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You’re Gonna Walk Right Through It 05/24/21

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Miracle Monday

By Miki Maynard


You’re Gonna Walk Right Through It!


Today a friend and I went to a sandwich shop. As we were sitting there, a woman walked in and immediately the Holy Spirit told me that I needed to talk to her. My heart was overwhelmed with compassion. He said that He really wanted her to know some things and that I must talk to her. My friend recognized the moment as well when they saw I was turning around looking for her. They said they felt the Holy Spirit. I was praying for wisdom and for the right moment. I don’t want to sound like I’m stalking this person, but that tact should be used in a situation like this. There is a reason why I am going to tell you what happened next. She went into the back of the shop and then came out and stood by the counter looking at food. Suddenly, she went outside and I knew that I had to go to her. 


I had to obey the Lord. I went outside and started a conversation with her. I told her what the Spirit wanted her to know. She was so happy and talked to me for a bit. She thanked me and asked if she could give me a hug. When I went back inside, I anticipated that she might come back in and order food because initially it appeared that she was going to, but she left.  This is a key point. If I hadn’t acted when prompted, I would have missed it. I need to be ready to respond somewhat quickly to Him. I have learned that if I hesitate, that I miss an opportunity to reach out when the Spirit points out a person who needs something from Him.


If I told you all of the details of my day, you would see that the timing was a miracle. The chances of our paths crossing today were highly unlikely, because of what I learned when she and I talked. When the Holy Spirit nudges, I have to get out of the way so He can do His work. This is one example, as you are aware I’m sure, where we align with what He wants to do and we co-labor with Him.


There is something else I have to tell you. This morning when I woke up, I felt like there were arrows shooting at me. I won’t go into details, but we all have something that concerns us. This morning, it was a battle and I had to confess scripture and stand on the promises of God. As I proceeded through my day I was able to accomplish a lot of things, but my favorite part was when the Lord met my sister’s need. Glory to God!


Even though the both of us were going through some things, the Lord met us. That is part of being a mature Christian. Maturity is learning to walk THROUGH the hard situations in life trusting God. We can’t avoid a problem and go around it to the other side. We can’t resist facing it if we want to learn. We have to go THROUGH it. He shows us how to rely on Him when we are in trials. A major aspect of walking with Christ is learning that, while we are in the process of formation that comes from going through difficult circumstances, He still does miracles. The struggle to deal with something won’t prevent the miracle. Actually, in the Bible we see that many miracles happen during adversity.


He wants you to have confidence in Him during hard times. He promises that when you go through the valley that He is with you. (Psalm 23:4) One of my favorite verses tells us to not throw away your confidence in God because it will bring a great reward. (Hebrews 10:35)


Your purpose in life is not only to love and walk with God, but to love and serve others. Even though you may be experiencing hardship in an area, God wants to use you.  If I’m only thinking about myself, how can God reach someone through me?


This is amazing to me! Even though you are going through something that is hard, He will still use you to be a vessel for His glory.

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