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From the Friday Night Prophetic Training Class

March 19, 2021

The following Word was received as being from our Father Yahweh

I Have Chosen You

Bonnie Nelson

For this is the time many dreamed of being a part of throughout all history. I have chosen you for such a time as this, because you have been equipped to be more than just a conqueror of that which is seeking to take over the world. Have no fear, for I have intricately put things into your fingertips, which shall come forth when the time is nigh, which will tear down strongholds and set many free.

Keep that which is evil away and touch not any thing which you do not know of its history. All that is encompassed on the earth is either for Me or against Me and you shall determine it by My Spirit in you. I shall quicken you when to go and when to stay and when to prophesy and release what I say. I shall give you information to teach you of My Ways and of what I AM doing so you may prepare My family for My coming.

Fear Not…I AM for you and I shall renew you daily as the times shall become hard and many shall fall away, but I know you, you will not betray Me or leave Me, for we have been together for a long time. The season is about to change and soon I will call your name. Listen closely and watch with the eyes of the eagle as the scenery will change and you will lead many to a safe place.

Prepare My Way and prophesy, for I shall come forth walking on the prayers of My Family to set things right and in order. It shall be the beginning of the end and yet, the end shall be the birthing of the beginning.

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