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FS Miracle Monday - What Time Is It? 06/07/21 - Firestorm Ministries, International
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FS Miracle Monday – What Time Is It? 06/07/21

What Time Is It?

Miki Maynard

June 7, 2021

He Cares For You

Cast your burdens on Me, because I care for you. I see your cares and worries. I care for you. I don’t want you carrying them, because they fill your arms with the wrong stuff. It blocks what I want you to see and prevents My life and joy from filling your heart and mind. The load weighs you down. They are not guarding your heart while you hold onto them. I am here to take them from you. Let’s move from focusing on the winds of adversity to the winds that My Spirit is blowing! I am the one who gives you Life. Take My burden and My yoke upon you and come dance the dance of LIFE with Me.

I see His arms open to receive all of the things that need to be given to Him. Casted away from you to Him. He is calling you to dance with Him.

Now He has His arms open and gathers you and pulls you close towards His heart and holds you in His arms. He is doing amazing things for you to show you that He CARES for you.

Come Dance the Dance of Life with Me

NOW is the time! It’s time to trust Me on the deeper level that I am drawing you into. My love draws you with lovingkindness. You have seen Me do things that you will never forget. I am not done. I will do more for you. When you see what I do for you, you will begin to realize even more how much I care for you.

I see a “stepping” into what the Spirit would beckon you into.

As you have been experiencing My love in some ways that “baffle” you and surprise you, we are going to take My love with us out of the boat, in the winds of the Spirit. Others will see and experience My love in ways that will astound them.

The Lord is showing me that He is standing next to us and holding out His Hand for us to take it and let Him lead the way to those who need Him. I see His tears of fire and the smile on His face. I feel such a longing. It’s an unconditional, patient love, but a longing to take Him by the hand and let Him lead to the places of promise. Promises given to us personally and promises given to others.

There is no need to fear. He is bigger and stronger than anything or anyone. He clears the way and goes ahead of you.

You shall step out of the boat. You will step in with the Spirit. There is a stepping up, there is a stepping out, and a stepping into the Kingdom winds with the Spirit. Speak to the winds and command the breath of God to breath life.

My expressions of Love have amazed you and NOW it is time to take it to others. There is NOW fruitful pathways and gardens with the Spirit’s fragrance that will fill the air and be recognized by people and they will know who I AM.

Jesus Takes Her Burden – A Story of His Loving Care

The other day, a friend and I just happened to make a quick, unplanned stop into the grocery store. As we were being checked out, I saw that the gal helping us was burdened with a great care and worry about something she was experiencing personally. I didn’t want to come across harshly or abruptly, because this was personal. I wanted to start the conversation gently, and not miss the moment. I asked her if she was experiencing this specific issue, or maybe someone in her family? She looked at me, surprised, and said, “its me!”

Then I was able to share with her what was impressed upon my heart from the Lord for her. It came from His love for her. She felt His care and her countenance changed. The Arms of the Lord reached out to help her with her burden to show her that He sees her and cares for her. Glory to God! It is time!

Trust Him! Step out of the boat!

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