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Prophetic Word To The Church – 7/21/19
Bonnie Nelson



Today, as you were reminded of the first time I showed you the earth; Today, as you heard the words the Astronauts spoke and revealed the great things I have done; Today, as I watched over you; Today, I receive your praise and your worship in this house.


Today, there are many of you here who are shattered and have been broken and  have come up and out of the dirt; from out of the swamp, from out of the things the world has put upon you.


But Today I say, there is a change in the season for you, there is a change in the atmosphere and it is for you Today, to shake off the past; for you Today to shake off what was and come forth and be who I have called you to be.


For there is a time in this Nation and there is a time in this World, where you are one of the most important people who will be seen in My Army.  Your words will cut through darkness, your words will pierce hearts, your words will bring souls into the Kingdom that will be here forever and ever.


For know today that My Kingdom that you are now a part of, is Eternal, I say to you it is Eternal. Do not focus on what is Today, do not focus on the world and what they say, Focus on what I have said and what I am bringing to you, for I am going to set you Free and Today…..


Today, shake off the old, shake off the old, and know who you are in Me. Who do I say you are? I say you are My Sons; I Say you are My Daughters and I Say you will Live for Me; you will Speak for Me and you will Set Souls Free – Today. 


Today, Know Who You Are And Walk into It 

Receive It 

Claim It

Take It 

It is yours Today   


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