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Prayer For Or Against Our Enemies


For Or Against


Hello Everyone:

I want to share some things with you personally and with the Churches of Jesus Christ, no matter the denomination, concerning our ability to lift up the power of our prayers to a higher level, for such a time as this.

The day after the Presidential Election we had Wednesday Night Church and I did not want to go, but I did. Ever been there? Pastor Ray was ready for us and began to give Scriptures regarding anxiety. Well, I had that for sure! He began with Philippians 4:6-7

6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

He covered all the bases and added, I Timothy 2:1-2

I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.

I am not sure if anyone else was squirming or not, I pretty much just looked down as thoughts went through my head like a roller coaster. He continued on for about a half an hour and then finally stopped. It was quiet. I love Pastor Ray and I treasure the favor he gives to me to minister at Victory Christian, so trying to be wise in situations like this and yet honest, can be challenging.

I just could not sit there quietly and nod, acting like everything was OK, because in my spirit, it was not. So, I shared the truth in me and told him and the group, “I am just not there yet. Maybe it is just too soon for me to shake off what I am “feeling.” (I know feelings lie), but there is something bugging me on the inside about praying for this new administration, which is not normal for me, because I know we are to pray for those who are our leaders and that Yahweh puts them all into place. But I also remember when Yahweh ruled and the people cried out for a king. He gave them what they wanted (Saul), not what was the best for them. So, He listens to what is being said. Food for thought.

Ever heard the expressions, “I have a check in my spirit, or Something is out of kilter?” That’s where I was and then Pastor Ray brought up:

Matthew 5:44: But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you.

I know these scriptures too, but I also know, I am not sure how to pray right now. I guess you could say, “I have issues!” I need to hear a Word from My Father to teach me His Ways and bring me wisdom and understanding, because in my spirit, I am hearing Jeremiah 1:10:

See, I have this day set you over the nations and over the kingdoms, To root out and to pull down, To destroy and to throw down, To build and to plant.”

And don’t forget to add: “All” prophets are also intercessors, called to be “Watchers” on the wall, standing in the gap for Nations. Ezekiel 22:30

And I sought for a man among them who should build up the wall and stand in the breach before me for the land, that I should not destroy it, but I found none.

No where do I read “Christians” are to condone, compromise, or come into agreement with evil, or that as Christians, we are “Door Mats” for evil to tread upon and defile the Name and House of Yahweh and Yahshua/Jesus.

So, how and what do I prophetically pray, declare, proclaim and prophesy over what is happening? Do I pray for evil enemies? I have questions, so I went into the Scriptures and looking for teachers of the Word to help me understand how and what I should pray – so I can make a difference and line up with what Yahweh wants to do!

I found David, the “Warrior King” of the Bible

Psalm 1

The Way of the Righteous and the End of the Ungodly

1 Blessed is the man Who walks not in the counsel of the [a]ungodly, Nor stands in the path of sinners, Nor sits in the seat of the scornful; 2 But his delight is in the law of the Lord, And in His law he [b]meditates day and night. 3 He shall be like a tree Planted by the [c]rivers of water, That brings forth its fruit in its season, Whose leaf also shall not wither; And whatever he does shall prosper.

4 The ungodly are not so, But are like the chaff which the wind drives away. 5 Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment, Nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous. 6 For the Lord knows the way of the righteous, But the way of the ungodly shall perish.

David describes two types of “people” here, the righteous planted like a tree and the ungodly as the chaff the wind blows away. In our Bible studies Sunday morning, we are reading through a book called, the Power of the Blood Covenant, Malcom Smith and it is teaching us about – being in covenant.

Covenant truth reveals two types of people in the “World,” those who are “covenant keepers” and those who are “covenant breakers.” Which are we? Keep that in mind.

Psalm 112
The Blessed State of the Righteous
Praise The Lord

1 Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, Who delights greatly in His commandments. 2 His descendants will be mighty on earth; The generation of the upright will be blessed. 3 Wealth and riches will be in his house, And his righteousness [b]endures forever. 4 Unto the upright there arises light in the darkness; He is gracious, and full of compassion, and righteous.
5 A good man deals graciously and lends; He will guide his affairs with discretion.

6 Surely he will never be shaken; The righteous will be in everlasting remembrance. 7 He will not be afraid of evil tidings; His heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord. 8 His heart is established; He will not be afraid, Until he sees his desire upon his enemies. 9 He has dispersed abroad, He has given to the poor; His righteousness endures forever; His [c]horn will be exalted with honor.

10 The wicked will see it and be grieved; He will gnash his teeth and melt away; The desire of the wicked shall perish.

Notice the covenant keepers receive “positive sanctions.” These are blessings. The covenant breakers receive “negative sanctions.” These are curses. David brought forth this truth in Psalm 1 and it continues through many of the Psalms. David is known as a “man after God’s Heart.” He is the one who praises and worships Yahweh for all of His creations and yet, in Psalm 104 David, in the middle of the praise, evidently senses something else and in the last verse (35) suddenly he writes:

Let the sinners be consumed out of the earth, and let the wicked be no more. Bless thou the LORD, O my soul. Praise ye the LORD.

Oh my goodness, did you get that? David just prayed for sinners to be removed and wicked to be gone and then praised God. How does this work? If I prayed that in Church, I am sure someone would “lovingly” (maybe) come point out and correct me saying, your prayer has no love or compassion for a poor lost soul who has been led astray and now your prayer will surely condemn an unsaved sinner to hell. This view may be a tradition passed down in the Church, but is it the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, about how we should pray?

Our Warring King David seemed to be using a different style of warfare prayer we don’t hear much about, which is tied into the Courts of Heaven and seeking Yahweh for His Kingdom Coming of Justice and Righteousness here on the earth. This warring prayer style is called, “Imprecatory Prayer” and it is found in the Old and New Testaments, not just in the Psalms.

And just for the record: There is no separation or contradiction in what is written in the Old Testament from the New; both are the Bible and both confirm each other, you just have to study and go a little deeper to find the continuity.

What is imprecatory prayer or imprecation?

An imprecation is an invocation of judgment, calamity, or a curse upon one’s enemies or the enemies of God and it should be known, such imprecatory curses are found all through the Bible. This is not kid stuff and these prayers need to be done with great care, wisdom and clean hands.

Imprecatory prayers form an integral part of the covenant renewal ceremony in Deuteronomy Chapters 27-30; Rev 6:10 and some of the most powerful are found in the Psalms. (Psalms 7, 35, 55, 58, 69, 109, 137 and 139).

An imprecation is a curse or a denunciation conveying a wish or threat of evil. Imprecatory praying is, to pray for evil or misfortune, upon someone or some activity. It is a malediction, anathema, and an execration.

The Apostle Paul (NT) used an imprecation when he said:

If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be Anathema Maranatha. (I Corinthians 16:22)

The word “anathema” means to be set aside for certain and sure destruction, to be cursed, and to be doomed and damned. Maranatha refers to our Lord’s coming.

Literally, Paul prayed: If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be cursed, doomed and damned at our Lord’s coming.

He also used the term “anathema” in Gal. 1:8-9: But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

Do you think Paul was unloving, uncharitable and unchristian when he prayed God would doom, damn, and destroy all of those who do not love the Lord Jesus Christ and those who pervert the gospel of grace and preach another gospel? My vote is NO! He is standing on the truth of the gospel in the Scriptures, not on an opinion to make everyone feel good.

Everyone wants to read and sing about the Goodness of God and that is well and good, but we should not forget, we have a covenant calling us into righteousness. To forget or dismiss the warnings regarding negative sanctions or curses revealed in Leviticus 6 and Deuteronomy 28 is dangerous and a disservice to the Body of Christ.

Did you know, when you pray the Lord’s Prayer, you are praying a imprecatory prayer?

Our Father Who Art In Heaven, Hallowed Be Thy Name.
Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done, In Earth As It Is In Heaven.

When you pray for Yahshua/Jesus to come, you are praying for judgment to come to the World, those who are sinners and evil to be destroyed.

Too much to consider? Here is a comment/question Martin Luther shared for all of us to ponder.

“We should pray that our enemies be converted and become our friends, and if not, that their doing and designing be bound to fail and have no success and that their persons perish rather than the Gospel and the Kingdom of Christ.

Do you prefer the wicked or Christ prevail? Do you prefer the kingdom of Christ over the kingdom of evil? I had much rather the wicked perish than the gospel and the Kingdom of Christ.”

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