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The Prophet & The Process of Growing Up

The Prophet & The Process Of Growing Up

Prophets Are Not Just Born – They Are Made

Bonnie Nelson 

This Friday – February 28

FS Friday Night Prophetic Training Class
7:30 Praise CST
8:00 Activations & Training

Are you ready to let the Master Potter mold you and meld you into a prophetic vessel He can trust. A vessel who will stand strong in the face of the trials and tribulations of this world and understand how important it is for us to be able to co-labor with Him to set His People free? (Jer. 18)

In the making of a prophet, Yahweh will take us through a process of training and equipping to prepare us for our calling and destiny in Him. The enemy watches to see who is moving closer and closer to God and begins to set challenges and pitfalls in place, to destroy God’s proteges.

So what is a protege?

A protégé is a person who receives special protection and promotion from someone more established in a field. If your boss introduces you as his newest protégé, you’re off to a good start in your career. Essentially, a protégé is a teacher’s pet, someone who is given special status or favors

Now I like that definition and I bet you do too, however, being the protege of God doesn’t mean we won’t have to go through stuff. We need wisdom discernment and spiritual insight to be able to withstand the wiles of our enemy and we can’t get that kind of training in an earthly college. It comes from, on the ground training, in a spiritually charged atmosphere with like minded prophetic people seeking to hear and know Yahweh’s Voice.

Finding a safe place to come together to learn about your gifts and then, exercise them, is a key component for us being able to stand where others would faint. Gathering with other prophetic people brings wisdom and valuable insight in how to proclaim, declare and release prophetic words, which when released will bring life and victory in the Name of Yahshua.

Last week we looked at how important it is for us to have “integrity.” This week we are going to look at more ways to mature by recognizing problems, which will slow down and possibly rob us of our destiny in the prophetic.

Luke 2:52 reveals that “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God. We know we are supposed to continue to grow in our walk with Jesus, but we also need to be awake and understand we will face some obstacles which will challenge our faith and our walk. Just remember, fear immobilizes and faith energizes. Use your faith and add some trust, for we have an incredible God who is for you. Some obstacles will be tricky to deal with and are set to draw us off the path Yahweh has for us, but seeing deeper into situations with prophetic eye sight and insight will help keep us on the right path to victory alongside of Yahweh.

So, what are these pitfalls, which can prevent and challenge our spiritual walk in Christ and for Christ? One is called an FOMO. (grin) OK, an FOMO means some people have a “fear of missing out,” which usually means a spirit of fear has come forth and are afraid to say, “NO.” Another issue usually revolves around us having a “legalistic” spirit. Got one? Want to know how to get rid of it?

Find out more about these stumbling blocks and issues this Friday Night in the FS Prophetic Training & Equipping Class. See information below on how to gain access to the class.

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