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Shirley Riser
FS Lead Intercessor
Sunday 08/04/19

While I was in worship singing His praises the Lord dropped this word into my spirit

The enemy is loosing a “diversion upon the land to bring a distraction
The Lord says do not lose your focus on me
Do not look to the left nor to the right but keep your focus on me

When I got home I looked up the word diversion. The word means an instance of TURNING something ASIDE from its COURSE. To REDIRECT, turning ASIDE.

Little did I know that besides the El Paso Tx. massacre, Dayton Ohio, early Sunday morning around 1 Am, had a shooting at a night club, where 9 souls stepped into eternity. God brought this word to me “Diversion” that morning in church and I was unaware of what happened in the wee hours of Sunday.

We are at war – Spiritual warfare. The enemy knows his time is short. Things are ramping up, the battles are intensifying. The enemy is using all of his strategies and arsenal to attack and take down as many saints he can. Daniel 7:25 tells us he will speak against the Most High, to oppress (wear down) His saints and try to change the set times and the laws. In the New Testament Galations 6:9 says this: Let us not become weary in doing good for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

In Daniel the plot – Diversion and the strategies are revealed. The enemy is raging against us. Using military tactics such as diversions making us take our focus off of Christ and unto the world, fear and ourselves. He is making us weary with his attacks and assaults. Bringing fear to paralyze and stop us.

But we too have our tactics our strategies. King Jesus is our commander in Chief and gives us the tactics and the strategies to us against the enemy and principalities of darkness. First putting on the Armor of God – which in reality we are putting on God. Using every weapon that God has given us. Taking up the Sword of the Spirit which is the word of God and using it against every tactic and strategy of the enemy,

I hear Father say stand and be courageous and be strong do not allow yourself to be diverted, do not allow fear to grip and paralyze you. Remember in Joshua 1:9 I said I will never leave you nor forsake or abandon you. I have put my HOST OF ARMY ANGELS lose upon the earth and they are warring along side you.

May these words from Father be comfort to you and to know you are not alone in this war…..

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