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Hello Firestorm:

On the first Monday of every year many of us gather to seek the Lord and see what He would say to all of us here on Firestorm. This year was no exception. We met on January 4th and we were not disappointed.

The following contains some of the happenings of the night that we thought you might enjoy sharing. Be blessed, bon

Opening Remarks: Deborah Inghram

It is good to see everyone here tonight. It’s a New Year and I am excited. The Lord has great things in store for us this year and I know each one of you have heard a word from the Lord, but let us open up in prayer.

Opening Prayer: Shirley

Father, I thank you for this time together. I thank You for everyone that is in this room. Bless our time together. Make our connections sure and tight – with the glue of the Holy Spirit. Give us eyes to see and ears to hear what you have for each one of us. Come Holy Spirit, You are so welcome in this place. Give us new and fresh revelation, revelation. Reveal to us who You are. We are hungry Lord. We are thirsty for more of You.

Take us deeper, take us higher in You. We just want to bask in Your presence here tonight. Be with Deb as she leads us. Give her the wisdom and revelation that she needs. I ask for Healing of everyone here tonight that needs healing. Touch them, each one in a way that only You can. Complete healing, complete restoration, in the Name of Jesus. We give You ALL the Honor, ALL the Glory. May You increase, as we decrease, in Jesus Name, amen and amen.

Stirring: Bonnie

I have a sense here that we might need a little stirring…a little shaking up, a little waking up of our spirits and wanted to rebuke the enemy away from us regarding colds, flu’s, whatever, in the Name of Yahshua/Jesus. I speak healing and the Joy of the Lord into this place right now and I thank the Lord for coming to be with us.

For I sense Him right here in the midst of us looking at us, listening to us and wanting to share. There is a new anointing here on FS and it is spreading all over each one of us, for we are the ones beginning the year for this ministry, His ministry, and it is AWESOME what He is going to do with each one of us. We are leaders, we are the breakers, we are the ones who will lead the way and it is time to rise up, to step up, not only as warriors, but as prayer intercessors and healers, and evangelists and prophets and teachers and pastors and apostles.

You are ALL….You lack NOTHING for The Holy Spirit is full of ALL things and tonight He is going to move deeply, lovingly and strong in all of us. He will lift you UP and you can go as high as you want. So I thank the Lord for coming and I thank Him for dropping into our spirits those words He has for us tonight, and I am thrilled to be here with you all and excited to hear the messages, and I sense the power of God so strong because we are here in one accord, unity and in fellowship with each other. So I Praise the Lord for drawing us and for making a place for us, and for healing us and leading us, and loving us, in the Name of Jesus.

Stirring: Deborah

Give us the songs that make the whole world sing. Give us the dances that the whole world will dance to. Lord let us be the shakers and movers that You made us to be TO change the impossible, for all things are possible with You Lord. Thank You Lord for each one here who have stood in the gap, who have sought Your face, who have cried out from their hearts from the depths to see You move and have Your Being in them who have humbled themselves and want your will Lord above all in their lives and in others.

Have Your Way. It’s all about You, Jesus. We need You Jesus. Take us deeper Lord, no more fluff Lord. Time is too short. Things are in desperate times, we are in desperate times Lord, but Lord, our hope and faith is in You. Yes, and we look to a future of hope where You write the story, the ending of our stories. We Praise You, Thank You Lord, Thankfulness for all that You are doing. Gratefulness to the One who has gone before us and has prepared the way, In Jesus’ Name.

Word for 2011


Revelation 2:7 He who is able to hear, let him listen to and give heed to what the Spirit says to the assemblies (churches). To him who overcomes (is victorious), I will grant to eat [of the fruit] of the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God.

Revelation 2:26 And he who overcomes (is victorious) and who obeys My commands to the [very] end [doing the works that please Me], I will give him authority and power over the nations;

Revelation 2:11 He who is able to hear, let him listen to and heed what the Spirit says to the assemblies (churches). He who overcomes (is victorious) shall in no way be injured by the second death.

Revelation 3:12 He who overcomes (is victorious), I will make him a pillar in the sanctuary of My God; he shall never be put out of it or go out of it, and I will write on him the name of My God and the name of the city of My God, the new Jerusalem, which descends from My God out of heaven, and My own new name.

Revelation 3:21 He who overcomes (is victorious), I will grant him to sit beside Me on My throne, as I Myself overcame (was victorious) and sat down beside My Father on His throne.

I had this revelation. Everybody keeps telling me I am an overcomer….So, what I heard in my spirit…. Yes, in my spirit… it finally
got there. This will be the year of the over comer. Not just for me, but for each of you also. As I thought about it some more, I decided to seek out this word in God’s Word. I know there are a lot more scriptures than just these that I have listed, but when I saw these, in the Amplified version, I knew they were the ones I needed to share.

We are ALL victorious through Christ Jesus. We are ALL overcomers, no matter what we’ve been through in our lives. We are still standing to prove to everyone else, as well as ourselves, that we CAN and DO overcome all of our trials and adversities with the Lord to hold us up through ALL of it…


This is the year of the overcomer!!! YES!!! It is the year that you will overcome things that have held you back a lifetime, and yet you will soar to the skies this coming year, surpassing all of the fears, the issues, the concerns that you once had.

This is the year when I will put my overcomers out there to minister to the lost, and because of their testimony of overcoming, they will have much to say to those who want to give up on life.

This is the year when I will vindicate you. I will repay what the enemy has stolen. This is the year when I will show you what you
were created to be.

You will gain momentum and you will climb up the mountain just as you once climbed up over adversity, you are now climbing in your anointing, by the faith that you have in your heart.

I the Lord God have done a great and mighty thing concerning my servants in days to come. Don’t think that it is impossible because I control these matters. I say that I have done it because in heavenly places it is already done.

You are healed and set free to do great exploits in My Name.  And in the days to come men’s hearts will fail them for fear but your heart will remain steadfast and loyal to Me because you have overcome even the things that others said you could not or would not overcome.

And it is in these matters that you will become a light to the Nations, shinning brightly for all to see, and when they seek for Me
they will find the nearest light is you, and you will lead them to Myself.

It is in great things that you will know the greatness of my blessing, for my goodness will move you on where you can see that I have been faithful to you and you will move into that higher anointing, so that the people will be brought into a new day.



I wanted to send some confirmation to Bridget’s word as to being overcomers. As we were worshipping, I kept seeing a tight
band in front of a large group of people. This band was about chest high and they were pushing hard against the band, and there was no release. Someone flipped over the band and turned and had a funny look on their face, and then the others followed. And as each one flipped over the band, the band became lower and lower until those who were coming up were stepping over the band.

I believe the reason why the Lord had me to wait about this was because He wanted the Word to go forth about being overcomers for it is through His Word that we are set free. So thank You dear Jesus for freedom, for allowing us to be overcomers and leading the way, the bridge from one place to another, for persistence pays off. Being determined is what makes an overcomer.


And right now I speak freedom to us all from these limitations that the enemy and others have put on us and around us and to loose the bounds, and release freedom to the captives, for He is our Way maker, and we thank You Lord for preparing the way and always finding a way out, for You made the way for us.


I have heard the Lord say that HE is NOT finished with any of us yet. There is much to do. I AM putting a healing virtue upon My people and with one touch, one touch with the anointing oils, one touch of the Master, and healing will run rampant through out your bodies. Reach for it, take it. receive it, for some will not willingly receive, but for those who do, HEALING from top to bottom, inside and out.

I am causing my power to overcome any animosity, because My strength and wisdom and power and LOVE will flow as you start moving forward. As you start to move, My boldness will be spilled out over you, over your families, over your co-workers, over
your businesses, over YOU My people.

I AM exciting ears to hear. I AM tickling your ears to hear ME, to hear MY Word, to HEAR what I have to say so that YOU will move upon the waters, and walk on the waters in many areas of your life. get ready for a move of power on YOUR lives. I AM using your hands to move mountains for the Lord and with ME, says the Lord. you see My people will move with My boldness,the kind of boldness that changes LIVES, yours and those around you.

Get ready for some INSTANT things to take place because I AM ordering it. Some things won’t be instant, but there are certain things that will be INSTANT. Get ready. I AM pouring My LOVE upon this Nation and all the Nations around the world. Time is short, and the time is now to share, to pour out, to do those things that I have called you to do. Stand on the Wall and hear My voice. Walk on the water to bring healing to the Nations. Be patient and know that I have everything in My hands and I will get them done. So Stand, get ready and MOVE. My people, there has not been a time like NOW. I will show you exactly what to do; how to do it; when to do it; where to do it.

I AM your …MORE THAN ENOUGH. I AM your strength. I AM YOUR peace when there seems to be no peace. So rise up, stand, call on My Name. Get ready, get ready, get ready. My peace and My Love goes before you, My resting place is always in Me and soon the wind will blow, and I will be in that wind blowing. I will blowwwwwwwwwwww and the drive to move will be the result of that blow.


The winds are blowing, and He has spoken to me and said “the winds of change they are a blowin”. I saw this weather vane and it was at one point, pointing into one direction, then it began to whirl around and around.

God gave me a word 4 yrs ago and I thought it was a word for then – but now I see it is for now. He told me Sift, shift and
change, and to do a word study on this and I did. Sift is like the wheat, that is being sifted from the chaff, Jesus Told Peter that He was going to allow Satan to sift Him like wheat…I believe we are in that time of sifting, a time of shaking….

Hebrews 12 it says that all that can be shaken will be shaken……Gods people and the church itself is being shaken. There
is a great transitioning that is going on….. We as God’s people need to stand as someone said, I think that was Fran. we need to stand and to stand strong – stand for what we know is right. stand strong when the world calls wrong right.

The winds my friends are blowing and they are growing to a cat 5 hurricane. the harvest is ripe, laborers are few. we need to be busy bringing in the harvest….people are turning to powers of darkness….. we need to turn them to the light…. How do we turn them to the light? ——BE THE LIGHT, for we are the light that drives out the darkness.

My heart is heavy, for our time is ticking away……. so my word to you from Father is to stand strong stand strong do not waver – bend but do not let the world break you… do not look to the world but look to me.

Mary Sue Davis

I believe 2011 is a transition year, a pivotal year leading up to 2012. The Lord impressed upon me some things that will be prominent in this upcoming year. This will be a year of contrasts, still overcoming in some areas and victorious in others.

He impressed me about the 11th hour laborer found in Matt. 20:6, 9 Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might; because the time is shorter than we think. Work the works of Him who has commissioned us while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work. Now is the time to rekindle the fire within us, be about the Father’s business with renewed passion, don’t be sluggish, thinking there is time.

Oh, and even though 11 is the number of disorder and incompleteness, I see contrast as I said. Many things will come into order this year and be completed, while other things that are in disorder and incomplete, will cease.


Well…..I was sharing with Sandy earlier. I told her I had not received this sweeping “WORD FROM GOD”….:-) I’ve just had a
quiet impression. As you know, I love numbers and as 2011 approached, I found myself looking PAST this year, over into 2012.

12 is the number of order, and apostolic church order, family order, etc. as I pondered all this, wondering why I wasn’t “getting” anything for 2011…. I realized that this year is going to be a transition step, a step of preparing for the order that God is bringing us.

I got some similar impressions as Mary Sue, so when you finished sharing her word, I saw that mine would fit in nicely after hers, tucked in…. as confirmation.

I am also sensing a rest…… maybe that’s just for me, that ALL that I do MUST be born out of rest…. or it will be born out of a “driven spirit”. and that will keep me busy and cause me to miss out on what God truly has assigned me to do.

REST “LOOKS” soooooooooooooo UNproductive, but the enemy wants us to believe that “busy-ness” is a sign of being spiritual and effective. so it goes against our grain to appear lazy and not getting anything accomplished. So I am giving myself permission this year to look lazy, unproductive, and wasting time. But I firmly believe that quiet stillness before the Lord will bear the most fruit in my life, and if He tells me to war, I’ll war. If He asks me to dance with Him, I’ll dance, but I have to be still, so I can hear His voice, and then move with Him.


I haven’t gotten a word so to speak, but have gotten an impression for this coming year. This is indeed a time that is beyond anything we have ever lived in so far. but it is also a time where many are coming into great healing, and in that healing will come to know more of who the Lord has made them to be and will be required to walk in it. it is grow up time, no more time to waste, and much reward for those that are diligent and sacrifice their plans for the Lord’s plans.


Sacrifice is good. I had a little word on sacrifice. Sacrifice for the good of all, but that sacrifice is of the Lord’s choosing, so it will be different for each one of us. Connie with her word, taking time and resting in the Lord, that takes sacrifice for there are other things that pull at us. We usually have a bad thinking on sacrifice, but Jesus saw it as joy set before Him.


I have been hearing overcomers for quite some time, and knowing that we are overcomers, because of the coming Kingdom of God. We overcome and run the race to get the prize to be with Jesus in leadership and helping others in the Kingdom that is coming. That is why we overcome, to get there. That is why the Lord has us in training. It is for what is coming, for the eternal Kingdom of God, when Jesus comes to reign and rule. He will need us tested and strong and ready. To the Jews first salvation, and then the Gentiles. We will serve with them. It is good to know, why you are being tested and trained, and why we should strive to overcome that which comes against us and the Kingdom structure of God.

With that said, I heard: Sorting and Shelling. 

I sense the Lord is getting ready to pull many of us out of our shells, out of that natural enclosure, our casing, like peas in pods, like corn in a cob.

We are going to be pulled out of the natural casing and walk into who and what we really are. The shelling is something many will not want, for they do not want the real you or me to be exposed because of how we see our selves, but what we see is only a smoke screen of who we really are, and what God sees in us.

There is no fear to be had here, for when we are brought forth we shall rejoice is seeing the real us and who we are in the Lord, and what we shall be doing.

No more seeking our purpose, for we shall know our purpose and just be it. No striving. We shall just, know that we know who we are. We have moved liken to a building, with an unfinished interior.  Now the interior will come forth, and the outside, the natural casing shall be shed.

In regard to the sorting, The Lord will do the sorting. Sorting means to join or associate with others of the same kind; to put into a certain place; or rank according to kind, class, nature; to put into ORDER, and to FREE from CONFUSION, TO CLARIFY.

The Lord is going to put us in our Place and Clarify who we are in the midst of the confusion. The enemy shall bring forth the smoke screen, the deception, but the Lord shall clear our eyes and open our ears to hear and to see that which He sees, and we shall move in the midst of others who shall freeze.

We shall move forth, Forward, Onward with the Lord. There is much coming, but today, have no fear. You are moving forward and who you are is coming forth, by the Hand of the Lord.

You are special. You have been chosen. You have been called and you have your place. Do not worry, fret, strive, just move
forward and watch for the time, for you will see the Lord and know the time by the signs.

You are being birthed from the natural to the spirit, back to who you really are, and you have your place. You are a special sort.
In the Name of Yahshua/We are breaking from the old to the new and eternal. Hallelujah. A sorting and shelling by the
Hand of the Lord.


Two phrases really spoke to me…ones that were said just recently..The term “don’t be sluggish,” and grow up time.”
It’s about time that I DON”T be sluggish..that I HAVE to grow up and really learn what and, It’s about being tired of NOT doing and NOT learning. GOD HELP ME PLEASE!! Like what Bonnie just said..pull many of us (like ME) out of our shells.


May I say something to Merva? I really feel in my heart that you are to sit at Jesus feet and rest in Him. The doing will come as you rest and lean on Him, learn from Him, abiding.

I did hear Lord other day saying this year is a year of blessings and favor, and also seen few others had got same from Lord, so I am standing on His promises.


The enemy wants you to feel like your being lazy and sluggish…..but the Lord says to come and just rest in Him.


God moves mountains for His people, and does exploits through them. He is not weak, and we are not weak because of Him.
when we are weak He is strong. so no matter what things look like, the Lord can turn things in a moment in an entirely new direction


Amen Sandi, that is the rest. Knowing who He is, and how he thinks, and how he moves, and flowing with him. We can do nothing without him, and I am at the place in my life, that I love to see him move. It is great that he uses me and does, but I would much rather see Him move.

I remember a time at a church service a person needed healing on a stretcher and the man didn’t lay a hand on him, just asked us all to pray, and we watch God heal him right in front of our eyes. It was awesome, much like Kathy coming out of her wheelchair during praise and worship and God healed her.

He does use us, maybe not in the way we think sometimes. It could be you are in prayer, or you are dancing, or you are praising and the Lord just walks among us and touches us. It could be a word of the Lord. I remember a song that would put me on my knees crying. We never know how the Lord will use us. So just as we prayed, we would not be limited, let us not limit God and allow Him to move and have His being IN US.


I was hearing this song. Don’t give up on me baby… so if that’s from God to his body, I feel he is saying to his bride, his warriors his children to not give up on what he has called you forth to be and do.

Don’t give up on your calling or faith to go forth and to stand in Him. He has not given up, nor shall you who are in Him. He will make away where there has been closed doors. He shall open them. Where there has been sickness, He will heal. Where there has been depression and oppression, He will give you hope, for the plans He has for you are for good and not evil.

Where you have been bound, He will set you free, even your finances shall change for the good of His Kingdom. He shall Release an abundance upon you, for you will go forth to the highways to the byways. Healing shall take place, prayers shall be heard in the streets, but do not give up on me Baby, for I do Love you and all I have spoken and promised you will come to pass.


I just wanted to say that for the last 12 years of being a part of Firestorm, through all the memories, conferences, meeting
almost everybody in here face to face, I have enjoyed being a part of your lives. I love y’all, from the way teeny tiny bottom of my heart and if I could hug you in person right now, I would, BELIEVE ME.


Hugs, love you too. Rise and be healed in the name of Jesus. He will cleanse you and make you whole, only believe nothing is impossible. Fly like an eagle, soar on His wings. Be lifted up.

The Lord has a plan and a purpose for us and hope, be encouraged. Lift up your eyes whence comes your help, look on
Jesus My lovely King, handsome to behold… what a wonder. Feel His embrace, His love and warmth. absorb, soak in Him.


He is so awesome! Great words of encouragement tonight.  I pray you all have been strengthened, and I can’t wait to see all that
God does in this new year in your lives. I am excited for you!

Closing: Bonnie

Receiving, and sharing, and giving. OK Everyone. Let me seal these words into your spirits, and speak the favor of the Lord over you to saturate you and keep you through thick and thin, through all things.

I speak a healing. I speak a rising up. I speak a courage. I speak a new strength, new eyes. I speak JOY, unspeakable JOY to all of You and I bless You, Your families, and I bless Firestorm and Deb, and I thank the Lord that I have met you and been able to fellowship with You and hear the word of the Lord come from You into my life.

You are special, and tonight I thank Our Father who Art in Heaven for being with us, guarding us and speaking to us. Be
filled and refilled and refilled every day. Be excited and look for the Lord in all things, for He is our ALL in ALL, in the Mighty Name of Yahshua, a good, good Night. Love you all.

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