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By October 4, 2019Equipping the Saints

Hello Firestorm:


Recently we experienced a supernatural event in one of our prayer rooms. Three of us heard and felt the vibrations of many Mattah’s being used in our worship warfare and shofars blowing. Though we were scattered in different states (WV, TN, TX) we each heard and felt the vibrations and sounds at the same time. I am still in awe at what happened.


In trying to explain what we heard it is important to understand what Mattah’s are and why they are such an incredible worship/warfare tool.  I have searched through several articles and would like to share some of  them with you.  The following is one of those articles which seeks to explain and reveal the importance of the Mattah in our worship and prayers today.




Anita Hester


Mattah’ (mah TAH’)- a branch (as extending) a rod, whether for chastising, ruling (a scepter), throwing (a lance), or walking (a staff), the primary root is Natah- to stretch or spread out, to bow down or deliver.




Following the law of first mention we can look to Moses. He was the first to call the Lord Jehovah Nissi. He lifted up his rod and as long as it was lifted they were winning the battle. When his arms were tired Aaron and Hur came alongside him and lifted his arms.


When the battle ended they had won, Moses built an altar and called it the Lord God My Banner. This is the first mention of banner in the Word.


Therefore the original standard was a rod without cloth on top. (Exodus 17:15)


The Lord instructed Moses to have the tribes set up their tent by divisions, each man in his own camp, under his own standard. (Numbers 1:52)


So each tribe created their standards by taking a staff and carving the name of the tribe, the tribal symbol, and the names of the tribal leaders.


Next a piece of cloth was tied to the top that was the tribal color. This was the first flag. When a tribe would go into battle they would go out with their standard before them and when the wind blew the archers could shoot their arrow more accurately.


When a Mattah, banner, or flag is lifted up the meaning is expressed by the colors, symbols, and design. The authority of that group or person is exhibited and sets for the standard.


Scriptural Reference


A mattah can be used in worship and in warfare. I believe that the Lord is taking us to a new level were the line between worship and intercession will no longer be seen.


One of the Hebrew words for intercession is paga.


Paga means- to encounter, make intercession, strike, touch (as a boundary).


Worship and Warfare- Isaiah 30:32


Striking Isaiah 11:4, Numbers 20:11


Raised up in Battle- Exodus 17:8-15


Leaned on in Worship- Hebrews 11:21


A sign- Exodus 4:17, Numbers 17, 20:11, Judges 6:21


Healing-  2 Kings 4:29


Judge and Rule- Revelation 12:5


How to use a Mattah’?


In worship a Mattah’ can be used to dance with and as a percussion instrument.


You can twirl and lift it up.


You can also strike the ground in different rhythms and create new sounds.


In intercession you can lift it up as in battle or strike the ground. The Lord will strike the ground with the rod of His Mouth. (Isaiah 11:4)


I believe that when you strike the ground you proclaim the word that the Mattah’ represents.


The Lord has impressed me to carve the scripture at the bottom of each staff so that when you strike the ground you are proclaiming His Word.


Strongholds are broken in the spirit through the prophetic authority released as you strike the ground. You are taking the land that the Lord has promised us and making declarations over the nations.


I know that we, the Bride of Christ, have only begun to understand the depths of the spirit to which our Passionate Bridegroom desires to take us.


Blessing Anita Hester From Beyond The Veil Ministries


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