Hey Everyone:

I recently sent out a note asking if anyone would like to say a few words about Sandi Jones in order to put together a type of memorial for her and I am so grateful many of you have responded. In searching information about Sandi and her past before she came to Firestorm many years ago, things are a bit hidden. I’m usually pretty good at digging out stuff, but I have not found a lot previous to her time here on Firestorm, so her life here on Firestorm is what I am going to concentrate on, because she was a big part of our Firestorm Family.

In Memory of Sandi Jones
February 7, 1949 – December 9, 2022

Sandi Jones was the “helper” for all of us, on line and on ground. It is my hope this memorial will not only bless Sandi’s family, but also those of us who loved her here on Firestorm too. I want to celebrate her and all the things she did for so many – for over 22 years.

Sandi was working with Deborah Lantz Inghram and Firestorm before I came in and she quickly became my mentor along with Deb and took me under her wing. She was quick to discern spirits and was able to see in the spirit realm when situations arose in the class room, which were at that time the Old AOL Chat room with Instant Messenger. We had no video, so everyone typed.

I got my first computer in 1999 and started attending the classes and talk about a shock to your system. WOW! This was along way from the things I knew about church, which by the way was not much as my parents had thoroughbred race horses and we traveled every three months to a new state for a new season. So, my knowledge about church was vague at best, which might have been really good as Sandi and Deb could give me wise, biblical, prophetic teaching and counsel. It was amazing and I had a lot of questions.

I think it was around 2003 when Deb Incorporated Firestorm. A while later she had health problems and wanted me to run Firestorm or she was going to dissolved the corporation. I knew how much Firestorm had helped me and did not want it to go away. So, Deb remained Originator, I became President and Sandi Jones along with Cathy Matthews, Sandy Culbertson and Risa Utley were named directors and officers. A while later, Becca Card accepted the role of Vice President and Web Manager and Sheryl Upchurch joined our team.

Sandi was there from the beginning and when I began to teach the Monday Night Forum, she was by my side every Monday letting people in the room, teaching, praying and prophesying. The room held 50 people and on many nights we had people lined up waiting for a spot to open, so she could bring them in. The forum began at 8:00 CST and many nights found us still operating the room until one or two in the morning. It was a wild time and she would warn me of potential problem people or issues to watch out for.

One year Risa and I went to a IHOP conference with Rick Joyner and Mike Bickle in Kansas City and when we got back we called and Deb and told her, we wanted to do a Firestorm Conference. Deb agreed, so as a starter conference a few of us came together at my home in Smyrna and attended a conference at the Belmont Church Nashville featuring Cindy Jacobs and some other Prophets. Then, we decided to go out on that limb for our very first official Firestorm Conference in Smyrna, Tn. at Cornerstone Church. We were there for a couple years and then moved to the Nashville Vineyard where Risa was attending and where I would finally get to meet Sandi in person.

When we arrived at the Vineyard, none of us knew what we looked like or who we were. All of our classes were on the AOL chatrooms, so the only names we had were our “screen Names.” I believe Sandi was using riseupnHim, but once we all shared our screen names we became family. It was awesome.

There were quite a few of us who came and as I was speaking I looked to the back of the group and there was a small lady with her hand over her head and her arm raised high, which is the same symbol we use today to ask a question o/ – I give you Sandi Jones and what she did the first time I laid eyes on her. LOL She had a question.

You can see looking at her she was full of life and had that twinkle in her eyes ready to have fun and even though she wasn’t really big, she carried a very large sword in the spirit when she stood by my side as my Armor Bearer.
I have given you a little background on Sandi from my view, now here are some of your stories of Sandi Jones:
Meri Ford: “I’m sure a large number of angels welcomed Sandi home! I knew Sandi 30 years ago long before I met her again through Firestorm. We had a special time meeting at her Tacoma home so many years ago. A very special lady! 
Shirley Riser: My heart is broken 💔😢. First Becca now Sandi. What a reunion in heaven 2 strong warriors, Heavens gain our loss. But I know Sandi’s suffering is done. No more pain . She was such a fighter. I’ve always said she was little but mighty she fought the good fight. She kept the faith. She stood strong right to the end. I will miss her…this is hard. To have two mighty women of Yahweh to depart a short time apart. Now we must continue where they left off. Fight the good fight until we are called home either through the rapture or through our transition from this earth to glory through death..Rest well Sandi Jones u have earned your rest and peace. (Ohio)
Pastor Don McCain: I know this has been a rough few weeks and year with many friends and relatives going home. We have been keeping you in our prayers.  I have my Uncle, Aunt, Cousin and even a Miscarriage of Benjamin and Rebekah’s first child this last couple weeks not to mention our firestorm warriors leaving us too.  But the words I received, in just a little while, have not only encouraged me and Patti, our children and relatives, but hopefully our Firestorm family too.
The words of the great hymn, “My Hope is built on nothing less” 
1 My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness;
I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus’ name.
On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand: all other ground is sinking sand; all other ground is sinking sand.
2 When darkness veils his lovely face, I rest on his unchanging grace;
in every high and stormy gale, my anchor holds within the veil.
3 His oath, his covenant, his blood, support me in the whelming flood; when all around my soul gives way, he then is all my hope and stay.
4 When he shall come with trumpet sound, O may I then in him be found: dressed in his righteousness alone, faultless to stand before the throne.
Deborah Waldron Fry: It is really hard to put into words what you are feeling about a person that has passed onto Glory. Sandi was such a light in the darkness, a prayer warrior and encourage we all loved. But I will try. Although I have never met Sandi in person, we corresponded a lot through Firestorm and Facebook. Sandi was always gracious and loving. One of the humblest people I have ever known. She always had a word of encouragement and hope for others even when going through her own trials. She will be greatly missed but it is wonderful to know that she is with our Father now, no more pain or sorrow or tears. Just a glorious smile on her face as she beholds Yeshua Jesus, her Savior. My thoughts and prayers to her family and may they be comforted in their sorrow at her passing. We will see you again dear Sandi, and what a reunion that will be with all the Firestorm family back together again.  (Ohio)
Prophet Jim Mellard: Sandi was always on call for me (computer) she made the “fix” so quick and easy–Sandi was always helping someone–always.. No more pain, sorrow, worry–It is glory time for you Woman of God..
You are missed by many already, but will see you in a few. (Alabama)
Miki Maynard: Last night I got home late. I was so sad and had to process it all and think about what I want to say. I am still so sad. Sandi and I would talk a lot in texting. Honestly, I feel like she is my sister. She is similar to my biological sister, and would be like her if my biological sister wasn’t ravaged by things that prevented her from being who the Lord wanted. Sandi had a way about her where she knew what I have been through and dealing with in regards to things wanting to interfere in my life. When we spoke on the phone for the first time, she even sounded like my sister as our voices are similar. We both talked about it.
It always astounded me that even though Sandi was fighting for her health and not feeling well, her heart was good. She would say she bows her heart before the Lord while we were in worship because she was laying in bed. Then the prophetic would come blasting through and she would share and it was always powerful. She was very keen and perceptive with great discernment. I respect the anointing upon her.
Sandi is my sister and I feel so close to her. I know I am her sister and it means so much to me. I love her heart so much. I miss her greatly and am so grateful for her and can’t wait to see her. I know she is meeting my brothers and sisters in heaven.
All my love Sandi, Miki
Eva WindahlSending LOVE ❤ What a blessing Sandi has been. / Eva
Here are some pictures of Sandi at the Firestorm Conferences. I wish I had the one where she was standing at the bottom of the Mountain in West Virginia where we had a leaders retreat. She had a Sheriffs badge and her Sword standing at the gate leading up to the top of the mountain. What a picture memory in my heart.
Jim Mellard, Bruce Culberson, Sandi and Bon
Fran Berry and Sandi
Firestorm Prayer Panel
Laura Benson, Cathy Matthews, Nell Baron, Sandi Jones, Merva Hand, Shirley Riser, Becca Card, Risa Utley
Worshipping/warring with the Mattah’s. Notice Merva and Sandi in with all the guys; Tom Clark, Don McCain, Bruce Culbertson. Carol Stolpe has the flag and someone on the left side has the sword, possibly Sandy C as she likes that sword!
Notice in the picture above Bruce Culbertson holding hands with Sandi. Shirley Riser, Merva and Sandy C. Then in the following picture, you see Bruce and Sandi go under the Mattah Shirley and Carol are holding, with Merva watching and Tom Clark in the background.
I’m sure you are seeing and sensing all the festivities happening at the Firestorm Conference, because we loved to worship Yahweh when we all get together, the flags, banners, tambourines, the Mattahs and the billows, we have all the worship tools and we are free to worship in spirit and in truth.
I especially love the billows, I can always feel the presence of Yahweh under the billows. This one year Sandi was not feeling well, so I just picked her up and carried her under the billow with me. I am reminded of the time we went to West Virginia when she was so close to death. Deborah Inghram, Bridget Norris, Sandi’s son Joseph and I, along with all the FS prayer warriors prayed and Yahweh gave her life back. Things like that create an incredible bond between people and they give us memories to cherish for a life time and beyond.
Sandi, Bon and Cathy Asher
Tom Clark loved to pray and watch Yahweh grow legs out and give us what he called a “Holy Ghost Adjustment.” Here Cathy Matthews watches as Sandi’s legs even up and not too long after that miracle Cathy was able to remove her leg braces and walk. HalleluYAH!!
Bridget caught this shot of one of our forums. As you can see I am surrounded by Sandi and Cathy and Bridget who took gatekeeper classes from Sandi.
Sandi and Larry both had been dealing with health issues and she prayed and warred for Larry. They became friends and shared some great spiritual discussions.
Kathy Johnson and Sandi were like sisters and had a very special relationship.

Joanie Thorsten: I loved and appreciated Sandi. She was so sweet and yet so fiery in her spirit. She had amazing discernment from the Lord. She never looked to put herself forward but was willing to do anything to help in the background. The thing I admired most was her love for the Lord. Her trust, her confidence, but honestly her love for Jesus that touched me forever. I am so thankful that she is now in his arms, free, and pain free. Rest now my sister. I love and miss you.

Laura Benson: I was just thinking how quietly Sandi spoke with her Godly wit and wisdom. She was one of the first Firestorm Tribe members to welcome me at Joywood Church even though I probably scared her with my Da-da-da-da! She was a joy! I often wonder why God picks our best to become his perfected best.  He has comforted me with Isaiah 57:1-2, “Good people pass away; the godly often die before their time. But no one seems to care or wonder why. No one seems to understand that God is protecting them from the evil to come. For those who follow godly paths will rest in peace when they die.”I know that Sandi now rests in peace and we shall meet again. Attached is a poem entitled, “For a Season” from my book, “Glancing Poetically”. Blessings and Love, Alabama

For a season, I embraced you as a “true friend”.
I never gave thought that that bond would ever end.
You planted many seeds of encouragement without ever knowing
the excitement in my heart from me spiritually growing.
The flames of your spoken words pierced the core of my heart
when I wittedly did things that were not very smart.
When my vision was blocked by stupidity;
you never ceased from encouraging me.
Not only did you impact my life – you touched the lives of many;
offering words of encouragement from your bag of plenty.
I pray God’s blessing upon your soul;
as I treasure our friendship that was solid as gold.

Michael Mansary: Sandi Jones’will be so missed 😭 She was one beautiful lady always wanting to know how we are and where we are. Sandi is very responsible and interesting lady, always willing to pray. She loves people, bless her. We really enjoyed her friendship within the Firestorm Ministry. Rest on sis 🌹🌹🌹 May her beautiful soul rest in perfect peace. United Kingdom (uk)

Lucy Deliganis: This beautiful person , Sandi, servant of God, is now present whole and healed in the Presence of God. Praying for all of her family and dear friends who were so close to her. 🙏❤️ what a privilege. Texas

Sheri Kelly: I followed her prophetic words! I loved her posts. God bless her. Now she’s in glory!

Kathy Essig: Sandi Jones, Faithful friend, prayer warrior, confident, and healed and whole in Jesus arms . Sure of this one thing, Sandi heard , ‘Well done, good and FAITHFUL servant”. When i first met Sandi, it was on aol. Then WV and in Nashville TN, as she always stood supporting Firestorm ministries. Her love and devotion served Jesus and brought honor to Him. She loved her home state of WV but loved heaven more. She served Deborah Lantz Inghram, Bonnie Nelson and all the leadership with love.I can see her gracefully laying her crowns down before the savior. Breathing in all of her savior, to God be the glory.  New Hampshire

Deb Inghram: It’s wonderful to see how many lives Sandi has touched and her faith and friendship will live on in those she shared her love of Jesus with. I pray for her family and friends in FS, May it give you great comfort and peace knowing she is in the arms of her Beloved Jesus ! 💗to all , Deborah. Florida

Ti-Tye DeNault: I met Sandi Jones thru my Ministry. We would text and fb back and forth encouraging words. I had become fond of Sandi and texted often to make sure she was doing ok. When she had become ill and was in and out of the hospital I prayed continually for her well being. Sandi and I talked on the phone and prayed over her home life before her health declined. I miss her voice and power packed wisdom. Sandi & Deb introduced me to Firestorm Ministries. Divine appointments are priceless. Rest with the father sister your work here is done. You will definitely be missed. Alabama

Brandi & Philip Saad: This is so hard. 2 pillars of Firestorm passing so close together. Sandi was one of the first people we met. She was such a sweet lady and will be so missed. Both Sandi and Becca truly loved us and prayed for us. One day we will all be together again and have some way cool all nighters!! ♥️♥️ Rest in peace dear friends. Well done good and faithful servants of the most High!! Tennessee

Anne Hagler Christopher: We never met in person but in the early days we connected her on Facebook and found a connection through Our Lord, Jesus Christ. And we got into deep, deep talks about ours experiences with the Lord and found a profound commonality. I find that to be a miracle in itself. God is the some yesterday, today and forever. She was so excited one day to share a dream with me she’d had about me. It was in the personal message section and contain me as I appeared in the dream. Blew my mind and hers for a moment until I told she was the third person to show me that image of me. Then we rejoiced at the thought of how God could take two people like us and entwine us so closely by His Spirit. I miss her deeply but I’m happy she’s not suffering anymore. In Jesus. Not on Facebook much anymore. But I have missed her for awhile.

Risa Utley: Sandi was the hub of Firestorm. In the early days, she was the one who held it all together. Every FS chat room from the days of MRC and ICQ, to AOL and AIM and later the online meetings she is the one who literally wrote the book on how to monitor the room. She trained all of those who would become gatekeepers after her. She lived on the west coast in those early days and was always available even though the time zones were inconvenient for her. Sandi was the most selfless, giving person I know. She had been through so much yet she always loved, always supported, always put her Lord and His people first. There will never be a replacement for Sandi, and I’m so very grateful to have known her, and to have been known by her. Well done my sister, well done. done Tennessee

Cathy Matthews: I don’t quite know what to say, even though I felt that our dear Sandi was a gift from Yahweh everyday we had her among us. Sandi schooled me in how to be a gatekeeper and was my mentor. Sandi encouraged me as I learned the prophetic ministry and I could go to her with a question and she could give me a straight forward answer I could understand.Sandi was so much fun to be around and we always wound up laughing. Sandi you were like a spiritual mother to and a trusted and loving friend.

I know i miss Sandi already, I have our texts over the recent times to lean on as I grieve. I am thankful that Sandi has a new glorified body, she can breathe without struggling and she is no longer in pain. I thank Bon for that last visit when we went to see her in the nursing facility. We had a great visit, we laughed, we ate together and we loved on
her and left her with happy smiles.

Father we have lost two of our great leaders in just weeks apart. I lift up Bon as we are never truly ready but Sandi and Becca are huge losses to Bon and this ministry. Please keep Bon in your prayers as she has decisions to make. Bon lost he gatekeeper, spiritual defender and precious friend. It will take me sometime to get over the loss of my precarious Sandi.

Maureen B. Norris: When I opened my computer to write this, I still had two documents open. One was not important, and the other was Sandi’s protocol for the Firestorm rooms. It is all I could do to close the protocol.
So, Sandi, this one’s for you.
o/ (go Bridget)

As long as I’ve been with Firestorm 20+ years, Sandi has always been available to help, console, counsel, advise, pray for, and teach whoever needed it. Back when we had the classes on AOL and AIM, pre-video, there were times that Sandi would have 6 or 7 private messages open. I had to ask her one time how she did it. Her only response was “very carefully”.

When the opportunity arose for a class on Gatekeeping, with Sandi teaching it, I took it. It was through email, and there were only two of us taking it. I had no idea what I was doing ¾ of the time. Sandi’s direction was on point, EVERY time. The main thing was (and is) to WATCH THE ROOM and PRAY. I did, and I have.

She even helped me several times with the inner workings of the old computers, too. “Check this” or “Check that” and “Make sure all the buttons are going the right way before you reinstall that”. I learned as much as I could from her about the guts of the computer.

Sandi has been there as leaders have come and gone. She was the ONLY gatekeeper for all the leaders, at one point or another, when we had 6 or 7 rooms open in one week. Everything I learned about being a gatekeeper, I learned from Sandi, including carrying on 6 or 7 conversations at the same time, and keeping them all straight, VERY CAREFULLY. I will never EVER forget you, Sandi Jones. You were (and always will be) an example, a shining light, and a blessing in my life. I love you. done. Tennessee

Mary Sue Davis: Sandi is now in that great crowd of witnesses cheering us on. Sandi was my gatekeeper for awhile in the old chat rooms. She always encouraged me so much. Sandi was so prophetic revealing to me the source or root of the kidney cancer I had in 2006. Then, of course, praying faithfully for my healing which is still manifesting in me. We will miss her. I once told her when she was having a bad episode of COPD that it was not over until God said it was over. Well, God said it was over in this realm and she graduated to the heavenly realm. Will see you when I we get there, Sandi!.

Marian Kozlowski (Sandi’s Sister) I really appreciate all your heart felt comments, thanks to all of you. I really miss her but I sure wouldn’t want her back in this life, because she’s basking in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ! And I know you all would agree! We will see her again in Glory!! California

Risa and Cathy tried to catch all the comments on Facebook and I am thankful, if we missed you, I am sorry, please send your note to me (BonnieNelP@aol.com), not Facebook (I can’t keep up) and I will republish the note with your comments.

Cathy gave me the following list of those of you who were saddened by Sandi’s passing:

Hannah Stafford, Karen Valez, Andrea Yahcey, Patty Killen, Christina Gerges, Chris Hirsh, Rebeca Brewer, Dawn Wilcox, Joan Warner, Trung Tran, Sharon Tolbert

There is not much left for me to say as you have all honored Sandi Jones and recognized her as your teacher, mentor, prophetess, prayer warrior, seer, sister and friend. What could be greater than this?

I miss you Sandi and my heart hurts in my soul, but in my spirit, I am thankful Yahweh made the way for us to have one last get together. My memories of you overflow when I think of all the times you stood by me, prayed for me taught me deeper things, tweaked my mind and prophesied into my life. I will see you again.

Friends and sisters not just for here and now, but forever and ever through Yahshua.


Bonnie Nelson, President
Firestorm Ministries, Int’l