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SHIRLEY RISER - Firestorm Ministries, International
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Shirley Riser

Lead Intercessor/Thursday Situation Room

I am married to a wonderful man. We have been married 50 yrs. We have 2 surviving children and one that is with Jesus. Our children has given us 3 beautiful grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Since my retirement I am busier now then when I was working. I am about the Fathers business – doing Kingdom work. I do volunteer work for Victory Ministries. They provide food, clothing, medical, counseling services to those who are in need. I am also part of a Christian Community called Koinonia. This is similar to Emmaus. We meet once a month and twice a year we have retreats.

My Journey truly began 17 years ago on Oct 13, 2001. That is when I received my Spiritual rebirth. I had been a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church for 31 yrs. God heard my crying heart when I said one Sabbath “There has got to be more then this.” He began putting people into my life, people who spoke into my life. It was not easy coming out of something that I so strongly believed in and there are still times that I question and wonder. But God, who is so loving and patient with me always has an answer for my questioning heart.

I believe it was 2003 when I became involved with Firestorm Ministry. I attended Forum after Forum learning from a great woman of God who helped me in my journey – and still are speaking into my life. Then I met Jim Mellard, and he too has spoken into my life, a true Apostle and prophet of God; wonderful people who do not judge nor criticize, they accept you for who you are. In August of 2012 I was ordained as a minister of God by Firestorm Ministry.

Currently my involvement with Firestorm is video streaming on Thursday night. I do the “Situation Room.” This is a room ordained by God, calling all intercessors and prayer warriors to be the “Watchmen on the Wall.” The Prophetic word also comes forth in this room and we have seen many signs, wonders and miracles.

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