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Yahweh Is In The Wind
Bonnie Nelson

There is a new wind blowing and it is carrying My Word. It will be infectious and enter into all those who have called on My Name. And there will be a turning from traditions and the way things have been done, to a turning to what has been said and written in My Book from a long time past.

Those who breathe Me in, will have a new understanding of who I Am and what I Am doing. Breathe Me in for I Am in the Wind and I will strengthen you with My Grace to stand, where others cannot. Arise with new strength and come along side of Me, for there is work to be done and hearts and souls to be touched before I return.

In Me you will find your destiny…..Call on Me and Breathe MYe In…….

Oh Breath of Yah come and “revive” Your People \o/

Author Becca Card

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