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FS Word of Power – 02/03/21

By February 3, 2021Uncategorized

FS Word of Power

Eva Windahl

Feb 3, 2021


”Be of good COURAGE”



Today allow me to share a word from the minor prophet Haggai chapter 2,

highlighting the word COURAGE.

Sometimes it is really hard to be of good courage, that is maintaining faith

and to be of good spirit in times of great distress. It is then when we need to

hear the OPPOSITE of what we are feeling! And today I hear the Spirit encouraging

us to take courage and to continue the good work of the kingdom- because



In Haggai chapter 2 we find SEVEN reasons to be of good courage- because of:

  1. HIS unfailing presence (verse 4)
  2. HIS unchanging promises (verse 5)
  3. HIS unique plan for us and his creation (verse 6)
  4. HIS unlimited power (verses 6-7)
  5. HIS unending provision (verse 8)
  6. HIS universal peace- our shalom (verse 9)
  7. HIS ultimate glory (verses 7-9)


When we remember WHO our Father is, WHO Jesus is, WHO our Helper is- the

Holy Spirit, it is easier to be of good courage in times like these. Today be sure to

remember WHO you believe in, WHO you are in Him (your identity in Christ) and

WHO is with you: your Heavenly Father- the creator of the entire Universe! YES- He is

that big- unimaginable big! Therefore: be of good courage! You can do it!


/ Bless

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