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Bonnie Nelson
Victory Christian Center

For there are many here today who look to the past and where you have been, but I say to you today, do not look to the past, because if you look to the past, you will not be able to move forward into the things I have for you today.

Come to Me in the morning, come to Me in the noontime, come to Me in the evening. Come to Me in the night and share what is in your heart and raise up a standard before Me. Raise up your voice to Me, for I have poured My Power into each one of you, no one is less than the other.

Each one of you is important. It is important to bring your voices before Me and as you lift up your voices to Me and loose the power I have put in you and give it to Me, I shall move upon this Nation.

I will move on this Nation and I will break down the walls that have been put up. I will take down the wire fences that have been put up and I shall release the Angels and I shall release My Word and it shall come to pass in this Nation again – that I AM the God over the United States of America and all the Nations in this World. I AM the God of this Nation and I will not step down from any demon or super power who claims to be more powerful than Me.

I AM the Healer, I AM the Deliverer, I AM the Way the Truth and the Light and I have put Myself into You, so that you can speak the words to make a difference.

Do not hold back your words, Stand up, Stand up, for this is the time you have been brought here into this United States to make a difference. Without your voice, without your voice, kingdoms will rise up that are not of Me.

Loose the power that is in you

Loose the power!


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