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Spotlight Eva Windahl, Workshops and More

Hello Everyone:

Hopefully by now, you know about the Firestorm Conference starting this coming Thursday, July 30,31-August 1, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. We have been sending out notifications about the schedule, but today I would like to mention a couple things about the Firestorm Leaders who will be ministering during the morning workshop sessions and some added specials for you at the conference.

Eva Windahl is one of our Firestorm Leaders. She is from Sweden and was originally schedule to be one of our evening speakers at the conference, however due to the Covid issues and restrictions involved with flying, she will not be able to be with us.

There is a 6 hours difference from Sweden and the US so, in order to make it a bit easier on Eva, and make sure she will still be a big part of our conference, she will be speaking via the FS Zoom Video Forum Saturday morning. You can also catch Eva on her Wednesday Specials on Facebook entitled: Word of Power – Live Study of Hebrew Word Pictures.

Check out some of her powerful teachings on the Firestorm Website at:


Eva Windahl



A little note about the Workshops each morning at 10:00 CST.

This is where the meat of the conference is found for those who are seeking to understand the Prophetic Ministry and Kingdom Gifts. Each of our leaders will be bringing forth a short teaching and then an activation for the group.

Activation’s and Prophetic Training are extremely valuable when people feel they have a prophetic gift, as well as for those who are more mature and already moving in the prophetic realm. Prophetic people need to be around other prophetic people to know they are not weird or demonic, we balance each other.

Being with mature Christians who receive you as being normal and recognize the call of God on your life, helps you to realize you belong and fit in the Kingdom Ministry. The Prophetic Ministry helps encourage, comfort and exhort other believers.

Learning to help each other and be on a team is key for us all. Lone Ranger Prophets can get into trouble and be led astray by the spirit of pride and move into a realm of manipulation, if they are not careful and grounded by team players. Holding each other accountable and having our prophetic words tested is biblical. We test the word, not the person.

The prophetic ministry. (Prophet) is a gift to the Church and is set in place to help birth and mature those the Spirit calls to bring forth valuable messages to the Church. The Prophet is called to train and equip the Body of Christ and be a minister of reconciliation.

There is an old saying in the Prophetic…People need to “do the stuff” to learn how to hear the voice of God, bring forth prophetic words and learn where their place is in the Kingdom. Purpose and Place are key desires people want to know about and these desires create a hunger to learn and draw closer to God.

You can read about prophecy, hear prophecy, see someone prophecy and desire to prophesy, but until you get around others who prophecy, have a desire to help you move into your destiny, train you, impart and activate you, it is a hard road to follow. Plus, after all of that, it is key you step out on that proverbial limb and go for it. Some say you get out of the boat, your comfort zone and just do it.

So, get ready to be stretched and blessed and move into another level with God through the prophetic ministry. Do not be afraid, be eager to dine at the prophetic table of the Lord.


Firestorm Leaders – Workshops

Becca Card – Vice President Firestorm Ministries, Int’l. Becca is the Webmaster over the Firestorm’s Website, shares teaching on the fsmi mailing list through the Tuesday Tidbits Feature and much more.

Shirley Riser – Lead Intercessor over Firestorm Ministry. FS Thursday Night Situation Room. Prophetic Prayer & Intercession. 7:30
Worship, around 8:00 CST for prayer. Every Thursday.

Dr. Mary Sue Davis – Saturday Teachings with a deeper look into Scripture, Presently teaching on the Book of Ephesians. Look for a new forum on the Song of Solomon after the Firestorm 2020 Prophetic Roar Conference, in August.

Risa Utley – Long time honorary Firestorm Leader. Risa helped build Firestorm and held the position of Sec-Treasurer for many years. Well known for her teachings, such as the Father’s Heart. Worship leader.

Scott Coy: Chaplain Scott is gifted in the area of dreams and his posts on the fsmi mailing list are short and to the point. Scott has hosted conferences at the Victory Christians Center and has a weekly radio spot here in Murfreesboro, TN. where he shares godly insight and prayer to callers. Well known for his Saturday Prayer Stop in the parking lot at Victory Christian Center for many years.


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Firestorm 2020
The Year of Your Prophetic Roar
Being Born

July 30, 31, August 1

Victory Christian Center
1641 Middle Tennessee Blvd
Murfreesboro, Tn 37130


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