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It’s Getting Windy
by Miki Maynard

It’s getting windy! Not just from difficult situations with the fires, riots, storms, and political situations, but with Me!

I saw Him secure, with a downward force, the boom vang that supports and secures the sail on a sailboat. Then I saw Him standing giving directions, but He isn’t on the bridge. He is standing on the very front point of the boat, at the bow in the strong winds. He keeps calling out and telling me to batten down the hatches! I’ve secured the boom vang for the sail! The winds are going to get stronger. My love will not hold back. I am going forth with passion to pursue. I AM speaking. I AM breathing My promises and My words. This is the Wind, and My Spirit is blowing.

You haven’t seen nothing yet! I am casting out My heart upon these places. With a shout I declare My army rises and advances forth. There are many more that will be coming in. Come, come, come with Me!

Those in politics will cross the aisle and point back and tell what has happened and what is going on. I will protect them as they have had a change of heart. I am touching people in many areas, and not just those in politics. Those who have been “accosting,” will be ones who are like Sauls in the Bible where I will meet them, and they will become like Pauls.

I am reaching out to those in America and all over the world. When I act, who can reverse it?

Oh how My heart is full of love and compassion to seek and save that which is lost. Oh how my heart is full of desire to reach them! I am pouring out My lovingkindness that will bring many more to repentance. My wind is blowing a pure and holy, unconditional love with breezes of refreshing and healing upon the people. Extend My love Beloved! I am going to do signs, miracles, and wonders to display My great love so they will see and know that I AM the Lord Yahweh.

I am at the front and go ahead of you. Do not be afraid. I have made a way. Trust Me when the pressure is on and the winds blow, because My Wind and My Breath is blowing as well. My love is stronger. Proclaim! Proclaim! My voice is raised (My still voice will be more clear to you) in the storm and the battle is loud. Can you hear Me? Will you proclaim My promises? I am motioning you to come up here! Let’s go!

Behold I stand at the door and I’m knocking. It shall echo across the face of the earth.
Speak forth My word. Preach My word, stand and pray. They will hear Me knocking. I will show Myself to many more. Behold Your God. Behold Your sovereign Lord. He comes with power, and rules with His mighty arm. He tends his flock, and gathers lambs in His arms, and He carries them close to His heart. Behold your God.

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