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SPEAK LIFE in Jesus´ Name! – 05/12/21

FS Word of Power
May 12, 2021
Eva Windahl

SPEAK LIFE in Jesus´ Name!
Did you know that Jesus Christ has already secured?


Did you know that Jesus Christ has already secured your victory to overcome anything that Satan throws at you? He has. When you view your life through that lens, it takes the pressure off and frees you to walk confidently in the strength of the One who has already won. It even changes the way you talk. Instead of speaking in uncertainties, you can now talk with authority and hope. You can speak words of life.

Every time you repeat a negative, defeating statement or speak a hopeless thought, you are handing satan a stick with which to knock you on the head. Every time you say, “If things get better,” or “If God comes through,” or “I just don’t know if I’m going to make it,” you are giving Satan permission to defeat you. You are loading the bullets into his already emptied gun.

On the contrary, God says to use his WORD and the strength found in it to speak life into any situation you are facing in life. Uncover and discover God’s perspective on whatever it is you are facing and speak his truths to God, yourself, others, satan and his demons by the authority of Jesus Christ and in His name. Speaking something has great significance. Christ said He came to “proclaim release to the captives” (Luke 4:18) shortly before securing that release on the cross. He also instructed us to “proclaim (His) death until He comes” (1 Corinthians 11:26) each time we take communion. To proclaim something is to speak it, whether in words or actions. Speak life in Jesus’ name.

Jesus Christ spoke life to those who were dead and they were raised to life again. Jesus Christ spoke life to those who were possessed with demons and they were delivered and set free. Jesus spoke life to the lepers and they were cleansed. Jesus spoke life to the woman caught in adultery and her life was changed forever. Jesus spoke life to the woman at the well and she became a living well for the people of her city.
Although Jesus Christ is no longer here in a physical form, he is still speaking life. He is at the right hand of the Father making intercession for people. He is praying for those who have not yet had their spiritual awakening so that they can experience the abundant life and the eternal life that he died for on the cross! He is seeing them as the children of God that they are: perfect, whole and complete.

Today – let me encourage you to follow the example of Christ: to speak life! Allow him to use your VOICE prophetically and to speak his words! Become a TRANSFORMER who changes darkness into light, death to life and hopelessness into faith!



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