The Prophets’ Table

Sound The Shofar!

The Prophet’s Table
May 30, 2016
“And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said,
                Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel,
                  I AM hath sent me unto you.”                
Exodus 3:14


Sound of The Shofar
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The following Words are from the Tuesday Prophetic Activation’s and Training Session.
Why do we activate, train and exercise our spiritual gifts?

About the Exercising of Your Spiritual Gifts
I Timothy 4

11 Teach these things and insist that everyone learn them. 12 Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity. 13 Until I get there, focus on reading the Scriptures to the church, encouraging the believers, and teaching them.
14 Do not neglect the spiritual gift you received through the prophecy spoken over you when the elders of the church laid their hands on you. 15 Give your complete attention to these matters. Throw yourself into your tasks so that everyone will see your progress. 16 Keep a close watch on how you live and on your teaching. Stay true to what is right for the sake of your own salvation and the salvation of those who hear you.
Purpose of Gifts
“The gifts of the Spirit can guide and enrich our lives. They can strengthen us spiritually and temporally.  They can help us bless the lives of others. Most important, they can bring us comfort in times of trial.
They can help us magnify our callings. They can help guide us in our relationships. They can help us avoid being deceived. . . .
 “God has given us the gifts of the Spirit to allow us to be drawn more closely into His circle of love. He desires that we should receive these gifts of the Spirit and magnify them and have them grow within us. . . . As we do, our faith in Him will increase and our true destiny will be fulfilled, ultimately to return to His Presence, as His sons and daughters.”
                                                              And that’s why we exercise our gifts. 
Notice there is a common theme flowing through the words below.


Cathy Matthews
Guard my children
Protect their minds
Protect their ears
Protect their hearts
Fill them with knowledge
Teach them of My Ways
Of My Thoughts
And of My Great Love for them

For I have known him, to the end that he may command his children and his household after him, that they may keep the way of Yahweh, to do righteousness and justice; to the end that Yahweh may bring on Abraham that which he has spoken of him.”
Genesis 18:19

Yahweh has given us promises
Denise Thomas
The Father told me
Tell them I AM with them every step of the way
And that I have not forgotten them
My Love for you is rich and clean (pure)
And the impossibilities are possible with Me
There is nothing that can stand in the way
Of what I have for you, except you
My Hand is outstretched for you to take what I have
Come close, closer, closer to Me
And Receive what I have to give
It is there for the taking Trust Me that
I will never leave or forsake you
I AM always with you
Every step of the way
Even when the journey is rough
I have made the crooked places straight
For your feet to walk upon,
Even in times of distress
I give you rest if you want it
Do not fear or fret
I AM your all in all

Yahweh is With Us
Deb Fry
 Do you know Beloved, that every day
I prepare a feast before you
In the very presence of the enemy?
The devil is in shock at this turn of events
In plain sight of the one who would seek your destruction
I lay before you a vast spread of goods
A magnificent table of heavenly Food & Wine
For you to enjoy
Come and sit with Me, My Bride.
Sit under the shadow of My Wings
Taste and see that your Lord is good
The devil cannot comprehend what is happening
between you and I, Dear One. He sits on the sidelines and fumes. No enemy can touch you here, Beloved, be not afraid. I AM the Bread of Life and My Spirit is the New Wine.
I pour out My love, mercy and grace until your cup is overflowing. Your cup of salvation is forever full.   Eat, drink, rejoice, and be glad, My Child. Taste the sweet Fruit of your salvation.
Drink your fill of the abundance of My house; drink from the River of My delights. By the Blood of the Lamb I have brought you to My banqueting house, and My banner over you is love.
 He Prepares our Food
Kathy Johnson

 I heard a song for the room

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
Have I told you how much I care
Come to Me, My Sons and Daughters
Let me show you just how much I love you
Call upon Me I Am right there
I AM that I AM and Have all that which you have need of
I love you

 Yahweh Is Singing over us
Nicole Wilhoit
 My beloved don’t you realize how beloved you are?
You must realize this and also have love for yourself
Before you can move forward
In that which I would have you
Since your body is My Temple,
If you should choose to not love yourself
Then you are not loving Me
And Love is key
For it is your pipeline of love that will allow your faith
To prosper & move mountains
Keep it open
And Flowing
So that it can overflow and pour unto the next
For by faith the miracles are coming
And you my children are the ones
I want to be the living miracles
Representing Me to all who you come into contact with
My beloved you are mine and I am yours
Remember this as we tarry together

 Yahweh Declares We Are His




Stand and take a stand in My Righteousness
For Righteousness is good citizenship
And those that stand upright
Shall bring blessings and exalt the city


Yahweh Calls Us To Righteousness


 Shirley Riser
Remember – Remember
When you came to Me and received Me into your heart?
Remember the dance of courtship we did together?
As I wooed you closer to Me..
To go deeper into Me
You are mine and I AM yours
Return My beloved – Return to your first love
Do not forget the intimacy and times we had
Do not allow the busyness of life to separate you from Me
Remember and Return to your First Love

Yahweh Calls Us To Return To Him
 Merva Hand
O child of Mine
What have you been thinking about?
I have been wanting you to be Mine
Thinking of what things I have planned for you
Do you have time for Me
Time to think of Me?
Let yourself and your things go
Please come to Me and spend time with Me

  Yahweh tells us thinking about Him Brings Life and Peace
Trisha Harvey
 Daughter, I would say unto you. I have placed you in a very loving family. Even though some would say you all can’t be family. I say Oh, but you most definitely are family due to the belief in the shed blood of My Son and the raising of HIM from the dead for all of you. It’s by your hearts that I call you family. It’s because you all care about each other and I have instructed in MY Word to lay your lives down for others.
Does not My Word say Greater love hath no man than this to lay his life down for his friends? I desire to be your best friend. I desire that you bring your cares to Me first and then to each other. For I enjoy an intimate relationship with you and I long to hear your voice.
I long to tell you My Secrets. I long to run and play with you and to have you sit upon My lap and to hear My Heart beat for others. For I desire to use you to change other’s lives through Me.
You are My Hands, My Heart, My feet, My body. It’s Me the world is to see once they look upon you. This is why it is so important that you learn who I AM.
 The facets and character of Me, of My Son and The Holy Spirit.
I would have everyone you come into contact with to know they are in the Presence of the Lover of their soul. I have drawn you together for such a times as this. For when you agree and come together as one voice standing covered in My Son’s blood nothing will be able to defeat you.

I yearn for you to know I have conquered everything through the shedding of the blood of Yahshua, My Son. Don’t be fooled, I AM for you and not against you. I AM listening and answering your prayers. Line them up with My Word and continue to storm the gates of hell and you will see and experience great victory saith Yahweh, the Most High God.

  Our Victories are in Yahweh

 Eva Coughlin
I heard over and over again this word from a song
I am no longer a slave to fear
I AM a child of God

Yahshua Has Redeemed us Back To Yahweh
This Completes the Activation and Training Class Section


 Terry Ricklefs



 I will bring a new level of hearing Me and of obedience. For some, this will mean a new obedience, for you have been faithful in what I have asked you to do.

 For others who feel they have missed the track, it is not over for you, for I will cause you to remember the past when I have given you things to do and obey, I will cause them to come back to your mind.

 Ask Me for this to happen. When this does happen, be careful to write the vision and do not lose it. After you have it written down, ask Me for the small steps of obedience you must take to fulfill the vision.

 I will show you the timetable for the vision if this is necessary. After this, you will grow more confident that you have heard from Me. You will begin to be back on track and walking in the Spirit.



 Jim Mellard


 I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying:

The wind of REVIVAL has been released

Across the world

This will combine the Evangelist and the gifts of faith, Healing and Miracles
I AM calling out the “hidden ones” that I have saved For a time such as this 

I have called and they have answered…

My called ones have paid the price (discipline)

And now they are ready–

Prepared and Trained by ME

Yes, the GLORY TRAIN is moving…

Will you pay the fare to get on board?

I promise you

It will be a ride that will change the world


 Bonnie Nelson


 When You Give Me Glory

I will Send The Healing

 When You Give Me Praise

I will send Revelation

 When You Give Me Thanksgiving

I will send Your Destiny

 My Kingdom is About sowing and reaping

When You Give – You Get

 When You Send Me Your Love

I Will Send You Mine



 A Song From Bruce Culbertson’s Memorial Service

 Jesus Christ You Set Me Free


 Thank You Lord for Loving Me

Thank You Lord for Touching Me

Thank You Lord for Delivering Me

Jesus Christ You Set Me Free

You Took The Chains That Had Me Bound

You Took the Scales Threw Them To The Ground

You Lifted Me So I Could See

Back Into Your Reality

Thank You Lord For Healing Me

Thank You Lord For Cleansing Me

Thank You Lord For Filling Me

Jesus Christ You Set Me Free

Now I’m Free Not By Power

Free, Not By Might

I’m Free By Your Liberty

Free By The Spirit That You Gave To Me

Thank You Lord for Loving Me

Thank You Lord for Touching Me

Thank You Lord for Delivering Me

Jesus Christ You Set Me Free




John 8:31-32

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