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The beginning of new life….and God said, “Let there be light”. Genesis 1:3

It is written that sometimes God will take the foolish to astound the wise, perhaps that is exactly what He did when He touched the spirit of Bonnie Nelson and drew her to Him. When God touched her, a new life began to come forth and many have been and are “astounded” by the transforming work of His Spirit.

The Old…..Born in Denver, Colorado, Bonnie is not what you would consider to be a “normal” church person. She was not brought up in or by the church and until 1996 did not attend any church or know much about God or His Kingdom.

Her parents traveled all over the United States training Thoroughbred Race Horses, moving every three months to follow the circuit. That meant she was in multiple schools each year which helped to develop her personality. She was constantly meeting new people and soon, it was as if she never met a stranger.

Because being around horses for most of her life, Bonnie had become a very talented horsewoman performing in many rodeo’s and winning many titles including Miss Colorado High School Queen, National Little Britches World Champion Calf Roper, Colorado Cutting Horse Champion and much more.

At the same time, her father began to help her in the area of singing. She had always shown a strong gift in that area and her mother had wanted to be a Country Singer. The horsemanship and the singing began to move together and God opened doors for her to be trained and refined as an entertainer who would be alert to watching people and “sensing” their emotional responses. She received rave reviews about her charisma and talent.

Her family settled in the Littleton, Colorado area when she reached high school age, and opened a restaurant. The restaurant grew and in 1970 her father built “The Country Palace” a Las Vegas Supper Club that became one of the best known night clubs, not only in the Denver area, but all over the US, as visiting tourists were all drawn to the club for great food and entertainment, i.e., “The Bonnie Nelson Show.” This was Bonnie’s first professional singing engagement.

She won a talent contest, traveled to Nashville, Tennessee for an appearance on the Grand Ole Opry and within three days had signed a major recording contract with United Artists Records. Not long after she would audition for an advertising campaign with International Harvester Company and become their radio spokeswoman for all their heavy duty trucks, “Transtar Eagles” as “Transtar Rose.”

She would continue in the music business to record 11 albums, 7 videos and 16 singles, several of which made the National Charts and the Nashville Network.
She would also sign contracts with Frederick’s of Hollywood and the Tony Lama Boot Company, which enhanced her performances, not only with International Trucks but in the Country Music Arena as well.

She became one of the best known “entertainers” in the Country Music Business and traveled all over the US, Canada and some overseas appearances as well performing at Country Fairs, Conventions and Package Shows.

She headlined her own shows and was also the opening act for the likes of Bob Hope, Vince Gill, The Oak Ridge Boys, Charlie Daniels and the list goes on.

In 1991 her life began to fall apart and by 1996 she was pretty much on her own with a ten pound poodle and a customized Greyhound bus. She was still touring, but she could sense things were changing and at a time when many people begin to think about their Golden Years, Bonnie was trying to figure out what she was going to do, not only to survive, but what to do with her life.

Enter God. Through John Hagee on TV, Bonnie began to reach out to find out who God was and seek His help. She started going to some churches and God led her on a wild roller coaster ride beginning with a Church of Christ, Baptist Church and then a spirit filled, deliverance and demon busting, Pentecostal church.

The New….She was “born again” on her bus, traveling across the state of Kansas in 1996 and in 1997 God called her to Huntsville Alabama to a closed down Shoney’s restaurant where a group of God’s obedient prophetic people were gathering and helping people learn more about Him and what He wanted them to do.

Enter the Prophetic. Driving 140 miles one way back and forth to Huntsville, twice a week, God began to speak to her through these people. In 1997 she was baptized with the infilling of the Holy Spirit and the Lord moved mightily and quickly, putting her through many trials and tests, training, strengthening and teaching her of His Ways.

During this time, her brother was in a major plane crash and was burned with two punctured lungs and not expected to live, but miraculously recovered. Her Fan Club President recovered from a life threatening Gall Bladder Attack, her father died, her mother struggled with Ovarian Cancer for two years and died, the dog died, a 26 year relationship broke and she had to deal with demonic experiences where natural ways and means did not work. She had to dig and cry out to the Lord to teach her how to survive not only in the natural world, but the spiritual world as well.

In 1998 she released her first book, “It’s Not Luck, It’s God” where she revealed many of her trials and what she had learned regarding “what happened” and how to “get through it.” Soon after, she released her first Christian CD entitled, “It’s a God Thing.”

Bonnie continued to learn and travel to Huntsville, but a new thing entered her life…The Internet and Internet Ministry. She began to learn about the computer and participate in online chat and teaching rooms.

Enter Firestorm Ministry…In the spring of 1998 Bonnie met Deborah Inghram and was invited to take part in Firestorm Ministries where she began teaching and sharing online. Though she had no doctorates or fancy certificates she felt led to “go for it,” stating, “If the Lord will hold me up, I will do it.”  And so, He did.

Firestorm Ministry enabled Bonnie to spiritually grow, not only through her teaching, but learning from others who assembled together online. Many of these online relationships developed and grew as people came together for the Firestorm Conferences on ground meetings for the first time and identifying themselves only by their screen names.

Bonnie has written several teaching manuals concerning issues of Harry Potter, Islam, Cremation, Women In The Church, Angels and Prophetic Teachings. For 9 years, she has faithfully taught on line classes and led The FS Monday Night Forum that has helped many see and understand spiritual truths, which enabled them to break free from spiritual bondage’s, and real life problems.

Bonnie is an Ordained Minister and moves in the gifts as The Holy Spirit leads. She is presently teaching on ground, as well as on line and continues to sing and lead Prophetic Worship, as well as some appearances for her Country Music Fans and International Harvester.

In I Corinthians 1:27 it is written:

But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;

Bonnie is quick to share that, if she had not trusted in the Lord and known that He was calling her, she might have listened to the world’s condemnation and accepted that she was not qualified to lead or teach God’s People.

“It is a great privilege and honor to be able to teach people about God and how to hear His Voice, so that His Spirit can encourage, edify and comfort them with the knowledge that no one is perfect and if God can use me, He can surely use them.”

Bonnie is the President of Firestorm Ministries International and lives just outside Nashville, Tennessee.

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