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Firestorm has been blessed with many gifted people and authors.  It is our desire to provide information on how you can purchase these incredible books and other items.

 Books by  Jim Mellard


The Baptism In The Holy Spirit – Ever wonder why there is so much confusion in the Body of Christ about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit? One word “Satan”. This is a pamphlet of how to receive/lead someone into this wonderful beginning of a new world!

What Kind Of Love Is This?

What kind of love

“What Kind Of Love Is This?” – What is your relationship with the Holy Spirit? Does the Holy Spirit have emotions? Is the Holy Spirit God? These are some of the questions we explore in this pamphlet. Click here to obtain Jim’s Books!

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 Books By Bonnie Nelson
It’s Not Luck; It’s God – In this book Bonnie Nelson takes you on a very honest and revealing journey as she came to know the Lord, faced tragedies in her life and began her search to learn the truth of God’s Word.  She will have you laughing one minute and crying the next, but it is a book that you don’t want to miss.    Price – $30.00 which includes a free CD – “It’s A God Thing.


It’s A God Thing – If you have been to the Firestorm Monday Night Forum and heard Bonnie worship you will want this CD which includes the title song “It’s A God Thing” and other favorites such as “What Kind of Love Is This”, “I Will Trust In Him”, “I Want To Feel That Holy Ghost Power”, “Just, Just, Just Jesus”, and more.  This CD can be obtained as a free gift when you purchase the book, “It’s Not Luck; It’s God.”  


Harry Potter

I’M NOT WILD ABOUT HARRY OR MUHAMMAD BUT I LOVE GOD’S SALT – Excerpt from the book – We are being destroyed and broken down, from the inside out. Political correctness? Beans! The enemy is coming back and the elect are being deceived in front of our faces. I say you are called to be vigilant an into active service for such a time as this. You are held accountable to understand and to “know what is happening. Islam says that Jesus is not the Son of God and that the Angel Gabriel is the Holy Spirit. Harry Potter claims to be a children’s book, harmless and yet, bringing forth doctrines of demons from hell into our homes. I have been studying both of these doctrines and the truth is easy to see, if you take time to look. I hope to give you some information, so that you can go and look for yourself and be “armed and dangerous,” “wise as serpents but meek as doves.” Onward.  Price – $10.00

Cremation Resolved

THE CREATION ISSUE REVEALED – Have you ever thought about cremation?  Wondered what God’s Word reveals about cremation?  Wondered where it began?  Bonnie answers all of these questions and more in this book.   It is time that Christ-followers know the truth! Price – $15.00

Women In The Church


The *Women* In The Church – There has been much discussion about the role of women in the church or even if they have a role.  In this book, Bonnie reveals the truth of God’s Word and exposes the traditions of man.  As a woman it will bring freedom to your life and as a man it will cause you to look at women differently.  Price – $20.00


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Chronicles of a Believer
Don McCain

Chronicles of a Believer


When Jesus wanted to impart a particularly important spiritual truth, He rarely just came right out and said it. Instead He told stories, although we usually refer to them as parables. Jesus- follower Don McCain always figured if it was good enough for Jesus, it was good enough for him. After more than four decades in the Gospel ministry, he has gained a reputation as a story teller, and is often referred to as ‘The Story Man.’

 In Chronicles of a Believer Don tells his story. It’s a story about love and loss, powerful enemies and more powerful allies, simple faith that moves mountains and simple faith that accepts when mountains won’t move. And it is a true story – a story about the full life that is available to everyone who believes. For as Don so often proclaims, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!”

 Don McCain is a believer. He has served God’s church in all of the five-fold ministries as apostle, evangelist, pastor, teacher and prophet. He lives in Smyrna, Tennessee with his wife Patti and their son Benjamin.

Click here to purchase Don’s Book, “Chronicles of a Believer from Amazon.”

 About Don McCain

Don McCain is simply a believer who has served as a messenger of the Lord to many countries for 40 years in such capacities as Youth Pastor, Senior Pastor. He has operated in all five-fold ministry gifts as the Lord required. As an apostle he helped start churches. As a prophet he provided spiritual direction to some groups. As pastor he cared for congregations and as a teacher he has led small business groups and conferences.

Today Don serves as Vice President to a growing company as the head of sales for eleven southeastern states. In this capacity he proves that the truths shared from the pulpit all these years work for all believers and not just those behind the pulpit. He leads others in understanding these truths and becoming successful because of them.
Don’s wife labeled him, ‘The Bridge Man,’ a person used of the Lord to help others in life transitions – here a word, there a word, line upon line and precept upon precept in the making of Disciples. He is the founder of Hearts For Souls Ministry and Director of “My God is God” campaign, now known as “There is Hope”, the use of Testimony of God’s deliverance from death to life door to door CD hand out.


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Books By John Sherrer


“Deception and Preparation” – In the midst of war and political unrest, World Government representative Barry Barnes promises local church members peace, prosperity, and security if they will attach an electronic device to their hand or forehead. As the situation intensifies, some question the motives of this supposed savior, including Christians who refuse to accept the device and form a community based on following the one true God and helping each other survive.

How will the Antichrist come to power? Will believers be deceived? And how close are we to seeing similar events unfold?

Inspired by a prophecy given to author John Sherrer by God, The  Deception and Preparation will encourage you to pursue a genuine relationship with Christ. This thrilling novel will inspire you to prepare for the last days so that when the time comes, you will not be deceived.  John’s book is available at http://americastribulation.com.

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 Books by Sandy Culbertson

Seeing God


Seeing Your Life Through GOD GLASSES”  – Sandy is a Registered Nurse and Ordained Minister for Firestorm Ministries. She writes a weekly email devotional for Firestorm, which has birthed this book. She has taught numerous Bible studies and serves in Simple Church, her home church. She is a worshiper and singer and has sung in several choirs, including the Christ Church Choir in Nashville. Sandy reaches out to take care of the sick, starting with the needs of her husband Bruce, who is on kidney dialysis. Sandy performs hemodialysis treatments in their home. She has served at the Vanderbilt Cancer Clinic as a home infusion nurse and source of encouragement and ministry to her patients. She is the mother of two grown daughters and grandmother to four grandchildren. Sandy loves nature and sees God in the birds and plants as she walks with Him in her garden!  You can purchase “Seeing Your Life through GOD GLASSES” at Amazon.

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Books By Terry Ricklefs

A Little Child

A Little Child Shall Lead Them – This is a novella about the end time Church, geared for reading by both adults and teens. Hard times are coming, and it is now time for both adults and teens to stock up and store up, but too many are too sick, both physically and spiritually to notice that. Time to Fly and Time to Wake up and understand the signs of the times!! Terror attacks may soon be upon us. Want to move in the supernatural and heal the sick? Read this book . Click here to purchase Terry’s Book!

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