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Storms That Prophesy

Johnny & Elizabeth Enlow

The Storms: Laura & Marco

I have been watching these two storms/hurricanes as I knew instinctively that there was a message for us. Now with Hurricane Laura having made landfall the primary message is complete. Though it was a powerful Hurricane that did significant damage, the damage was much less than feared/forecast and the “unsurvivable” storm surge never materialized. Tragically, there were 4 that lost their lives and our hearts go out to the loved ones. However, a 150 MPH Hurricane could have easily killed hundreds or more. It was a grace storm and we thank God for that even while weeping for those who weep.

Weather forecasters told us days ago that a very unusual phenomenon was taking place with two storms headed for mainland United States almost simultaneously. They even had projected paths where they would overlap and in that overlap, battle for supremacy. Marco lost and Laura won and in that the U.S. received maximum mercy from what looked to be a double-barreled shotgun of great storms.

Marco was going to be a huge hurricane and then suddenly almost at the threshold of land it fell apart. Forecasters said they had never seen anything like it.

A sudden wind sheer tore off its back end and Hurricane Marco literally just fell apart at shoreline crossing over at 40 MPH, becoming just a rain event. Nobody said it this way but the close presence of Hurricane Laura may have something to do with the “out of nowhere” wind sheer that walloped Hurricane Marco into submission. A grace storm took out a judgment storm. (I am also aware intercessors were on the job)

Hurricane Marco

The name Marco comes from Mars the god of war. I had noted this early on. Though we are in an unconventional war of the ages fought mainly behind the scenes, the fear of a civil war or of a war, say with China, has been a concern for many even showing up in their dreams. I take it as a real threat the fact that this storm did form and did menace mainland USA.

I also take it as a very positive sign that at the very door of our nation while intensifying in the Gulf’s heated climate (the “gulf”- between races) that the presence of Laura somehow did in Marco.

Hurricane Laura

The name Laura means Victory and also Honor. I love them both. The name comes from the laurel wreaths that the winners would wear. The path of Laura after “dealing” with Marco was the most mercy-filled path imaginable.

A little to the east and New Orleans is devastated. A little to the west and Houston and Galveston are devastated. It literally went right between them on a trajectory to hit the least populace possible.

To be more precise and instructive it hit “swamp land”. If you had ordered a storm to target the most swamps possible in our nation it would have gone just the way Laura went. Those “in harms way” were those who lived in and by swamps.

Again, to make it clear, there is only well-wishing and compassion for those who had losses, and in the parabolic nature of it all they carry no blame— except for the blame anyone has for building near ocean shores and swamps. It is sort of a “you know the risk” reality. Parabolically the message is clear. If you are “the swamp” the storm is here and your cover (“roof”) is liable to be blown.

Mississippi Reversing It’s Flow

The other thing I read this afternoon is that the Mississippi River was reversing its’ course and flowing backwards. It is caused by Laura and I am sure it is temporary, but the prophetic message from it is still significant.

A grace storm named Laura is coming in to our nation and it is reversing the river that divides our nation. Laura was instrumental in stopping Marco.

The Honor part of Laura will triumph over the War-mongering of Marco. Honorable America is being highlighted at the Republican National Convention taking place at the exact timing of these approaching storms.

Marco was first and then came Laura. The DNC was first and the RNC is second. This has nothing to do with politics as the corruption in the Republican Party is also massive and even now rearing its ugly head with scores coming out against President Trump.

This is all about what is Honorable and what is Dishonorable. All about Good and Evil. All about Light and Dark. If you haven’t seen it yet have someone throw water on you— you are sleep-walking. Even hurricanes know what is going on. God wins.


Johnny Enlow, international speaker and author of The Seven Mountain Prophecy, is the co-senior pastor of Daystar Church in Atlanta, Georgia, along with his wife, Elizabeth. He has a mandate to challenge and equip the church to influence all areas of society with the supernatural love and power of God

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