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Prophet Jim Mellard Declares over Firestorm Ministry

This is the beginning of —The time of changes.

I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying…

I have set My Angels at the four corners of the earth and released the 4 winds. The winds of the North carry the Anointing of INTERCESSION. I am unveiling a stronger anointing of intercessions than ever before.  I am calling the Prophets and Intercessors that carry My Mantel of Intercession.

I am releasing the winds of the East that carry an Apostolic Anointing, for you see I am setting My Apostles in Firestorm, for I am causing the Former and Latter Rain to come together once again. I am releasing the winds of the South that carry the Anointing of Warfare.  I am calling My Army to come forth to fight your battles, for you see they are my battles…not yours.

The winds of the West have been released and they carry the Prophetic Anointing. Many shall speak of those things that be not and they shall become for this is a time of change.

This day I decree, declare and call forth

The Apostles and Prophets for Firestorm

There shall be a PROPHET OF PROSPERITY in this house, one who will call forth the financial blessings, call forth the wisdom, which will produce the witty inventions. I shall give a new name to the Entrepreneur, for the Prophet shall call the Invisible visible.  There shall be a overflow in this area for My People.  No longer will they be the borrower, but they will be the lender.

I call forth from Firestorm the Prophets of WARFARE and INTERCESSION, ones that will be able to see in both worlds. They will stand at the doors of the 4 winds and declare and decree the freedom of the people not only in Firestorm but the Nations, truly they will lay down their lives and pick up the lives of the captives and cause My people to break the chains of bondage. They shall cause the dead to receive life as it has been prophesied.

This day I call the Prophets of Revelation. They shall carry understanding of My Word-Ways -Thoughts and the times and seasons for no longer shall I hide the secret things, but I shall reveal them to My Prophets.

No longer shall my people be destroyed for lack of knowledge. I shall cause understanding and revelation to flow in Firestorm, wisdom even as Solomon had and many will come to seek out the Word of the Lord from this place, Firestorm Ministry.

I call forth the Prophets that will carry My Mantel of HEALING, My Healing Anointing shall flow through and out Firestorm Ministry and many will come and will see Firestorm and the Name surely shall carry My message for out of this place many miracles shall flow.

I have called an Apostle of Love and Peace and put in them My unconditional love. They shall minister to the hurting, the poor, the unloved and they shall become a Father figure to the dying. They shall give hope to the hopeless, and bring joy to the depressed, I shall cause them to speak to the brokenhearted and give honor to them.

Firestorm this day I have called forth….

The Apostles and Prophets that I have sent to you and as they take up their mantles…more shall come for this is the beginning.

Jim Mellard

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