Bonnie Nelson, President


Welcome to Firestorm Ministries International. We are excited Yahweh has brought you here to check out all the wonderful people in our Firestorm Family who would love to help you learn where and how you fit in the Kingdom.

Firestorm is a Prophetic Ministry seeking to train, equip and activate the Body of Christ through the use of video stream forums, classes, prophetic articles, e-mail (fsmi) teachings and our Website archives, in order to help you grow and mature in the Prophetic Ministry.

Firestorm leaders provide sound Biblical teachings to ground you in the Kingdom and freely share personal prophetic ministry and fellowship. Whether you are moving as a Prayer Warrior/Intercessor, Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist, Prophet or Apostle, our leaders can help you find and fine tune your gifts and talents by providing a safe place to exercise and stretch your spiritual muscles. Did you know it is Biblical for us to gather and exercise our gifts? (I Cor. 14:26-33)

Many of the leaders and teachers on Firestorm have been together for fifteen to twenty years and consider those on Firestorm an extension of their family. We believe the Prophetic Ministry is an important gift to the Church, which should be birthed, nurtured, utilized and celebrated. It is our hope and prayer Firestorm will stir up the gifts within you and empower you to move into your destiny to set the captives free, heal the sick and raise the dead.

Welcome to the Firestorm Family!