is doing better now and is back in school. We are very thankful for that. Ella Joy is 13 and adopted from China and Emma, our youngest is 10.

Both my husband and I work as teachers, at Secondary/Senior High School level. My husband teaches: Swedish, Psychology and Philosophy and Religious studies and I am teaching English, Spanish, German and Religious studies-but right now only English and Spanish ❤

We were members of the Pentecostal Church of Varberg for 14 yrs until I was called to serve as one of the leaders and preachers at the Pentecostal Church of Falkenberg approx. 90 km south of Gothenburg, five years ago.

In 2017 God called me to start WIN MINISTRIES- winning One by One for Christ (WIN from my last name WINDAHL).

I am very excited and thankful for being part of God´s plan for Sweden and Scandinavia – my passion is to proclaim Yeshua and building God´s Kingdom worldwide.

And I would like to add and conclude that Firestorm Ministries has had a tremendous impact on my life- so grateful for that and without Firestorm I would not be where I am today. ❤

Email: eva.windahl@varberg.se