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FS WORD OF POWER – You Are Family! – 05/20/20

FS Word of Power

Eva Windahl

May 20, 2020

YOU Are Family!

All families are not alike. There are three different ways one can enter a family: we can be born into a family in which case it is LIFE that secures the relationship. Secondly, we can be adopted into a family in which case it is LAW that secures the child and provides the same rights as the other children have. Or thirdly, we can marry into a family, in which case it is LOVE that secures the covenant between husband and wife.

In our family we are blessed with three children: two biological sons and one daughter, adopted from China. We love all our children the same, each one is unique and a true miracle and gift from God. We also have another daughter, placed in our care by social services. She is the youngest and enjoys the same rights, benefits and love as all of our children.

In 1 John 3:1 we read that we are called children of GOD! What a privilege! The Holy Spirit puts us in the family of God by BIRTH when we are born again. The Father is the one who adopts us and the Son, Yeshua, is the one who lay down his life for us, his bride, and through his indescribable act of LOVE he puts us in God´s family through marriage. The first thing we´ll do entering heaven is attending a wedding feast. OUR wedding! WE are the bride and Yeshua will welcome each one of us personally.

If that is not enough- all the Angels will be cheering on as we proceed towards the throne while God, our father, is welcoming us home!

This reminds me of the story of the prodigal son – the one who left his family, his father and brother and spend all his inheritance in the world- until one day- he remembered how blessed and privileged he was being part of his family. Still on his way back to his father´s house – he suddenly sees his own father running towards him with open arms welcoming him back. He is home! Once again. Forever.

Reading 1 John 3: 1, I can hardly fathom why God would allow me to be part of his own family. I haven´t done anything to earn it. On the contrary- there was a time in my life – I wanted nothing to do with him. Mostly because I didn´t know who he really was. Until one day- the day he opened my eyes completely and I began to run- to run into his arms and I heard him say: WELCOME HOME, my child! And now I understand what family is all about. It is being LOVED unconditionally.

Today, let me encourage you: You are not alone! God wants you to be part of his family! You are welcome back- no matter has happened! You are LOVED!  


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