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Miracle Monday – He Comes with Great Recompense for You

He Comes with Great Recompense for You
Many Are Coming To Christ
Word for 2022
By Miki Maynard

There are waves of Yahweh’s goodness and love crashing over and over again upon the people.

I see a long pathway that is straight and narrow that leads to heaven. There are many people on it, but I see more and more adding to it. Hundreds and hundreds piling in and filling it up, so the narrow path becomes full and loaded with many peoples of the earth.

In the fall of 2019, the Lord gave me many pictures and insights of what was to take place in 2020 and once again I see these many actions that the Lord is taking on behalf of His children and to those He is drawing to Himself. He comes with a recompense! He comes with a determined passion of reconciliation, restitution, and restoration. I see a picture of the Lord Jesus riding a horse that is quickly approaching and He has fire in His eyes. There is dust flying out from the horse’s fast running.

The horse is loaded and packed with overflowing large bags that Jesus has provided, and He rides quickly and swiftly towards us. Within His heart is a raging love so much so that His heart is overflowing out of His bosom. The all-consuming fire is going to be poured out upon those the Father has drawn, and I see eyes popping open with revelation.

I see their hearts comprehending how great the love of the Father is for them. There is an immediate transformation from the throne of heaven that burns away all soulish perspectives that they had, and these ones are coming out as shining pure ones equipped with a quickening of the baptism of the Spirit and with fire.


They in turn will receive a fullness of what the Father has for them in the Spirit to respond to evangelism’s beckoning without fear or hindrances from the anti-Christ who wants to try to speak out against the body of Christ. (Photos via Unsplash)

The Great Comforter Comes to Stop Panic

Many in the Body have been experiencing incredible circumstances from the shaking that is taking place to where it has wanted to cause a panic. There was a foreknowledge that the shaking is coming but some of it has been in unexpected ways that are involved directly in their own personal lives. Their own sickness or illness wasn’t expected. The persecution was, but accusations of their own integrity from the world and even from the Body was not anticipated. The trials at work were, but job losses were not. The salvation of family members is anticipated, but other family issues were not. Losses were, but many losses, even of life, were not.

The stress and sudden folding of these events have wanted to cause a panic in the hearts of His children. However, the Lord comes in to assure that He has His children with a firm grasp of their hand, and He refuses to let go. He comes in with the assurance that, yes indeed there is a shaking, but He will not leave or forsake them. He comes with passion for recompense, and as The Great Comforter.

His compassions flow into those who feel broken and hurt by these events. His compassions then in turn flow out from these who once felt that they were going to panic because they felt like they were losing so much that they couldn’t bear it. It was simply too much. Yet The One who is Love comes and shows Himself to be True and to the very present Lord of their life allowing them to keep their eyes on Him.

The compassions of the Lord are faithful and true and the testimony of His great work in their hearts flow to others to bring forth comfort that will cause those who are on the straight and narrow path to spur on in the fight of faith. It will cause others who don’t know Christ yet, to taste and see that the Lord is good and that He is the One True God, Maker of heaven and earth.

Great Provision and Coordinated Efforts Shine His Glory and Many Will Come to Salvation

There is a release of provisions and strategies to the Body of Christ for the building up of financial foundations and provisions. There is a networking and assisting of laborers in many markets in the Body of Christ that will bring a strengthening safety net across the earth that will be untouchable by the enemy. Those that love the Lord who are kings in the earth will safeguard the works in the Body. It will shine forth and have a fragrance of Christ that will attract the lost who will join the path to heaven.

The body of Christ is in this purifying process with their focus having a single eye for their first love in Christ. He is The One who walks next to them. He is The One whom they love and serve. He will give them the words to speak, and the realm of the Kingdom will be released. Many will see with utter astonishment and hear about wonders and put their trust in the greatness and the goodness of the Lord.



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