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Firestorm Ministries International

From The Vineyard Inverness Church

Birmingham, Alabama


Hear The Roar

From the Vineyard Inverness Church in Birmingham Alabama, December 29, 2016, we gathered to share and hear the Word of Yahweh for His Church and the upcoming year – 2017.  The following is a compilation of the words shared by those in the church and those who joined with us online through the live video stream on Firestorm Ministry.

May you be blessed and filled with hope and excitement for this upcoming year where the church has the opportunity to rise up and step into the place of spiritual authority given to us through the blood of Yahshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ – The Anointed One)

May His Signs, Wonders & Miracles Come Forth Now!


2017 the Year of Spiritual Order
Walking with God as Enoch Did


Dr. Mary Sue Davis

The Lord says:  You have been prophesying change for several years now. And truly change has come. The old has passed completely. It is no longer. The New is come. ALL things are made NEW!!  This New Year is a mark for the world, but you, as a believer live in the eternal day with our Father, being timeless. Our attitudes do not change by the marking of time, rather we are growing up into the fullness of the Godhead bodily. This will continue in 2017, growing into the fullness of Christ.

2017 will be a repeat of 2016, 2015 and any other previous years, if a new revelation from Me, is not received and lived. Look at that Perfect Law of Liberty and continue in it. Don’t be a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work.  Don’t forget who you are when you look at the mirror reflection. You shall do the work and express My Life.

The level of revelation granted to Paul has been released to the Church, to you, to present the “plumbline” of God and establish a perfect standard. Our comprehension of God’s word will rocket to incredible heights when we eat the now “open book” of redemption that unveils the fullness of God’s plan. It has been reserved in God from the days of Daniel until today.

The seals of your understanding are being opened. The treasures of wisdom and knowledge hidden in Christ that will present My Bride without spot or wrinkle, will be delegated to you.

The mysteries of God’s Kingdom are prepared to be set in motion that will awaken and equip you, the Bride of Christ.

Respond to the wooing of My Spirit. Lay aside every weight and encumbrance that has entangled you in the past. When you hear My Voice, do not harden your hearts to this fresh message. Listen, obey, walk with Me as Adam and Enoch did.

You are first fruits harvest that is coming to maturity, so that My plan can be set in motion.

Like the spies of Israel, you shall be pioneers and forerunners who cross over into God’s promise to apprehend its reality and introduce it to the body at large.  You will experience Hebrews 6:5 and will have, “tasted the good word of God and the powers of the age to come.”  Your walk with the Lord and powerful ministry will be an introduction to the latter-day anointing that will bring in, “the greatest harvest of souls ever witnessed.”



Nichole Wilhoit


Unto the upright there arises light in the darkness;
He is gracious, and full of compassion, and righteous
Psalm 112:4

I hear the Lord saying:

1) 2017 will be a year of having the light dispel the darkness.

2) We as His people must focus on the beauty of Jesus so we can know who He is when the world starts asking, “Who do you say that I Am?”

3) The church needs to understand it’s authority in the earth and also rebuke religious spirits within the church.



Laura Benson

I hear the Lord saying, ” I am opening the curtain of my church causing you to see the greater plans I have for you.”

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”


Pastor Fran Berry

My Beloved –

I AM pouring out on you new beginnings and new rain, along with My Authority, MY new Revelation, MY wisdom and power, My freedom. I AM pouring into you more than you can imagine. So RISE up Daughters, RISE UP Sons, RISE UP and see My hand move among the waters. Are you ready? I AM pouring out newness of LIFE and LIFE more abundantly. I AM pouring out life to those dry bones. I AM pouring out the richness of My Glory!!!
I AM speaking to those dry bones to come ALIVE.
I have LIFE NOT death in My hands so reach out and grab hold to it.

Are you ready for this OUTPOURING? RISE UP MY Beloved and walk with ME and see those things that I have in store for you. I AM opening your eyes to see, opening your ears to hear, opening your mouth to speak of My Glory and Grace and Mercy and My Salvation and MY Healing. Don’t worry about what you are to say, I will give you the Words to speak.

I AM giving you a supernatural ability to overcome the enemy
And to give you VICTORY in every aspect of your life.
Reach out and take it!!!

I AM taking you into new territory. I AM walking with you, hand in hand. Speak forth those things that need to move out of the way. Speak forth those VICTORIES that need to come to pass. You have GREAT Authority to move mountains.
I have give you the Authority to move
And the Authority to cast down every vain imagination.

I AM breathing upon you.
Do you feel the breeze of My breath?
Do you realize that with MY breath I can blow away the dross in your life?

You are MY prized possessions and I love you with an endless LOVE. You are MY Darling Beloved, able to do so much more than you ever imagined. So take My hand and let’s walk and talk while as I POUR out on you and into you. I will NEVER leave you or forsake you.
I hold the whole world in My hands
And nothing is impossible with ME.
Drink ME in.
Drink in MY Righteousness!!! Drink in MY Purity!!!
This new year will be like nothing you have ever seen because I AM walking it with you.


Becky Lowe

I hear him saying to me,

My people are not walking in the Kingdom life that I have given them, because they are not trusting me to provide for them. How do I know this, because of their giving.

To live and have what I have provided for my people, they have to be givers as I Am. Tithes, offerings, I start here where I know their heart is and it continues on.

Oh that you would allow me to bless you to carry my kingdom life in the earth, so all peoples would desire what you have and serve me as their God.



I hear your cries to me, concerning suffering, pain, hurt and answers.
My grace is sufficient for you and your cries have already been answered.
Be people of action and do not wait…  but Go.

I am a God of action and results, not your results but my results.
For my actions are pure and the results benefit my Kingdom.
Let my will be done and not yours. Listen to my words and Go!!

Go  To the lost and the sinner.
Go  To the homeless and the needy and do not judge.
Go  To my word, for my word and I are one.
Go  To one another and love as I your God love you.
Go  To the prodigal for their return is soon.
Go  To your knees in prayer and forgiveness.
Go  Make disciples of all nations starting in your home.

My Glory Train will rain down and shower you with miracles, healings and visions.

My Spirit is opened to all who ask and are willing to receive.

My Love is open to all, my forgiveness is unconditional
And Jesus has already paid the price for your salvation and eternal life.


Kathy Johnson

The latter rain shall be greater than the former rain. Again I say, the latter rain shall be greater, for Greater am I that is in You, than he that is in the world!

It is Time, Time to rise up and shine. Shine bright in My Light the Light, which pierces the darkness. You are my children, but you are also my warriors in whom I have equipped well for this time.

Be prepared put on the full armor of God and stand, for Behold your King calleth you, “Come Ride with Me.” Victory Is Ours. Reclaim all that the enemy has taken! Speak to those mountains that stand in your way!

Live in My Word, for its Alive because, “I Am Alive!”

I will go before you and direct your steps and I will be behind you, for I’ve got your back, for I have set My Love upon you, because you have known My Name…


Michael Mansary


I see the Lord is gonna shine His lights into every darkness/dark places in 2017



Deborah Fry


Beloved. Gifts for Christmas. Gifts are being poured out to My Children. Gifts that you are not expecting. Surprises in store for the New Year. For I AM the original Giver.  Every good and perfect gift comes down from your Father of lights. I never change, Dear One. I am good. All My gifts are good. I have given you My Son. Why would I not also with Him give you ALL THINGS freely? A gift is not earned, but a gift is given to you by Me with love.

It is My good pleasure to give you the Kingdom

The things that I will do for you are unattainable by the world. For they do not know the Giver of Life. But you shall reign in this life. The favor that I bestow upon My Children shall become very apparent in the coming days.

For I am crowning you with beauty instead of ashes, I am anointing you with the oil of JOY instead of your mourning. I clothe you in My garment of praise and the spirit of heaviness must flee. I heal all your diseases and crown you with lovingkindness and tender mercies. You are My Child blessed by My Hand and you shall not be in want.

Be expectant of GOOD things and do not grow weary, Beloved. I will not fail you. Look at the nations and watch– and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told. I shall satisfy your year with good things, Beloved. Your Gift makes room for you and shall bring you before the great.



Terry Ricklefs
New York

The enemy also has a blueprint for lives, for geographic regions, For 2017, I see in the Spirit a huge blueprint. This year is going to begin the large unraveling of this blueprint. Each believer also has their own blueprint, which contains the purposes of God for their life. Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

And for nations. For those with whom the enemy is winning in his blueprint for you, this is the year to begin to take that back from his hands.

With the enemy, it is ok to buy CD’s and spiritual books on any topic with all the current teaching on how to overcome and get a breakthrough as long as you remain in the dark as to how to apply what you hear to your own life. This is the year to begin to get specific implementation strategies, which will look very different than having more Bible knowledge and the latest teaching from the big names. Press into Me with this and do not give up.

Your progress will also be measurable and you will be encouraged with what you see. Biblical faith for more will rise in your heart when you see what I AM is doing in you, you will know I AM pleased and no man will be able to take that from you.

Hebrews 11:6 “But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.”

You will understand that true faith is not something based in the mind and intellect, but is borne of Me.
The Berean Hearing From God
Study & Confirm What You Are Hearing

Bill Henne
Birmingham, Alabama


Before Thanksgiving, Jim asked me to come to the Firestorm Prophetic Night and share if I had anything from the Lord for 2017.
So I asked the Lord if He wanted me to share anything.

1/19pm-20am/2016 He took me up and I looked at the earth from space and saw these things:

Revelation: I see God painting a trail with a glorious holy orange anointing from China thru North Vietnam and into South Vietnam.

Interpretation: Agent orange was the Vietnam War fate along the Ho Chi Minh trail. What destruction man has delivered is being rebuilt with a spiritual revival of love.

Application: God is up to something historic! Look to see how this area is being reconciled with the past being healed. We are to learn reconciliation.

Revelation: As I looked at Japan and the Under Lands. I heard Him say “I here you shout for me and at me, but I require that you humble yourself before the Lord”

Interpretation: God is not pleased with these countries and their superstitions and traditions.

Application: Do not think that America is immune to God using natural disasters to rebuke a nation.

Revelation: As I looked at England, I knew that the Lion of Judah is about to roar and the Lord’s Army will assemble like the morning reveille military Wakeup Trumpet Bugle Call.

Interpretation: Look for a spiritual awaken in England that will involve all denominations and even change the way they govern and the laws of their country.

Application: Pray and encourage all you know who have an England connection. When asked to travel to England say “Yes Lord.”


Revelation: As I looked down on America, I saw the Southeast part saturated with many flood plains.

Interpretation: His glory comes in like a flood. The Southeast will be known again for His presence.

Application: We need to change our ways. This new season is not about learning a new biblical truth or amazing folks with eloquent speech. It is about entering His presence in everything we do. Worship, study, work and rest in His presence. For every moment spent in His presence our spiritual battery will be charged with His power.

Revelation: I then saw a nuclear blue spark that so grabbed my attention I searched for its location. It came out of a split city in Missouri. I saw that the sparks went all over the world. I knew this was another prophetic ignition and followed one of the embers into the panhandle. Because the area was so ready for God’s presence, a large area ignited like a spark on dry grass. I asked Him to show me Alabama and there was a small ember that landed in the Huntsville area and a larger ember that landed in Birmingham. There were 2 or 3 embers that went south of Birmingham, but I was too excited to see past Birmingham.
I originally thought that city was St. Louis but the Lord rebuked me as it was not a split city. When I got to a map I knew it was Kansas City.

Interpretation: The prophets connected to IHOP will once again be used to ignite a prophetic gifting that will go worldwide.
Application: Even if you were just a supporter of the past wave, you are invited to partake in this wave. If you were not involved in the past wave, you are invited to go to one of the areas impacted by an ember (these will be easy to locate by their anointing).

Revelation: I looked at the US and I saw the left side of the Mississippi connected with the right side. The connectors were made of strong steel bars laid across the river and bolted deeply into the earth.

Interpretation: With the new President I sense that the USA divisions will be greatly healed and this will also be very beneficial to Israel.

Application: Take every opportunity to unite and build relationship bridges. Jesus did not turn away children, lepers, seekers, the religious, thieves, or tax collectors. Neither should we as ambassadors of Christ. I wonder if “bolted” is a play on words with a possible Bolton connection.

After Thanksgiving, I asked the Lord why I haven’t seen much on our future economy. He answered with a vision on 12/3/16:

I saw our economy as an electrical cable on a large wooden spool. The cable was anchored long ago and the spool was hanging like a pendulum, slowly unwinding. I saw the spool unwind thru the 1960’s, then 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Then the spool stopped because all of the cable had been let out. I saw that we had then made our own cable with scraps that was wired onto the hanging spool.

Many short little pieces of thinner cables had been wired together end to end that allowed our economy to be lowered further into history. At the end of this wiring arrangement, was a human head with a wave of light colored hair. This head held on to the end of the makeshift cable with one hand and in his other, he held an even thinner cable to allow our economy to be lowered further into history. This last cable was one cable, not made up of short little pieces wired together.

The scene changed to a house being renovated. The general contractor just told the owners that the electrical in the house had been wired unsafely and did not meet electrical codes. The general contractor showed the owner an area that had already been torn down.

Instead of a single cable, the length was made up of many short little pieces. He informed that the house must be totally rewired and that all the walls must be exposed to show all that is hidden. The general contractor said that this will be very expensive and take time, but when complete, the house will be sure and secure.

I then heard a shout, “Where are my Josephs?”

I saw that we had lowered Joseph into a pit that could not be climb out of without help. This Joseph was named economic responsibility. I saw Joseph being lifted out of the pit by others (not us) and he was allowed to prepare us during a good season for a coming bad season.

Interpretation: Joseph of the Old Testament was a dreamer. Our economic responsibility is for the American Dream. We are the brothers that placed the American Dream in the pit, through what we allowed our government to do and voted for.

The others that pulled Joseph out of the pit were not Americans. These others, saw that they could gain financially in helping us, just as the Ishmaelite’s saw that they could financial benefit in buying Joseph cheaply to sell in Egypt.  The Ishmaelite’s were dessert tribes. Today, I believe they would be in the region of Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq.

After the American Dream is pulled out of the pit, Joseph or Economic Responsibility can prepare for the bad years. Part of this is rewiring our economy. I believe the human head with a wave of light colored hair is President Elect Trump. He will rewire the economy during the good season but it will be costly. A cost that we will all pay into. Trump will also tear down the hidden and expose the unsafe deals that were wired together and do not meet America’s Financial Management Code.

Joseph collected one fifth (20%) from Egypt during the good years to survive the years of bad. What will be our cost.

In rewiring a house, the primary power must be shut off and a secondary source of power be provided to continue the rehab while rewiring. The second power source is inconvenient and costs more than the primary. But when the new primary power is turned on, the house is sure and secure.

Application: Prepare to live with 20% less, whether this be a tax or more inflation. What will be the inconvenient secondary power source? What will be the new primary power source? A new printed money? Electronic money like India has just gone to? A gold back currency or gold and silver coins? I did not see and do not know. But when this rewiring is complete, America will be sure and secure.

Is God saying, a Christian nation will be saved by those from a Muslim country (or countries)? Could this be a fulfillment of Proverbs 13:22, where the sinner’s wealth has been stored up for the righteous? Are you the righteous? Or could this be like when Egypt gave Israel all their wealth during the exodus?

After reading Rick Joyner’s first book on the Army of Dawn, I have ordered his second but have asked God how a church can function as an Army. 12/18/16 He provided this:

First I saw ground troops and then an Air Force. My understanding is that the Air Force is intercessors and we are coming into a time where this gift will be much needed. I saw boots on ground representing the ministries outside the church complex.

Our power comes from intimate praise and intimate worship to the King. The intercessors will get godly intelligence, such that they will know when, where and who to send the ground troops.

The intercessors will begin to see with greater clarity the schemes of the enemy as if they were in the enemies war room.
Ministries such as prayer, healing and specialized care like divorce, after school training, healing and deliverance will be set up like Mash units. Training will be markedly different, like business boot camps for intense focused training using the best available materials.

Everyone else is in a HELPS support role (Having Enough Loving People Serving).



Behold I Am Making All Things New
Rev 21:1-7

Bonnie Nelson


For I AM doing a new thing, do you not see it? Everything that can be shaken, I AM shaking. By just the touch of my little finger I AM bringing down kingdoms and raising up kingdoms, so watch carefully whom you give your allegiance to.

There is a time of increase in Me. A spiritual increase for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. I will sort through and raise up those who are mine and you shall see and know them, for they will be unique, for they will know me and My ways.

And if you choose to call Me not only Savior, but Lord you will be found wise and not lacking when the shaking subsides. For I am raising up a generation, not which the likes of man has ever seen, and they shall be of all sorts, sizes and shapes and they shall not bow their knee to any God but Me.

I AM Yahweh and I will have My Way. I am not through with this Nation or this people in America.

Watch and see, All Glory is Mine and for those who lay down lives for Me, I have a special place.

Though Nation will turn against Nation you my children shall draw nigh to each other by My Spirit and there shall be great joy in the midst of sorrow and many will be amazed by your witness of Me, in the midst of your storms.

Keep your trust in Me and My Word on your tongue, for I change not and neither does My Word. It shall accomplish all I have released it to accomplish and not one dot or tittle will be left out.

Watch carefully where you put your time and energy and what you allow to have access to your eyes and ears, the enemy will be cunning and set traps to lure you, but if you will heed My Words you shall not be deceived.

There shall be medical breakthroughs, but you shall experience supreme health beyond the limits of your age, which shall cause the doctors to wonder.

Fear Not For I AM With You and I AM in You. Prepare the Way for I AM coming soon. Do you not sense the change in the atmosphere? The heavens are preparing the way and setting things in place for My return. Do you hear the songs in the heavens playing? Are you ready for Me to come back?

Think on these things and look for Me, for it will be well with your soul, if you ponder on these things which are pure and lovely and written about My Return.

I am raising My Remnant up from out of the middle of My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her. She is My War Bride and she rides with Me.


Jim Mellard



In the Bible the number 20 can mean a complete or perfect waiting period.  The number 17 symbolizes “overcoming the enemy and complete victory”.  Put it together and it can mean we are in a complete or perfect waiting period for overcoming the enemy and complete victory

2017— Supernatural Walk
AUTHORITY IS being released
More evil than you are aware of
More dreams and visions
Gifts SHALL be greater

I HAD A NIGHT VISION ON THE EVE OF CHRISTMAS EVE. I SAW A OLD BARN dilapidated and falling down. I entered the barn and I saw many bags that had dust on them and some were torn open, but as I pulled them out into the light and opened one, I saw that they were full of seeds. I opened several more and saw different kinds of seed in each bag…


… I have given seeds (MY WORD), which contain –Miracles, Healings, Financial and Spiritual blessing (I was immediately reminder of the blessing of Abraham}.

These are the seeds that my people have put in storage, because they did not endure to believe –but this year 2017, shall be a year of A NEW SONG for My people to sing.

Some of you have planted seeds and you have not seen the full growth (the prophecies dreams and prayers}

STIR THEM WITH YOUR FAITH AND 2017 will be a year that your faith will cause the dormant to COME ALIVE.…Some grow fast ‘some slow, but most all grow in their season..2017 is your season.

Open the barn door get the WORD SEED and plant in the garden that I have given you and you will see —-  THEY WILL GROW..

I SEE 2017 As a YEAR OF Isaiah 43:19. Behold I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it?  I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert

2017 is going to be a season of return of what the enemy has stolen as set forth in Joel 2:25.

2017 is a year of “if’s,”



There will be a dramatic increase of prophetic experiences and revelations.

2017 is a season that I have called you to walk in supernatural faith. You do not have to understand, only to believe that I will do, as I have promised.  For nothing shall be impossible with Me.


I see 2017 as a year of joy for the Christian as never before we will see and carry His presence with us, as we proclaim and carry forth THE SWORD {His Word) and His presence (His glory}, as never before,

2017 will be a year that I am releasing greater authority than I have yet released to men on earth….You are my messengers that the whole world has been waiting and travailing for…Awake,  Awake and stick to My Word, for surely it shall not return void, but accomplish what I have spoken.

The enemy has gone as far as he can go and now, we will begin to take back what is rightfully the Kings.  What you lack in training, I am releasing to you in extraordinary faith.

For this year My Spirit shall again breath on MY WORD. Plant, Speak and receive.  This is going to be a year of great adventure.

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