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Imprecatory Warfare Prayer For or Against Enemies - Firestorm Ministries, International
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Imprecatory Warfare Prayer For or Against Enemies

By February 23, 2021Equipping the Saints

Part Two

Imprecatory Warfare Prayer

For Or Against



Hello Everyone:

This is the second post concerning imprecatory prayer and though I had never heard the term before, I am thankful to Yahweh for pouring out the much needed revelation of how to use imprecatory prayers as an offensive weapon against our enemies and at the same time, bring us into a place of spiritual rest.

Just to refresh: an imprecatory prayer is an invocation for judgment calamity or curse (anathema) upon one’s enemies or the enemies of God. An Imprecatory prayer is an appeal (cry for help) to the court of divine justice, Yahweh and His Courts in Heaven for protection, judgment and appropriate punishment for the criminals.

The Argument “against” imprecatory prayer goes like this. Christians are:

To turn the other cheek and go the extra mile.
To submit to our governing authorities.
To respond to cursing with blessing (love) our enemies
To not take our own revenge.

So, what do I do with all the righteous indignation boiling inside of my soul regarding the blasphemy against my God Yahweh and the evil I see raging in my Nation?

I don’t know about you, but I have been on an emotional rollercoaster overload for several weeks, because I didn’t know what to do to help stop what I see as the moral degradation of our Nation. I didn’t even know what or how to pray. I don’t want to pray for evil people, but I don’t want to be disobedient either. Who do I pray for and how do I pray in this situation?

I know a lot of Christians like me who are dealing with the same thing. Anger and frustration are really hard to control and some people are not doing well with what they say and do. Everyone is trying to deal with all the lawlessness and chaos, as different factions are pulling people in different directions on what kind of a Nation we are going to be. For me, to be or not to be is defined as, I want to be free, not under socialist or communist government control.

I was also dealing with discouragement? Have you felt that lately? After awhile you get so beat up, disgusted, aggravated, irritated and wore out with all of these emotions, you give in to apathy. Apathy is where we stop fighting and trying to find a solution or make a difference. We give up and shrug it off, because we just can’t deal with the stress anymore. We just need some inner peace, so we begin to condone and compromise our beliefs in order to just get along and give in to the attitude of, “Just do what you want to do, leave me alone” and try to find a cave. But God, is not wanting us to be in a cave, so we won’t find peace there either.

So, what do we do? We seek God and He is faithful to help us when we do. I went to the Internet and typed in, how do I pray for my enemies? Wha La! I found teachers of the Word of God who had been searching for the same thing I had been searching for. It didn’t take long for me to latch on to a small article regarding “Imprecatory Prayer,” which opened the door to my understanding of a very new and powerful way to pray, which was really, a very old and powerful way to pray.

I made the choice to add imprecatory prayers to my prayer time. I began to use them, crying out to Yahweh through the War Psalms. I started reading them out loud and carefully watching over my words in addressing my enemies and the issues in my spirit, which are directly coming against me, Yahweh and His Kingdom. Here’s a sample.

I am praying for chaos to enter the camps of my enemies and for them to turn upon each other. I am asking for the “whistle blowers” to come forth. I am asking Yahweh to expose all evil agendas hiding behind closed doors, where deals are made for personal advancement, power and money for self serving purposes, with no regard to our people or our Nation.

I am coming against the plans of foreign Nations who are speaking death against America and our God Yahweh. Let these assignments be thwarted and destroyed. I come against those who are murdering babies to be brought down from their high towers and for anyone who is or has released death wishes through chemical or biological warfare, spells, incantations curses, witchcraft and such, to experience a boomerang, where these things are returned to them, without any harm to this Nation or her people.

My warrior cry is, take them down Yahweh, those who are against You and raise up Your Craftsmen and Righteous Leaders to bring forth what and who we need to secure our Nation. Oh Father, hear my pleas for Your Intervention. Stop the Anger, Hate and Mob Spirit from spreading across our land. Bring us back to You and Your Ways of Righteousness and Justice, in the Name of Yahshua. I thank You and I Praise You Father Yahweh.


The Awakening

Today I am seeing the Hand of Yahweh moving on behalf of our Nation against our enemies. Everything is suddenly in chaos, everything. Do you see the rising up in California to sue the US Government to open the Churches and the verdict from the court to open them? Praise Yah!!! Do you see the votes to recall certain leaders coming forth, who have been dictators instead of Leaders compassionately serving the people of their States? Do you see the chaos in the government over student loans: to cancel or not to cancel? Do you see the whistle blowers coming forth in New York City, where 50% of the deaths of elderly people, were not reported?

Do you see Democrats and Republicans each having inner tension in their ranks, huge social media platforms being exposed and challenged for censoring voices of those who disagree with their theology? Do you see a press core weaponized and bending their knee to propaganda, forgetting the call to bring forth truth to the American People and the World? Do you see links to China, Russian and Iran, trying to take down cyber security and infrastructure grids, election meddling and confusion in the distribution of the COVID vaccines, with mutations B.1.1.7 and MIC-s (Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome) targeting children?

Do you see where the Keystone XL pipeline contract was cancelled to help support the Green New Deal philosophy, cancelling 11,000 jobs and our energy independence? Do you see where fracking is now forbidden on Federal Land and in the midst of all this, one of the biggest ice storms ever in the US, hitting coast to coast, especially Texas, causing their Green New Deal windmills to fail, gas and oil lines to freeze and go off line leaving 3-4 million people without power and another storm coming.

Do you see walls, razor wire and guards around our Nation’s Capitol, but open US borders with no restrictions, including no Covid Inspections or legal immigration requirements, as a caravan of 9,000 illegals are heading through Guatemala to come to the US.

Gates open on our borders, Gates closed around our Capital. Oh my God, Help us Father Yahweh.

Why is all this happening now? Could it be because there are others like me crying out to God and praying for the take down of evil in our land. It can’t just be me praying can it? Selah! In my research I am finding a lot of posts concerning imprecatory prayer teachings released over the last two years. Is the Spirit of God whispering in our ears and giving us a warning to get on the prayer wagon with imprecatory prayers?

The Suddenly

In the midst of all this, I am suddenly not feeling the anger and frustration in me from the previous weeks from thinking I can’t make a difference or change anything that is happening. Something has shifted and I am feeling so much better. Could it be I found the key to unlock and hit the release button in my spirit, like a lid popping off a pressure cooker? Surely this is Yahweh helping me and revealing a new way to release my anguish and cares to Him by trusting Him on a higher level through these imprecatory prayers.

As I was pondering all this, a song dropped into my head I knew from a long time ago by Billy Swan and though it is a secular song, it brought me more peace. The chorus is, “If you’ve got a problem, don’t care what it is, if you need a hand, I can assure you this! I can help, I’ve got two strong arms, I can help. It would sure do Me good, to do you good, Let Me help.

I just knew God was singing to me. Can you get that? If we have a problem give it to Him, that is what imprecatory prayers are all about. As I look at all the crazy things happening everywhere in our Nation, I just know it is Him stirring it up, it has to be Him answering prayer and moving on our behalf, because evil and prideful people don’t reveal their dirty little secrets. But when Yahweh hears the cries of His people, He will reveals sin and hypocrisy.

I am reminded of a couple Scriptures concerning evil in the hearts of men: In thinking themselves to be wise, they became fools. Romans 1:22

And Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18.

So, I have this picture of Yahweh in my spirit sitting and casually looking over our country and I felt a move of His Hand toward her. A finger reached down and touched a spot here and there. He was not upset or frustrated, He was just meticulously touching places. I had the sense He was setting off things in some kind of order. Can you see the scene.

Oh, Church of Jesus Christ, open your eyes to see and open your mouth to join in and let loose an onslaught of imprecatory prayers against the enemies coming against us, our Nation, the World and our God Yahweh. Thy Kingdom come Father, Thy Will Be Done, Here in the earth, just as it is in Heaven. Bring Your Justice and Your Righteousness Father. AMEN

Imprecatory Prayers

You may ask, “are imprecatory prayers” STILL legal for us to use against spiritual entities, working through criminals, powerful and corrupt men/women in earthly governments imposing sin, bondage and evil doctrines of pagan gods upon us, against the statutes of our faith as Christians and the documents of our Nation, guaranteeing us of certain unalienable rights, through our Constitution and The Bill of Rights?

Yes they are, but they are controversial. Some in the church have overlooked them, while others dismissed them as being outdated, unnecessary and in some cases, unchristian, which is interesting since these prayers are found all through the Bible and were used by people like Asaph, King David, Paul and even our Lord Yahshua. They all spoke imprecatory prayers against their enemies, so should we not take a closer look at this type of prayer?

It is really cool to make mention of the fact, when we are praying imprecatory prayers, instead of physically going to war, using carnal weapons, we are surrendering the problems to God and letting Him make the decisions on how to handle them.

Well, we are supposed to let Him decide how, when, where and what to do. Every heard the expression, “Give it to God?”

Imprecatory Prayers Are A Crying Out To God
To Solve Problems AND Bring Justice,
“Through Repentance or Judgment
As He Wills


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