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Prayer for Reconciliation

Cindy Cavender

Father, thank you that you are the God of reconciliation.

Thank you that You first want to reconcile us to Yourself and then to one another.

You want us to walk in love toward one another.


Give us a greater revelation of Your love for us individually, so that we can forgive those that have wounded us as freely as You have forgiven us. 



Help us to be as tenderhearted as you are  – Ephesians 4

Thank You for Your embrace and Your courage to allow You into those deep wounds that sometimes only you see, where words have been spoken and actions taken that caused us to recoil and reject.

Father restore our souls!

You paid for this in Your body on the cross.

As we cast our cares upon you because you care for us may each of our relationships

become what You had in mind when you created all of all creation because all things are possible with you!

In Jesus name I pray








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