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Special Note:  ALL monies from the sale of the jewelry and purses go to support the missionary work led by Eva-Maria regarding, “The House of Peace Orphanages” located in Burma/Myanmar.  You can learn more about the orphanages by Clicking Here or Visiting:

Please consider making a tax free donation to help these children by using the donate button at the bottom of this page and tag the donation for the “House of Peace.”

Firestorm is proud to be a part of this Ministry for children and salutes Eva Maria for her obedience to help those whom the Lord has put on her heart and spirit.



 Tourmaline, 4 strands, with large nuggets of coarse tourmaline $69

lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli chunks with lapis pendant and Indian silver, $65

Peridot, jade, quartz

Peridot, jade, quartz, 13 strands, $74

Royal coral

Royal coral chunks, 18 chunks, silver with Mexican silver cross, $86

sponge coral

Sponge coral, red, and $27

Indian Garnet

Indian garnet, fresh water seed pearls, 7 strands, $82

Baroque pearls

Baroque fresh water pearls, garnet, 4 strands, $55

zebra jasper

Zebra jasper, $42

petrified wood

Petrified wood, $39

tiger eye

Tiger eye, $35

Rodenite, jasper, jade

Rodenite, jasper, jade, crystal, 5 strands, $98 (heavy, because they are real




These are hand beaded purses with glass beads on cotton-silk fabric with fold-over. They are hand made in Burma /Myanmar and under the fold-over is a zipper. They are 7 1/2 ” x 4″ and are $11 each and $2 shipping.


These hand beaded purses are beaded with glass beads on cotton-silk fabric and have a zipper top. They are hand made in Burma/Myanmar and are 8″x4″ in size. $11 each and $2 shipping.


This is a large hand beaded bag,glass beads on cotton-silk fabric,hand made in Burma/Myanmar. It is 11″x 17″ and has a zipper top and two beaded handles. $35 plus $3.50 shipping. The color a very dark red fabric.


Felt wool purses made in Nepal, each a unique creation. All are hand made, varies in size between 5 1/2 ” to 6″ x 4″, $8 each $2 shipping.


Felted wool purses, in three different colors,amounts are very limited. $8 each $2 shipping.


Felted wool purses of different designs. $8 each,$2 shipping.


Felted wool purses,different designs,$8 each, $2 shipping.

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E-mail her at

For Payment make checks payable to:

Eva-Maria Coughlin
PO Box 123
Durand,WI 54736

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