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Hello Firestorm:

The climate in our Nation is rapidly trying to become hostile to those of us who believe in Yahshua/Jesus. It is wise for us to understand how these things are happening and what we can do to rise up and come against them. Mike Huckabee is a man who I believe Yahweh is raising up, as a watchman, to sound the alarm to Christians. He is also revealing what is happening with Chick-Fil-A. He has been a supper supporter of them in the past.

Here is an offer below for a free book, “Dark Agenda,” written by a Jewish man, David Horowitz, warning Christians and trying to help us understand the depth and deceit of what is going on behind the scenes. They are not asking for a donation, however there is a catch, when you go to the site, they are saying this offer is for people who are subscribed to Newsmax and/or for those who sign up. The book is available on Kindle/Amazon for $12.36. 

Blessings, bon


Newsmax Media – December 19

Huckabee Furious With Chick-fil-A


Dear Reader,

Where was the backlash against Chick-fil-A after it caved to secularists and stopped donating to the Salvation Army?

“There is a real war against Christians and they need to wake up before it’s too late,” says David Horowitz, a Jew who has authored the runaway bestseller Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America.

Horowitz is not the only one worried.

Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor and Fox News host, is furious.

After the Chick-Fil-A news, Gov. Huckabee slammed the fast food chain in a tweet:

“In Aug 2012, I coordinated a national @ChickfilA Appreciation Day after they were being bullied by militant hate groups. Millions showed up. Today, @ChickfilA betrayed loyal customers for $$. I regret believing they would stay true to convictions of founder Truett Cathey. Sad.”

Then he tweeted again:

“The sad message of @ChickfilA is quite clear – they surrendered to anti-Christian hate groups. Tragic. Chick-fil-A To Stop Donating To Christian Charities Branded Anti-LGBT.”

It’s no wonder that there are reports Christians in China are now actually praying for their persecuted brethren here in the U.S.!

Just when you think it can’t get any worse . . .

Don’t think for one minute the war on Christians and Jews isn’t real.

No doubt you saw the shooting at a Jewish market in Jersey City, New Jersey. Four people were left dead, including a police officer with 5 children.

A hate crime through and through.

If you are still even a smidge skeptical about this war on Christians and Jews, then we urge you to do just one thing. It only takes seconds and it won’t cost you a single penny . . .

Claim your FREE COPY of Dark Agenda – Go Here Now.

Inside this shocking bestseller, author David Horowitz follows the trail of the anti-Christian, anti-Semitic movement from where it took root with a Marxist who envisioned a world without religion (page 20) . . . this Marxist was also a mentor to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton . . . and to the disgusting anti-God school crusades of the most hated woman in America (page 64) . . . to how this movement continued to quietly gain momentum under the radar, right up to today.

Horowitz even details how President Obama helped fuel Christian hate and persecution. Turn to page 148 of your FREE BOOK.

Dark Agenda not only details how this movement to abolish Christianity and remove God from society started . . .

Horowitz lays out where it’s headed.

We’re not going to lie.

It’s terrifying but we all need to be prepared for the future so we can fight to keep America free.

The signs are all there – from the Supreme Court ruling no prayer in public schools (page 50) to God being scrubbed from historical monuments (page 37).

Here’s one of the latest examples showing the real dangers we face . . .

When Baylor University professor George Yancy conducted a survey of progressives, it revealed APPALLING insights.

Vile comments spewed from mouths of progressives, including:

“Kill them all, let their god sort them out.”

“A torturous death would be too good for them.”

“I’d be a bit giddy, certainly grateful, if everyone who saw himself or herself in that category were snatched permanently from our societal peripheries, whether by holocaust or rapture or plague.”

“I am only too well aware of their horrific attitudes and beliefs – and those are enough to make me see them as subhuman.”

As if that’s not horrifying enough, according to Yancy, 32 percent of all Americans like conservative Christians significantly less than other social groups.

With the left going more and more extreme, Christians and Jews are in grave danger.

Get. This. Book. Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America.

Look . . .

Democratic candidates for president are openly running on anti-Christian platforms.

One even wanted to deny churches tax-exempt status unless they accept gay marriage.

Please, do yourself, your family, and your fellow Christians and Jews a favor . . .

Claim your FREE OFFER copy of Dark Agenda now.

Don’t wait. The anti-Christian, anti-Jew movement is gaining speed, just as its founders planned decades ago.

Read all about it in Dark Agenda so you understand what’s happening . . . protect yourself and your family . . . and help stop the insanity.

Your Friends at Newsmax


P.S. Mike Huckabee describes Dark Agenda as the “best defense of Christianity” he ever read. He urges you to get this book. And so does Tucker Carlson, who recently told his viewers he couldn’t put the book down.


P.P.S. We wouldn’t normally take a book and just give it away for FREE with our offer. It costs us a lot of money just to print it. But this is critical. Our religious freedoms as Christians and Jews are at stake. Dark Agenda retails for $26.99 in bookstores everywhere but we’re giving it to you for FREE for a limited time. Claim your FREE BOOK OFFER here.


Stress Management: Don’t Worry!

By: Rick Warren

“Don’t worry about anything” (Philippians 4:6 NLT).

Work doesn’t keep you up at night; worry does.

God clearly states in the Bible what he thinks about worry. Philippians 4:6 says, “Don’t worry about anything” (NLT).

Why do you need to let go of your worry?

Worry is unreasonable. Here are a couple of reasons why that’s true. First, worry exaggerates the problem. Have you noticed if somebody says something bad about you, the more you think about it, the bigger it gets? Second, worry doesn’t work. To worry about something you can’t change is useless. And to worry about something you can change is a waste of time. Just go change it!

Worry is unnatural. No one is a born worrier. You might think you are, but you’re not. Worry is something you learned. Since worry is unnatural, it’s also unhealthy. Your body wasn’t designed to handle worry. When people say, “I’m worried sick,” they’re telling the truth. Doctors say a lot of people could leave the hospital today if they knew how to get rid of guilt, resentment, and worry. Proverbs 14:30 says, “A peaceful heart leads to a healthy body” (NLT).

Worry is unhelpful. Worry cannot change the past, and worry cannot control the future. All it does is mess up today. The only thing that worry changes is you. It makes you miserable! It’s never solved a problem.

Worry is unnecessary. God made you, he created you, he saved you, and he put his Spirit in you. Don’t you think he’s going to take care of your needs? There’s no need to worry.

The first step in stress management is to refuse to worry about anything. Why? Because it’s unreasonable, unnatural, unhelpful, and unnecessary.

The Bible says in 1 Peter 5:7, “You can throw the whole weight of your anxieties upon him, for you are his personal concern” (PHILLIPS).

God personally cares about you and for your needs. So all those things you’re stressed, anxious, and worried about?

Let them go. Give them to God.

Prophet Kim Clement Prophecies Before Trump Presidency – Must Watch 6 Minutes

The Relevance of the Prophetic Ministry For Today and Beyond

Yahweh Speaks

Through The Voice of Prophet Kim Clement For The USA

(Six Minutes)

Here is a gathering of Prophetic Words from Prophet Kim Clement, regarding President Trump. Listen as Kim, prophesies the upcoming Presidency of Trump, the battle of impeachment and “His” plans for Our Nation, before Trump was President. Don’t miss this.

“Blessed be the name of God forever and ever,
For wisdom and might are His.
He gives wisdom to the wise
And knowledge to those who have understanding.
He reveals deep and secret things;
He knows what is in the darkness,
And light dwells with Him. Daniel 2:20-22

Prayer Call To The Wall – President Trump’s Impeachment Hearings – Dutch Sheets – 11/16/19

Prayer Call To The Wall 

President Trump’s Impeachment Hearings

Dutch Sheets

Hello Firestorm: I didn’t see the following post yesterday due to the Prophetic Training Class, but wanted to share it with you as it is still pertinent to our Nation. I firmly believe Dutch Sheets is a gift to the Body of Christ and when he speaks it is wise to stop, look and listen. I pray you will read through his message and his “call to the wall.” The thoughts Dutch shares reveal the difference in a Christian view compared to a view held in the world today. We can make a difference by using the weapon of our corporate prayers against evil. Our weapons are not carnal but powerful in pulling down strongholds and evil deeds. Seek Yahweh for his confirmation to your spirit in ALL things. Blessings, bon


Daniel 11:36
…For God’s plans are unshakable.


The impeachment hearings have begun in Washington, DC. Please be mindful that this is NOT an impeachment trial. What is happening now is being done by the Dems to see if there is just cause for impeachment.

I feel it is important that the Church rally together right now and pray for our nation and President Trump. We do not need America divided any more than it already is. The controversy needs to stop so our nation can move forward.

I have taken yesterday’s Give Him 15 devotional and am sending it to you today. Please follow us daily on the free app so we can all be praying and agreeing together. Let’s be watchmen on the walls for our great nation.

America shall be saved!

Dutch Sheets

Public impeachment hearings began today against President Trump. Both sides of the political fence were proclaiming victory on this first day. William Taylor, Acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, and George Kent, Deputy Assistant Secretary at the State Department, testified. Liberals were saying they presented a strong case that President Trump overstepped his boundaries of authority. Additionally, they say he withheld funds to get compliance from the Ukrainian President Zelensky. Conservative commentators are saying there were few actual facts presented. Rather, there was a lot of hearsay and unprovable statements. They also presented counter-statements saying that the withholding of funds was not done to get Ukraine to comply, and that President Zelensky never knew the funds were being withheld. We think the hearings are meant to sway public opinion against President Trump, as no witnesses have been approved by the Democrats who can testify against the “whistleblower”.
Please continue to pray into these hearings, separating truth from falsehood. The next one is Friday, 11/15, when Marie Yovanovitvh, Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, will testify. You can write your U.S. Representative here and ask for fair and just hearings with witnesses for both sides allowed to be questioned. There is an additional prayer guide you can obtain through that link, as well, which gives you specifics on who is testifying, who is on the committee holding the hearings, and other issues. Take advantage of it!

“There are six things the Lord hates, seven that are detestable to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.” (Proverbs 6:16-19; NIV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

Pray for every aspect of the hearings.

Boldly declare Proverbs 6:16-19.

Say, “We proclaim the opposite spirit into the hearings: humility, truthfulness, a desire to bring healing to the nation, the unveiling of wicked schemes, desires in the witnesses to do good for the country, truth-telling witnesses, and those who can minister a peaceful resolution of these matters.”

Get the prayer guide here and pray for the committee members.

Pray for President Trump and his family through this trial. Pray for their physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

A prayer you can pray:

God Most High, You are the one that sees the end from the beginning. You know the outcome of this trial the president is in. It is a very challenging moment in a very challenging presidency. His opponents have put him through one thing after the other to try to get his election reversed, his presidency annulled, get him removed from office, and now, to keep him from being re-elected. It’s like nothing we have witnessed ever before in history. President Trump has done much for life, for religious freedom, for the economy and the American worker. We don’t discount sin. However, we won’t tolerate false accusations against him, either. Separate truth from falsehood. Twisting of truth is not truth. Partial truth is not truth. The full truth is what we are all after and we say, “The full truth is what we will get!” Both sides will have a voice! We will not tolerate injustice or a kangaroo court where minds are made up in one direction and only witnesses to back that mindset are presented. No!

There are six things You hate, seven that are detestable to You: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community. We proclaim the opposite spirit into the hearings: humility, truthfulness, a desire to bring healing to the nation, the unveiling of wicked schemes, desires in the witnesses to do good for the country, truth-telling witnesses, and those who can minister a peaceful resolution of these matters. Protect the president and his family from the effect of these attacks. Let Your precious blood, Jesus, protect their minds, bodies, emotions, and spirits. Amen.

Today’s decree:

Lord reverse the things You hate in the impeachment hearings!


Hello Firestorm:

I am praying for Americans to rise up against the H.R.5 Bill. Do you know what is really in this bill? Please checkout the information below. This is the most important time of our lives to be an American and a Christian.

Find your Congressional Leaders and send them a message. Congress is the legislative arm of our government and its job is to make laws to protect us and be fair to all American’s and was not founded to make anyone cater to un-natural sexual preferences in our homes, businesses, schools, jobs, and houses of worship.

Congress is made up of two houses: the Senate (upper) and the House of Representatives (lower). Each state has two senators in the Senate. The number of Representatives a state has is determined by its population. So, Google and get your congressional leaders e-mail addresses and phone numbers. Tell them NO for H.R.5. Don’t let this pass you by without standing for your rights of freedom of choice in America.

Below is information from the Heritage House on just what is in this bill and you can also go to the Family Research Council Site and get a deeper look at what is really in this bill. https://www.frc.org/

Please take note and take action and do it now. Oh Yahweh God, we need your help \o/

The Heritage House Explains

The Equality Act H.R.5

How Could Sex Orientation And Gender Identity (SOGI) LAWS Affect YOU?


On Wednesday March 13, Nancy Pelosi introduced the so-called Equality Act, a bill that would add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” as protected classes under federal civil rights law.


Where the original Civil Rights Act of 1964 furthered equality by ensuring that African-Americans had equal access to public accommodations and material goods, the Equality Act would further inequality by penalizing everyday Americans for their beliefs about marriage and biological sex. Similar sexual orientation and gender identity laws at the state and local level have already been used in this way.

Here are 5 groups who would be harmed if the Equality Act becomes law:


Employers and Workers

The Equality Act would force employers and workers to conform to new sexual norms or else lose their businesses and jobs. This is already happening on the state and local level. The most high profile example involves Colorado baker Jack Phillips, whose case went all the way to the Supreme Court after the Colorado Civil Rights Commission accused him of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation when he declined to create a custom cake for a same-sex wedding.

He is not the only victim. Other cases involving disagreement over the meaning of marriage feature florists, bakers, photographers, wedding venue owners, videographers, web designers, calligraphers, and public servants. Now citizens are being punished for their views on biological sex.

Shortly after the Supreme Court ruling, Jack Phillips found himself in court again after an activist attorney who identifies as transgender, requested that Masterpiece Cakeshop create a “gender transition celebration” cake. After the Colorado Civil Rights Commission found probable cause that Phillips had discriminated on the basis of gender identity, he sued the Commission for targeting him for his Christian beliefs. Ultimately, the Commission dropped the case, and Phillips agreed to drop his own lawsuit against the agency.

Even when victims win legal battles like Jack Phillips, conflicts like these have a chilling effect. They discourage people from opening new businesses or entering into certain fields entirely.

A federal sexual orientation and gender identity law would preclude compromise of any kind on disagreements about marriage and sexuality.

Take Peter Vlaming. This high school French teacher was dismissed under the school’s anti-discrimination policy after he refused to comply with administrators’ orders to use a female student’s preferred masculine pronouns. Vlaming had tried to accommodate the student by avoiding pronouns altogether and addressing the student by their preferred masculine name, but this was deemed insufficient by the school board.

The Equality Act would increase conflicts like these and put people out of work for their beliefs.



Medical Professionals

The Equality Act would force hospitals and insurers to provide and pay for these therapies against any moral or medical objections. It would politicize medicine by forcing professionals to act against their best medical judgment and provide transition-affirming therapies.

The fight is already here. Catholic hospitals in California and New Jersey have been sued for declining to perform hysterectomies on otherwise healthy women who want to become male. A third Catholic hospital in Washington settled out of court when the ACLU sued them for declining to perform a double mastectomy on a gender dysphoric sixteen-year-old girl.

These cases would multiply under the Equality Act. This bill would politicize medicine by forcing doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to offer drastic procedures—not in view of new scientific discoveries, but by ideological fiat.



Parents and Children

This politicization of medicine would ultimately harm families by normalizing hormonal and surgical interventions for gender dysphoric children as well as ideological “education” in schools and other public venues.

80 to 95 percent of children with gender dysphoria no longer feel distressed by their bodies after puberty. Yet activists continue to push their own radical protocol: social transition as young as 4, puberty blocking drugs as young as 9, cross-sex hormones as young as 14, and surgery by 18 (or, in some cases, even younger).

This protocol could become mandatory in the future. The latest issue of the American Journal of Bioethics includes an article arguing that the state should overrule the parents of gender dysphoric children who do not consent to giving them puberty-blocking drugs.

By silencing the scientific debate on transgender-affirming therapies through the politicization of medicine, the Equality Act would further normalize this radical protocol, and create an expectation that parents comply. In fact, parents in Ohio lost custody of their seventeen-year-old daughter because they declined to put her on testosterone supplements.

It is no secret that radical gender ideology has found its way into our schools (see here and here). This bill would stigmatize any and all opposition to such indoctrination.

The Equality Act would put parental rights to make decisions about their children’s medical treatment and education at risk.




The Equality Act would ultimately lead to the erasure of women by dismantling sex-specific facilities, sports, and other female-only spaces.

Sexual orientation and gender identity laws that open up sex-specific facilities like bathrooms, locker rooms, etc. to members of the opposite sex enable sexual assault.

For example, Pascha Thomas was forced to remove her child from school after a male classmate assaulted her five-year-old daughter in the girls’ restroom. The boy had access to the girls’ restroom because the school’s policy that grants students access to private facilities on the basis of self-identified gender identity. Administrators refused to change the policy despite Thomas’ complaints. Federal authorities are now investigating the incident.

The concern with these policies is that predators will take advantage of the law to gain access to victims. Policies like these make women less likely to report incidents and law enforcement less likely to get involved, for fear of being accused of discrimination.

These policies also leave women at a disadvantage in sex-specific sports and other activities. Two biological males who identify and compete as women easily took first and second place at the Connecticut State Track Championships.

Selina Soule, a female runner, lost the race—and the chance to be scouted by college coaches and selected for athletic scholarships. “We all know the outcome of the race before it even starts,” she said. “It’s demoralizing.”

Females of all ages can expect to lose more and more opportunities like these to biological males who have a natural advantage in sports and physical activities. The Equality Act would defeat the entire purpose of Title IX, which was meant to ensure that women would have the same opportunities as men including in sports, and would leave women vulnerable to sexual assault.



Non-Profits and Volunteers

The Equality Act would also hurt charities, volunteers, and the populations they serve.

State and local sexual orientation and gender identity laws have shut down numerous faith-based adoption and foster care agencies across the country, in Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, California, Massachusetts, and the District of Columbia.

These states wrongly treated the belief that children do best with both a mother and a father as discriminatory, and kids are the ones who are paying the price. With 438,000 children languishing in foster care nationwide, we need more agencies working to help kids find homes, not fewer.

Now charities that admit to the reality of biological sex are under attack too.

In Anchorage, Alaska, a biological male twice tried to gain access to the city’s Downtown Hope Center, a shelter for homeless, abused, and trafficked women. In response, the individual sued the center for alleged “gender identity discrimination.”

A federal sexual orientation and gender identity law could force any charity to open up private facilities—including sex-specific bathrooms, showers, and sleeping areas—to members of the opposite sex.

The Equality Act would cost our country countless charitable organizations, which means fewer institutions would be available to serve populations in need.

The Equality Act actually furthers inequality, especially for women and girls, by punishing anyone who does not affirm a single viewpoint of marriage and biological sex.

A federal sexual orientation and gender identity law would empower the government to interfere in how regular Americans think, speak, and act at home, at school, at work and at play. Any bill promoting such authoritarianism is a danger to our freedoms.