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RED ALERT Behind Parents Backs

By June 18, 2021Current Events

Hi Everyone:

I was horrified to read the following post and also thankful Yahweh is exposing things like this and raising up righteous men and women to sound the alarm and fight for our children. Be aware of what the Equality Act really is…Mat Staver, Liberty Action Council, is telling the truth in the article below. He is working to expose the evil agenda’s hidden in this bill. They have a petition you can sign even if you don’t donate.

Florida parents accidentally found out the school had been referring to their daughter as a boy, with a fake boy’s name and male pronouns—without asking their permission or informing them! These parents are fighting to hold this school accountable and to give their daughter the help she needs to successfully navigate through this time. My legal team is getting involved.

But if the misnamed “Equality Act” gets one more vote, it could pass. The love and care of parents will be deemed hate, even abuse, and will be grounds to remove a child from the home. This bill will drastically change the parent-child relationship.

This bill needs just one senator—or a clandestine late-hour voice vote—to pass any time the floor is open. So far, we have stopped the bill. We can win if we continue to fight. Send your urgent fax to the Senate to stop the “Equality Act” from endangering our kids. — Mat


This is a nightmare. Schools nationwide are surreptitiously indoctrinating kids in LGBTQ ideology.

One day the parents received a letter from the teacher about “Theodore” in which their daughter was referred to as “he.” Schools are not allowed to give an aspirin without parental consent, but when it comes to this harmful LGBTQ agenda, some school officials think they know best and that parents should be kept in the dark.

When the parents confronted this teacher, they received an insulting, in-your-face email doubling down on the idea that she, not the parents, knows best for their daughter.

Parents, not the state, have the right to direct the upbringing of their children. But if the “Equality Act” passes, it will force all schools to refer to kids by a long list of so-called made-up pronouns, including zie, per, ve, xe, (f)oe—and hundreds more.

We can defeat this bill. If we block it now, it will help prevent unimagined pain by preventing the permanent sterilization of these innocent children. Make no mistake, innocent children are being led to believe they can choose their gender from hundreds of options. HR 5 will mandate even unwilling teachers and schools to comply with this LGBTQ nonsense.

This is why I’m asking for you to act now and fax the Senate to oppose this outrageous bill—and protect your family’s freedom.

click the picture to sign the petition, you do not have to donate to sign the petition, but consider their work as a good ground to sow seed.

Desperate parents with no place to turn are contacting us for help. I cannot imagine what life would be like under HR 5. Children are in danger of becoming casualties. Parents could lose their precious children. This nightmare scenario is becoming more and more common as the LGBTQ agenda steamrolls through our culture.

We have seen nothing yet if HR 5 passes.

If the Equality Act passes, caring for your child and not being willing to bow to the LGBTQ agenda will be considered child abuse. We have already seen parents being accused of abuse for refusing to call their daughter a boy or refusing to authorize hormone blockers and surgery.

It is a sad state when a father, nearly in tears, has to beg a school board to prevent a teacher from lying to his 12-year-old daughter and treating her as a boy while fostering delusions about her sexuality.

You can help turn the tide and STOP this bill from becoming law with your fax to the Senate today.
The LGBTQ agenda includes abolishing the idea that you are either male or female. They want schools to be the incubator and facilitator of this harmful thinking. But parents are in their way. HR 5 will ensure parents are no longer a threat to their goal.

HR 5 will also censor books and true stories of people who have changed and are free from the LGBTQ chains. And counseling and counselors to help people achieve freedom will be silenced.

Many people, including children, have amputated healthy body parts, and then regretted their decision. About 40% of those who have undergone mutilating surgery commit suicide.

The Equality Act would end hope for these children and others who are confused or struggling. Help stop this bill on the Senate floor right now with your fax.
This heart-wrenching attack targeting loving parents is why I ask you to consider a generous gift to help Liberty Counsel Action today. We can only fight to defend your family’s freedom on Capitol Hill because of your support. Join our Challenge Grant that will DOUBLE the impact of your gift. Please consider giving a monthly recurring donation or a one-time gift today … because we can’t fight effectively without friends like you!

Thank you for partnering with us in defense of life, family and freedom!

Fighting for families,

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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