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I AM Doing a New Thing

Prophetic Word

Bonnie Nelson

I Am doing a “new thing” do you not perceive it?

Do not be afraid to cut loose from that which is old and unfruitful and know today, I place before you a new door.  Are you ready to leave the past and turn your eyes unto what I have for you in the future? If so, dry your eyes, look unto Me and let Us go forth – Together.

This is a new time and a new season for you, can you sense it in your belly? Have no fear, for I will equip you to see and hear on a greater level the things in My Heart to share with My people and I will empower you with a new courage, for I have found you faithful to Me in the midst of all the storms this world has put you through.

I smell the incense of My Children and I shall not tarry much longer. Tell them of the things I have taught you and Impart My Spirit unto them – for I wish that none would perish.

Today I say, Go forth and continue to be obedient to Me and My Word and I will draw many to you. Tell them I love them and tell them – My Name is ‘Yahweh’

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