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By December 8, 2019Current Events, Prayer


Ezekiel 22:30 – I searched for a man among them who would build up the wall and STAND IN THE GAP

before Me for the land, so that I would not destroy it; but I found no one.


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  • Bonnie Nelson says:

    Father God, Awake our Nation to see the plans and plots of our enemies to remove our freedoms of speech, religion and the right to bear arms, In the Name of Yahshua, I pray. I declare this enemy who comes to rob, steal and destroy, his plans shall be thwarted by Your Hand Father and by the Prophetic Words released by Your People in this Nation. No doubt there is a call upon America to be a righteous Nation and to help others to live and be free and prosper, but the enemy has created a scheme and he seeks to deceive and silence the Body of Christ. I proclaim it shall not be, for the Prophets are rising, and the ground is shaking under their feet as they are hearing Your Voice revealing these plans. Hallelujah, it is liken to Elisha when You told Him all the plans of the enemy. Thank You Father for being with us, leading us and protecting and guiding and giving us the supernatural abilities to defeat our enemies. Let not the enemy have his way Father. We stand for You, Yahweh, You are the One True Righteous God of All Power and Might. None can compare to You. Speak to Your Prophets Father and raise them up on the wall to sound the alarm. Glory and Honor to You Father \o/ Holy and Righteous, Merciful and Kind, Omniscient, OmniPresent and Omnipotent. In You we put our Trust and our Hope. Give us Wisdom and Courage to Fight in Your Name. Hallelujah Our weapons are not carnal but mighty to pull down the strongholds and plans of our enemies. So be it!!!

  • Becca Card says:

    Father we love you so much! We are yours alone! Father we need you in America! We ask that You place a hedge of protection around President Trump, Vice-President Pence and their families! We declare that no harm will come near them! Father open our eyes as a nation and reveal Your truth. Let every secret thing be made known and every hidden thing be revealed. We stand humbly before You and ask that You heal our land. We also ask that Your remnant will rise up and speak Your truth in all things! Father oh how we need you in America! Yahweh we ask that You heal our land!

  • Bonnie Nelson says:

    Father Yahweh, oh how we need You to move upon our people here in America. Touch hearts and minds Father and bring truth to light. Protect our
    President and the Office of the President. Thank You Father. Father I ask You to release Your Angels to go to and fro to all the places where they are needed
    to bring wisdom, protection and understanding. Gird us up to stand for righteousness and for the rule of law in our Nation as written in our Constitution.
    I declare: NO weapon formed against this Nation or our Leaders shall prosper. Father You said, You know the plans You have for us and they are for good and our soul to prosper, so I release Your Words over all the people in America and I bless them. I bless them with peace and joy and love and understanding and mercy and civility and compassion for each other. I thank You Father for Your Church, the Body of Christ standing up strong in the midst of all the storms raging against
    our laws and morals in the USA. Bring common sense back into our lives and protect our children above all. In the Name of Yahshua, Father I thank You for watching over us and keeping Your Hand upon us in ALL the things we do. I thank You for America being able to help other Nations and be a light in this darkening world. Let us let our light shine and help bring souls into the Kingdom, for we know You said, You wished that none would perish…So Be It Father, So be it!!!!

  • Lee Dennis says:

    Father God, In the name of Jesus, We pray that your will be done in this world as it it is in heaven! May you send your army of angels to protect all of your children!
    May you especially protect the innocent children,both born and unborn! Protect the men and women in government who are not ashamed of you and bring judgment on those who seek to destroy this nation! Pour your spirit out on this nation, In Jesus Name!

  • Bonnie Nelson says:

    Father God I thank You for watching over our Nation and the people’s of this world. I thank You for touching the souls in America and raising up righteous leaders and a remnant of people who have You in their heart. Bring wisdom and kindness into our land and let the spirit of forgiveness and civility flow like rapids in the river going into every nook and cranny of our Nation. Let us be the light of the world spreading all over the world as we move to help those in need and raise up a generation who acknowledge You for who You Are and treasure Your Name on their lips. Watch over our Constitution where You touched the hearts and minds of our founding fathers and let the laws of our land hold true. Give us courage and new strength Father to stand for what is righteous and to continue to worship You in the midst of the oncoming assault upon our religious freedoms. Give President Trump wisdom and protect him and his family along with those in Mike Pence’s family, Wm Barr’s and all those who are battling on the front lines for our freedom and our Nations future. In the Name of Yahshua, Father I speak a wall of protection to rise up against any curses and assignments which have been released over this nation and our people’s. Let no witchcraft come through those walls to manipulate or keep us from worshipping and following Your Words. There is no other god who is liken to You Father. None have Your Power or Love for the people of this land. Direct our path Father and show us wisdom for our every word and deed in this new season. I thank You Father Yahweh for Your Mercy and Your Protection over Your Church and I speak the Name of Yahshua/Jesus with Thanksgiving and Appreciation for You have done, are doing and will be doing through His Name. Hallelujah!! You Reign Father – You Reign \o/

  • Becca Card says:

    Father our country is in trouble which you know all too well! Today, I ask that you open the eyes of the people to see the truth in ALL Things! Let EVERY HIDDEN thing be revealed and ALL SECRET things will be made known. As we humble ourselves and pray let revival begin with me and spread across our land. Reveal Yourself to us. May we stand strong and speak the truth of Your Word to all who cross our lives! Heal our land from north to south and east to west. We love you and declare a halleluYAH in the middle of the storm! All Glory is yours Yahweh and Yours alone!

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