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My Lighthouse Prayer/Prophetic Word - Firestorm Ministries, International
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My Lighthouse Prayer/Prophetic Word

By April 11, 2021Uncategorized

Hello Firestorm:

Each month, almost every Thursday, many of us gather in the FS Thursday Night Situation Room. This is a place where everyone is welcome to come and not only request prayer, but pray for others. You would be surprised at all the praise reports we have been receiving, in the midst of all the chaos of the world.

This past Thursday Night (4/8) after the praise/worship (7:30-8:00 CST), in the opening remarks, a prayer and prophetic word came forth. Here is the Transcript and if you would like to check out how everything works, the entire night video is posted on the Firestorm Website, until the following Thursday. The Live Video Stream is hosted by Shirley Riser, Lead Intercessor over Firestorm.


Shirley Riser


My Lighthouse

Bonnie Nelson

“He will lead us – Safe to shore, He’s my lighthouse. Fire before us, You’re the brightest, You will lead us through the storms.”

Are we in storms right now? I think so! Whoa, You will lead us through the storm, shining in the darkness, I will follow you. I will trust the promise, You will carry me, safe to shore, save to shore. Hallelujah, HalleluYAH! Glory to God.

Thank You Father for tonight. Thank You for all the things You are doing in our Nation. Thank You for bringing up things Father that have been buried and hidden and exposing things we need to deal with.

Thank You Father that you are teaching us how to really pray and to come before You and seek You with all of our heart and our soul, for You know Father we need You more now than ever. You know we have to come to You with our dominion, our authority here on earth and join with You – to stand against evil, to stand against the things that seek to devour our Nation and the children and all the ugliness that has been hidden.

Oh Father God, give us the ability to fight without carnal weapons, to come before You and seek You and point out the things we see, so we may line up with Your righteousness and what You have taught us.

Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, give us courage and strength, so we may ROAR, that we may ROAR when we pray and not just come and beg and sniffle and cry.

Oh God, Oh God, stir up the righteousness inside us, stir up that ROAR You gave to Your Nation of Judah. Stir us up Father with the worship and the praise. Stir us up, so we may speak things not seen yet, but that are coming, that are coming and I tell you they are coming, they are coming.

I feel the stirring, I fell the stirring, the stirring inside. I feel the fire inside. I feel judgment coming, I feel justice coming from that judgment and I see a new remnant as Dr. Mary Sue Davis was saying.

I see a remnant in a remnant, a remnant in a remnant. Those that have said, no more will I stand for evil and unrighteousness, for I am going to make a point, I’m going to make a point with my voice and the things that I pray.

I’m going to line up with You Father more than I have ever done before and I’m gonna stand strong with You and know that I know that You are with me . I want to know who I am in You Father and then I want to stand with You and then I want to speak those words, which You can take Father, my words that You can take and join with Your Words, that we can take and make a difference in this world and save people’s lives, and I say to you….

Each one of you in this room tonight have the ability to speak words that will save lives. Do not think less of yourself. Do not think less of yourself. Do not listen to that voice when it comes to you in the night and tells you how terrible you are. Know who you are. Know you are a daughter, know you are, a son in Christ and know your words are powerful, they are powerful when they are spoken. I say to you, it is the Rhema word, the spoken word that shall bring down walls and powers and principalities.

It is your spoken words joined in with the power from our God that will set people free and bring this Nation up from the dust and the dirt and the filth we have finally found ourselves in and it will make a difference and we will be clean and we will be righteous again and we will make a difference in this world. For the World looks to us, they look to America and they look to the Christians and they say, “We look to you. What are you going to do? If you fall, we fall!”

They know! They know! They know!

The Lighthouse. The light shining in us is what is standing in the way of the enemy. The light in you, the light in me, is what is standing in the way of the enemy. Let us not let our light go out. Let us not let our light go out.

So I say, put away cares, foolish cares and thoughts and start thinking bigger about the God who is in you and the things He wants to do to help others. He put Himself in you and me to make a difference and to help others. Let us turn our thoughts outward and make a difference. Let Him move in and through us and set the captives free, in the Name of Yahshua, I bless you all tonight, to KNOW WHO YOU ARE in HIM

Bonnie Nelson

What happens in The FS Situation Room on Thursday Nights? Praise, Worship and Prayer for ALL those who come. See for yourself – 4/08/2010 Video Stream at:


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