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By December 8, 2019Current Events, Prayer


Ezekiel 22:30 – I searched for a man among them who would build up the wall and STAND IN THE GAP

before Me for the land, so that I would not destroy it; but I found no one.


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  • Bonnie Nelson says:

    Oh Father Yahweh to You I give my praise and bow my knees. You are the Great Healer and the One who loves His people, His Family. I come today with a SHOUT, calling out Your Name Yahwehhhhhhh! How we need You to give us wisdom and open our eyes to see all the things happening in our Nation and World. Give us the insight to know what to say and what to do in these troubling times.

    I know You have given us the ability to stay in Your Peace, but I know we are also to proclaim, declare, prophesy and do all we can and then, stand in the midst of our battles. Are we there Father? Is this where we stand and persevere? I guess I am not there yet.

    So, I cry out for Your Hand to remain on this Nation and her people. I cry out for the lost and for those who say they are saved. You didn’t say if everyone would bow their knees to You, then You would hear and heal our land, You said, “If My People” would humble themselves and pray You would heal our Land.

    And I hear and see many Father who are choosing to come forth and bow humbly before you in great number, trusting and believing You are with us and will give us the strength to defeat those who have risen up against us and You.

    You and Your Name Father Yahweh are Holy and Greatly to be Praised, even in this moment, I sense and feel Your Touch, encouraging us in our time of need. I stand on my faith in You Father that You have already given us the victory through Your Son Yahshua and whatever happens this coming election, You will still be The LORD and MASTER over me, my house, the World and everything beyond.

    We the peoples, ALL the peoples of the Nations of World, whom You created from the red, black, brown, yellow and white dust are rising up and WE DECLARE, the victory in the fight over to who The United States of America and the World bows their knees, goes to You – YAHWEH!

    We are Your Ambassadors and Your Witnesses, who through this victory are to bring new life into the Kingdom, snatching many from the fires of death and hell. Oh Holy and Great One, I ask You to release Your Angels to come and put heavenly power behind our declarations and prayers to break and cancel any and all incantations, curses, spells, assignments, false prophecies, plots, rituals, agenda’s, deceptions and any other spiritual/human plans, including the spirit empowering Covid, which attempts to thwart Your Plans for us, in the Mighty Name of Yahshua, who made the way, where there was no way, to get us back into Your Family.

    Rise up sons and daughters of Yahweh, through Him and His Son, Death is defeated and our King Yahshua is ALIVE. Now I am ready to stand.

  • Cindy Cavender says:

    Glorious Father, we praise your holy name. We exalt you’re name Lord Jesus. There is none like you. No one comes to the father unless Holy Spirit draws them. Have your way Lord! Draw them. Woo them with your unconditional love all across the world. Shatter the lies with your glorious truth. May all call upon the name of the Lord and be saved. In Jesus name. Amen

  • Bonita Nelson says:

    Father God I watch as a new attempt to create fire, anger, hate and death is rising up in Kentucky. I ask Father for You to release Your Angels to be with those who are the Peacekeepers. Give them courage and wisdom and strength to save lives and bring order to Kentucky, in the Name of Yahshua. Bring understanding and vision to those who have scales on their eyes and do not see they are being used by evil people with agendas to take down and destroy not on our Nation, but our values, our beliefs and our freedoms. Bring in the leaders Father who stand for righteousness and will seek to communicate with each other to build up our Nation not to destroy. Release Your people Father to minister and bring revelation of who You are and how much You care for us, even in the midst of this turmoil and chaos. For You Father have snatched many away from the fires the enemy has set to destroy them forever. America is Yours Father and Your Name Yahweh is rooted deeply in our soil. You shall not be removed, You shall be lifted HIGH and GLORIFIED as our King of kings and LORD of Lords. In the Name You Gave us, The Way, The Light, The Truth, YAHSHUA, we thank You and call forth these things. HalleluYAH!!!

  • Bonita Nelson says:

    Father God, I lift up our United States of America and I cry out for Your Hand to Move Mightily upon our Nation. Father expose all the issues which are unacceptable in Your sight and help us to see and move to make things right in your eyes. I thank You for our Leaders, those who are righteous and standing
    up to help put our Nation back on track. I thank You for protection our President and his family. Keep good men and women around them and let them
    be united in their cause to bring this Nation up and out of the chaos the enemy of our souls has released. Hallelujah! Father enable us to walk in Kingdom
    Power and Insight, to see that which is wrong and move to bring things into order. Give us strength and wisdom to speak and do things which are needed
    to help those in trouble and on the wrong path. Raise up Your People Father from the dust and bring life to their bones, those who think they cannot make
    a difference, bring life, purpose and hope back. Hallelujah! Send Your Angels Father to war with us and guide us in the right direction. In the Name of Yahshua, thank You Father for blowing Your Breath of Victory and Peace over all who are in this United States of America and let our flag, our values and our Nation continue to be dedicated to You Oh Holy One Yahweh. \o/

  • Shirley Williams says:

    Thank you all for taking up the cross.

  • Cathy says:

    Father on this night which the occult has specified for evil, I come against the dark one who has divided our country. Father I bless President Trump and place a hedge of protection around him as he leads our country. Father give his wisdom and discernment to make the many decisions he makes each day. Give him stamina to fight daily those who try to rule the country with dark intentions. Father thank you for this man, bless him and his family as they face constant criticism and cruel spoken words.
    Father forgive our country. Forgive our pride, hate, and murderous spirits. Heal our land.
    In Yeshua,

  • Bonnie Nelson says:

    Father God, Oh how we need You to strengthen us and lead us into what we were created to do. You said in Luke 10, Behold, I give you the authority to tread upon serpents and scorpions, and upon all the power of the enemy, and nothing will injure you. So right now I claim that right and power to speak chaos into the camp of the enemies who are trying to bring the venom of the scorpions, the sting of violence and death and I command you to STOP and RETREAT, in the Mighty Name of Yahshua. I speak to the serpents who are trying to wind around people and tie them up and deceive them as they did Adam and Eve and I say NO, I command you to STOP and RETREAT, in the Mighty Name of Yahshua.

    I thank You Father You said in Hebrews 13:8 You are the same yesterday, today and forever, so I claim Isaiah 54:17 But in that coming day no weapon turned against you will succeed. You will silence every voice raised up to accuse you. These benefits are enjoyed by the servants of the LORD; their vindication will come from me. I, the LORD, have spoken! I believe this is the coming day, so I say NO. WEAPON formed against this Nation or it’s people’s shall prosper and every tongue which rises up against those righteous standards You have placed deep in the heart of this Nation and Your People shall prosper and they shall be silenced and brought into order, in the Mighty Name of Yahshua/Jesus. Hallelujah.

    I speak the turning of the tide, I speak the victory coming forth over all, which has sought to overthrow our government and put our people’s into bondage. I call forth the protection of our President of the United States ands those who stand with him. I call forth Your wisdom Father and divine opportunities to come forth
    to expose the plans of the enemy. Just as Elisha was exposing the plans of the King of Syria against Israel, I speak the exposing of the plans of this king of evil to
    be fully exposed and defeated – NOW.

    I speak healing and restoration and reconciliation to come and fill the hearts and minds of all people’s in our Nation and this World and I thank You Father for giving us this ministry of reconciliation where we will be wise as serpents and meek as doves and we begin to gather together and bring this new healing, which shall meld within each of us and be more contagious than any pandemic to be released upon this earth. Hallelujah.

    Father use our words and our hearts to help others. Protect those You have called to come forth and protect us and let them be righteous and fair in all their ways. We celebrate You Father and who You are. You are Yahweh and we come to You in the Name of Your Son Yahshua and we bow and say, Holy, Holy, Holy are You LORD GOD Most Hight. \o/ You are the God of the Impossible and the Impossible I speak forth upon this earth and beyond where none of us has yet gone.

  • Becca Card says:

    Father thank You! HalleluYAH! Today I just want to thank You! Thank You for giving President Trump the wisdom and the strength to declare today that NOW is the time to open the churches! Now is the time for Your children to gather together and worship you! Receive Your words from the pastors and prophets! How my rejoices that This man You have chosen released the Spirit of Christ to flow freely in this nation!

  • Becca Card says:

    Father thank You for being with us! Father in the middle of this storm called Covid I ask that You move mightily. Give President Trump and others the wisdom to make good decisions. Father I ask that revival begin in America ! Move across this land and turn hearts to You! As we humble ourselves, turn from our evil ways and please heal our land! Let others see You in me as I stand for Your truth!

  • Bonnie Nelson says:

    Father I repent for the evil things we have let come into our Nation and I call upon Your Name, Yahweh, to move across this land and bring forth the cleansing and purifying we need to bring things back into order. I thank You for releasing Your Angels to move with us in power and wisdom to speak the things we need to speak and go to the places where we need to go. Continue to expose the hidden unrighteous things in our Nation and help us to raise up righteous leaders and honor and keep our Constitution. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for thou art the kingdom and the power and the glory over the United States of America FOREVER. In the Name of Yahshua, I come to You Father for You are My Healer, Deliverer and King. There is none like You. Have Your Way with us Father.

  • Becca Card says:

    Father forgive me for not coming here more often and let my petitions be known! Father there is so much going on in our nation! Open the eyes of our hearts! Let us humble ourselves and pray. May we turn away from our wicked ways and pray so that You will hear our prayers and heal our land! Father let revival begin in me!

  • Bonita Nelson says:

    Father forgive me for not being consistent here on this prayer wall to stand in the gap for our Nation. Even though we gather every Thursday Night in the Situation room to pray, we focus on those who come and their personal issues. I am thankful for Becca and Eva opening up a prayer room for the US and other Nations across the Globe. Father touch our peoples wherever they are bring wisdom and the understanding of how important each and every one of them are, especially during this time where the demonic rages all across the World. I speak Peace in the midst of this pandemic and all of the side issues it carries, such as fear, anger, disappointment, hopelessness. Into Your atmosphere I come against all these things and I speak Your Kingdom into the atmosphere and speak light and life into the Nations. Let the people’s feel Your Touch and See You move as they release the positive words You have given us. Let Your Words break off
    the assignment (NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU SHALL PROSPER) and remember You said, You know the plans You have for us and they are good and for our souls to prosper. Hallelujah! We come today Father to Worship You first above all things and then to seek You to help us in the war we are in against so many more things than just the Corona Virus. I speak morality, love, peace and a revelation of who You are to come forth. Stir up Your People Father and let us MOVE to bring healing to our Nations, in the Name You gave us, the door, the way – Yahshua HaMashiach. Glory and Honor, they are Yours Yahweh!!!!

  • Bonnie Nelson says:

    Father God I hear the report in the natural of all the things the Corona virus is saying, but I am not hearing the report about all the people who are Yours and have hit their knees, crying out to You for Your Intervention. So much is going on and so many dealing with frustration and the fear of what is to come. You know what is to come according to the world, but Father we are united in our prayers to You, our declarations and proclamations over this virus and the fear behind it are flowing upward to You. You always here us and You know what we need. We celebrate You Father and Your Great Power to heal, there is no one like You. Touch our Nation and bring forth the healing wind to burn up this disease and that which is fueling it. In the Name of Yahshua, Father bring LIFE. Let the people hear of the testimonies of healing which shall be coming forth in the midst of this storm and bring forth a united America where we turn to help each other and give thanks to You. Restore our freedoms to gather together to pray and worship You. Give us technology and ingenuity to do new things to bring about better living conditions and a stronger Nation. Thank You for all those who are moving to do things to help others with their machinery and businesses, bless them Father as they bless us. Keep our President Trump and all his cabinet safe and give all our leaders wisdom in their decisions, but also creativity in how to handle so many people. Above all things Father, know how much we honor and love You. In the Name of Yahshua, we bless You and Praise You and Appreciate You.

  • Bonnie Nelson says:

    Father I thank You for Your Hand upon our Nation here in America and around the world. I raise my hands to the heavenlies and I say STOP to this Corona Virus, in the Name of Yahshua. I rebuke it from our Nation and break off any assignments or curses which are involved with this virus. No weapon formed against us shall prosper and I come against the spirit of fear which is trying to manifest and invade our world. Father fill us and empower us to rise up in the midst of this
    storm and thought it seems a dark time is upon us, let Your light in us shine brighter and brighter, everywhere we go let us change and charge the atmosphere with healing and light in Your Name.

    I speak to the Church and say Rise up Church, this is a time for You to take your place on the wall. Release the prayers and the power of Yahshua will invade our atmosphere and bring healing and deliverance to our Nation. The Father is watching us and what we are doing in the midst of this event. Think on this:

    To focus on a person in the New Testament with symptoms like the coronavirus, look to Mark 1. After Jesus taught in the Capernaum synagogue and healed a demoniac, “immediately he left the synagogue and entered the house of Simon and Andrew, with James and John” (v. 29).

    But there was a problem: “Now Simon’s mother-in-law lay ill with a fever, and immediately they told him about her” (v. 30). Luke the physician tells us that it was a “high” fever, distinguishing it from the milder kind that was more treatable in their day (Luke 4:38).

    Jesus’ response was so typical of him: “He came and took her by the hand and lifted her up” (Mark 1:31a). The Greek says that he “stood over her” and took her hand, helping her out of the bed. As a result, “the fever left her, and she began to serve them” (v. 31b).

    Hallelujah!!!! Father let us be wise as serpents and meek as doves as we continue to meet with each other in our churches to pray for healing and understanding of our place in this event spreading across the globe, but especially here in the US. Everywhere we go Father people are becoming afraid to come together, to meet with each other. I see the hand of the enemy of our souls dividing us from each other, causing us to lose our faith in You Yahweh. You are our source and we are told to gather together to pray and worship you. Satan comes to separate the one from the flock, to rob, steal and destroy, but You Father, You came and you. commanded disease to leave and demons to leave but You told us to come together and have. Faith in You. So be it Father, So be it…..In the Name of. Yahshua, be with us Father and guide us, as we need to hear You more than ever before. \o/ May you be glorified through our words and deeds during this attack upon, not just America, but the world. We are world changers Father, because of You. Hallelujah!!!!

  • Bonita Nelson says:

    Father I thank You for people like Lance Wallnau who bring forth information about what is happening regarding our Nation and the Kingdom. Give us the ability to hear and understand and then hit the wall to pray and intercede for our Nation and our President. In the midst of the storm Father You Spoke the words “Peace Be Still” and the winds became calm. I speak “Peace Be Still” over our Nation, our Leaders and our President.

    Peace be still to hear the wisdom of Yahweh God moving upon the waters and and upon hearts and souls in this Nation. I come against the forces who are rising up and releasing curses, assignments and words of death over our Nation and our World. I break off the agendas of men and women who have only self gain in their minds and not the betterment of our government or healing and freedom of our peoples, in the Name of Yahshua.

    I release Shalom Peace and Forgiveness to saturate all who have a heart for You Father and I ask for Your Breathe to blow through those whose hearts have been hardened and bring ease. Let not the powers of evil continue to bring hate and anger, but let Your Breathe release love and kindness in their place. Hallelujah! Heal our President of any physical ailments and heal his soul as well where arrows have hit his heart, I speak the Balm of Gilead to flow and bring healing. Empower Your Spirit in him and his cabinet and bring wisdom and divine tactics and programs to help people and bring this Nation to be the best it can be with Your Name Held High on a Banner for all to see. Glory and Honor to You Father. I speak a re-enforcement to breaches in the walls of protection You have placed around the United States and a new army of prophetic intercessors to rise up and take the place of those who are tired and have grown weary of the battle. In the Name of Yahshua, I Praise and Give You Worship, for You are Worthy to be Worshiped and to be Praised in all You Do – I Worship You!!!

  • Becca Card says:

    President Trump works so hard to make us a nation that Loves You and Loves Each other. He has a passion to make America great again and I am so thankful! I ask that all hidden things will be made known and secret things be revealed on both sides of the aisle. I ask Father that you raise up men and women who love you first and then love our country. Men and women who don’t have their own agendas. Father I declare today that AMERICA WILL BE GREAT AGAIN because it will be a nation WHO LOVES YOU FIRST! Let there be an awakening in our land that launches revival in us and reformation in our land!

  • Becca Card says:

    Father today I come asking you to be with President Trump and his family! They have gone through so much during this time as President Trump works so hard to make us a nation that Loves You and Loves Each other. He has a passion to make America great again and I am so thankful! I ask that all hidden things will be made known and secret things be revealed on both sides of the aisle. I ask Father that you raise up men and women who love you first and then love our country. Men and women who don’t have their own agendas. Father I declare today that AMERICA WILL BE GREAT AGAIN because it will be a nation WHO LOVES YOU FIRST! Let there be an awakening in our land that launches revival in us and reformation in our land!

  • Bonnie Nelson says:

    Father God, Awake our Nation to see the plans and plots of our enemies to remove our freedoms of speech, religion and the right to bear arms, In the Name of Yahshua, I pray. I declare this enemy who comes to rob, steal and destroy, his plans shall be thwarted by Your Hand Father and by the Prophetic Words released by Your People in this Nation. No doubt there is a call upon America to be a righteous Nation and to help others to live and be free and prosper, but the enemy has created a scheme and he seeks to deceive and silence the Body of Christ. I proclaim it shall not be, for the Prophets are rising, and the ground is shaking under their feet as they are hearing Your Voice revealing these plans. Hallelujah, it is liken to Elisha when You told Him all the plans of the enemy. Thank You Father for being with us, leading us and protecting and guiding and giving us the supernatural abilities to defeat our enemies. Let not the enemy have his way Father. We stand for You, Yahweh, You are the One True Righteous God of All Power and Might. None can compare to You. Speak to Your Prophets Father and raise them up on the wall to sound the alarm. Glory and Honor to You Father \o/ Holy and Righteous, Merciful and Kind, Omniscient, OmniPresent and Omnipotent. In You we put our Trust and our Hope. Give us Wisdom and Courage to Fight in Your Name. Hallelujah Our weapons are not carnal but mighty to pull down the strongholds and plans of our enemies. So be it!!!

  • Becca Card says:

    Father we love you so much! We are yours alone! Father we need you in America! We ask that You place a hedge of protection around President Trump, Vice-President Pence and their families! We declare that no harm will come near them! Father open our eyes as a nation and reveal Your truth. Let every secret thing be made known and every hidden thing be revealed. We stand humbly before You and ask that You heal our land. We also ask that Your remnant will rise up and speak Your truth in all things! Father oh how we need you in America! Yahweh we ask that You heal our land!

  • Bonnie Nelson says:

    Father Yahweh, oh how we need You to move upon our people here in America. Touch hearts and minds Father and bring truth to light. Protect our
    President and the Office of the President. Thank You Father. Father I ask You to release Your Angels to go to and fro to all the places where they are needed
    to bring wisdom, protection and understanding. Gird us up to stand for righteousness and for the rule of law in our Nation as written in our Constitution.
    I declare: NO weapon formed against this Nation or our Leaders shall prosper. Father You said, You know the plans You have for us and they are for good and our soul to prosper, so I release Your Words over all the people in America and I bless them. I bless them with peace and joy and love and understanding and mercy and civility and compassion for each other. I thank You Father for Your Church, the Body of Christ standing up strong in the midst of all the storms raging against
    our laws and morals in the USA. Bring common sense back into our lives and protect our children above all. In the Name of Yahshua, Father I thank You for watching over us and keeping Your Hand upon us in ALL the things we do. I thank You for America being able to help other Nations and be a light in this darkening world. Let us let our light shine and help bring souls into the Kingdom, for we know You said, You wished that none would perish…So Be It Father, So be it!!!!

  • Lee Dennis says:

    Father God, In the name of Jesus, We pray that your will be done in this world as it it is in heaven! May you send your army of angels to protect all of your children!
    May you especially protect the innocent children,both born and unborn! Protect the men and women in government who are not ashamed of you and bring judgment on those who seek to destroy this nation! Pour your spirit out on this nation, In Jesus Name!

  • Bonnie Nelson says:

    Father God I thank You for watching over our Nation and the people’s of this world. I thank You for touching the souls in America and raising up righteous leaders and a remnant of people who have You in their heart. Bring wisdom and kindness into our land and let the spirit of forgiveness and civility flow like rapids in the river going into every nook and cranny of our Nation. Let us be the light of the world spreading all over the world as we move to help those in need and raise up a generation who acknowledge You for who You Are and treasure Your Name on their lips. Watch over our Constitution where You touched the hearts and minds of our founding fathers and let the laws of our land hold true. Give us courage and new strength Father to stand for what is righteous and to continue to worship You in the midst of the oncoming assault upon our religious freedoms. Give President Trump wisdom and protect him and his family along with those in Mike Pence’s family, Wm Barr’s and all those who are battling on the front lines for our freedom and our Nations future. In the Name of Yahshua, Father I speak a wall of protection to rise up against any curses and assignments which have been released over this nation and our people’s. Let no witchcraft come through those walls to manipulate or keep us from worshipping and following Your Words. There is no other god who is liken to You Father. None have Your Power or Love for the people of this land. Direct our path Father and show us wisdom for our every word and deed in this new season. I thank You Father Yahweh for Your Mercy and Your Protection over Your Church and I speak the Name of Yahshua/Jesus with Thanksgiving and Appreciation for You have done, are doing and will be doing through His Name. Hallelujah!! You Reign Father – You Reign \o/

  • Becca Card says:

    Father our country is in trouble which you know all too well! Today, I ask that you open the eyes of the people to see the truth in ALL Things! Let EVERY HIDDEN thing be revealed and ALL SECRET things will be made known. As we humble ourselves and pray let revival begin with me and spread across our land. Reveal Yourself to us. May we stand strong and speak the truth of Your Word to all who cross our lives! Heal our land from north to south and east to west. We love you and declare a halleluYAH in the middle of the storm! All Glory is yours Yahweh and Yours alone!

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