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Lance Wallnau reveals Cyrus/Trump Connection

By October 22, 2020Current Events

Hi Everyone:

I watched a video with Lance Wallnau today and I was enlightened concerning a lot of things about President Trump and things relating to him in the Bible. Lance is the one who wrote “God’s Chaos Candidate” and has a new book coming, God’s Chaos Code.

I found myself laughing, crying and thinking WOW as God opened my eyes to see many things through Lance. This was so Good!

I pray very hard, you will take the time to watch and listen to what Lance shares about how Yahweh prophesied His love to King Cyrus over a hundred years – before he was born and how He is again giving a man favor to help His people through Trump. This is a must see to ground us all foundationally to what God is saying to us, His Church, for today.

Interesting it is written, Yahweh used Cyrus, The Great, the Persian King, who did not know Him to help his people, in the same
manner perhaps in how He is using President Trump, a Gentile, who did not “yet” know Him.

Our God is an Awesome God and His ways are surely higher than ours. I am sure He is watching and enjoying our struggle to understand what He is doing and more than that, what He is waiting for us, The Church, to do. Hallelujah! It’s in the video~~~~


Click the link below to watch


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