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Redesigning Wineskins

Dr. Sandy Powell

Let me share insights the Lord recently spoke to me for newly emerging churches, ministries, and ministers in this era of time.

First. There will be many.

For those passionate to build their church or ministry, and establish reputations for God’s Glory, let us remain mindful of things accomplished “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord.” Zechariah 4:6

It’s imperative in your mission for the Lord, to listen for His directives as He guides you to those for that time and season of your life. Seasons will and do change.

Many new leaders will come from the back to the front. Some whom have been hidden will be like jewels in the King’s crown. It is their time to shine. This includes the ones like David’s mighty men. Those previously disqualified and living in hiding, God will bring forward. A fullness of the remnant of God is coming forth.

Redesigning Wineskins

This is a redesigning of wineskins for operation in the Lord! The old will pass away as the new arrives. Note: In Israel, a wineskin is never thrown out, but reworked for the Master’s use. Old systems for building, growing, reaching the lost, are getting updated wineskins.

Three. The Lord is going to any and all places that lift up His name.

He is no respecter of persons. Take care that you do not resent the name or personalities God has raised up to lead the Body of Christ and set the captives free.

Redesigning Wineskins

This does not include well meaning associates that have no relationship or authority in your lives. Find your tribe and plug in. They may not be completely like minded in approach, but they will have passion in the same mission. The bottom line is always: Are we advancing the Kingdom of God in accordance with His Word?

Five. Let God deal with the things where you are not in agreement.

Speak truth from the Spirit and pray. Your prayers are needed and have the potential to tear down, and build up. To Bind or release. There is power in your tongue. Use it appropriately.

In war and in peace, I remain,

Yours for Him,
Dr. Sandy Powell

PowerHouse Ministries, Inc.
3908 Lebanon Pike, Unit 8374
Hermitage, TN 37076

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