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Prophetic Word 07/14/21 - Firestorm Ministries, International
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Prophetic Word 07/14/21

By July 15, 2021Uncategorized

Prophetic Word
Becca Card

I have equipped you to walk out every step that I have purposed for you. Keep your lamps full and burning bright for all the world to see. Arise and shine, for your light and opportunity have come. My glory will be seen on you as never before.

Speak My name; Declare My Word; Plead My blood.

This is a new day and a new hour. I prophesied and spoke through My servants the prophets that you would see it. Don’t expect things to go back to the norm, for I am doing a new thing in your midst that will astound even the hardest of hearts.

This is the hour when I will put My words in your mouth to declare My glorious Gospel from the rooftops.

Many will see and fear. Many will see and be changed. Yes, there will be many that will be exposed to some of My greatest moves, and yet their hearts will doubt. My power and My will must be accomplished in this hour,” says the Lord.

This is not a time to be quiet. It is a time to be vocal, bold, and courageous in your faith and in your God.

Remember that the people who know Me shall be strong and shall do mighty things in My name.

I am looking for those people,” says the Lord!

Darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people, but the Lord will rise with healing in His wings. Look for Me, for the Lion of the Tribe of Judah has prevailed and He is roaring again!

Hear the call; hear the roar; hear the trumpet call to arms.

I am sounding the clarion call for this hour! I STILL REIGN, AND I AM STILL IN CONTROL! Do not miss your moment to be a part of this last great awakening,” says the Lord of Heaven and the Lord of Hosts!

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