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Sex, The God Of Fornication

Dear Firestorm:

Today I am releasing a report concerning the celebration of abortion being birthed here in America. To say my heart hurts is putting it lightly. I read this article on my lunch break at work and was in tears as grief spread throughout my body. This report should drive us to our knees, not make us stand up to shout and celebrate an abortion.

I marvel at the callous heart which engages to celebrate abortion, not understanding the emotional destruction, which the enemy
will use to release regret, condemnation and guilt over many. How do I know this, because my mother had four abortions. I found out when she was fighting Ovarian Cancer. We had been in the hospital for 11 weeks after a radical hysterectomy, trying to remove all the Cancer.

One afternoon she said, “I have wasted my life.” I didn’t understand and tried to lighten the moment saying, “Hey you’ve got me.” She said, “You don’t understand, there were others.” She was right, I didn’t understand and I believe this same spirit of abortion, is alive and well, moving through thousands plus of women here in the US.

I asked her how I got through and she said, “Because I wanted you.” Really what she said was, “I fought for you.” My father, whom I thought was God before I met God, had previous children and evidently did not want anymore, but my mother was literally haunted by these abortions on her deathbed. So much for the so called celebration of young women today, who are unsuspecting about the emotional and spiritual issues they will be facing, sooner or later.

At this point, a lot of things were going through my mind and my heart, but I knew we had to pray and seek Yahweh to help her get some piece. She repented of the abortions and did get “some” peace, but not all. I told her she would see all four of her babies, when the Kingdom of Heaven was established by Jesus.

Several years later at a Firestorm Event in Alabama, a speaker was talking about abortion and I was reminded of what my mother had said. I didn’t have it in my heart to hate my dad, because even if he did not want me, when I got here, he was my biggest fan. Was he perfect – No, but God did not put it in my heart to let any bitterness toward him come forth in me.

I know Yahweh is grieving over what is happening to the spark of life He puts in a woman’s womb, which brings life. Scientists will back me up on this, as an unexplained spark of electricity comes when conception happens. They don’t know why, it just does.

I pray we will all stop and think about the recreational desire for sex at any cost. There are over 100 free birth control methods available to women and men, which could take away the need for most all of the abortions happening today.

May this article, bring truth and a reverential fear of spiritual repercussions from the very throne room of Yahweh and when you reach to push the red button at the voting polls in November, try not to focus on “personalities” but know the “platform” you are coming into agreement with. Choose Life!

In the Name of Yahshua may Yahweh help us to make a difference and let our spark shine during this dark time of people worshipping the God of Fornication, who’s name is Satan.

Fornication: In either the Hebrew or Greek can have a wide range of definitions. It can mean literal fornication, adultery, harlotry, incest, pedophilia, bestiality, or any other sexual restriction that Yahweh has placed on mankind.

If you have play around with any type of fornication, at the least use some kind of birth control and save a life. It’s more important than
saving a kitten, a frog, a cute puppy or donating to your favorite charity, in the eyes of our Father – Yahweh.

If Girls Want To Be ‘Candid’ About Abortion On TikTok, They Should Livestream It All

MARCH 4, 2020 By Joy Pullmann

This article deals with sensitive information that may be traumatizing especially for postabortive men and women and those who have experienced miscarriage. My heart goes out to you.

You can heal.

Pro-life activist Lila Rose says Twitter forced her to remove a viral video she reposted of a young woman celebrating her Planned Parenthood abortion on the social media platform TikTok.

It’s hard to know where to begin. With what looks like teenagers joyfully making the choice to have their wombs suctioned out or induced with a miscarriage? With the weird and sick trend of abortion-happy posts on the social media platform saturated with young Gen Zers? With a “reporter” who has a huge platform encouraging murderous and self-damaging behavior among teen girls? Read more at:


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