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FS Miracle Monday – Upping the Ante

By August 9, 2021Uncategorized

Miracle Monday
By Miki Maynard

Upping the Ante

Recently, in the morning I heard the Spirit say to me, “I’m upping the ante.” I’m thinking to myself initially, “Oh the Lord just spoke to me.” I just love it when He speaks to me. It’s life, isn’t it?! But then, I thought, “wait a minute, ante? Isn’t that the pot of chips or money in the middle of the table when people are playing poker?”

The term “upping the ante” is also used when investing money or selling a home.

Its network television division upped the ante by paying an estimated$2 million a year for an overall deal.
Note: You can also say that you raise the ante.
To up the ante: To increase the price or cost of something in order to achieve a better result.
(The Free Dictionary by Farlex)

Yahweh is Giving into His Treasure

The bible says you are His treasure. (Deuteronomy 26:18, Luke 15) He gave His life for you because you are of great worth to Him. He is giving more right now and it is very specific. He is giving to you and giving into you.

I keep getting a picture where He is sitting at a table with me. He keeps pointing to the pile in the middle of it and wants me to look at what He has done and beyond that to what He is currently doing.

The pressure on Evangelicals in the world is growing, He is wanting us to cultivate our zeal and lean into Him even more than ever. He knows the stakes are high, and they are going to get higher. He doesn’t want us to be unprepared and miss all that we can be. He wants us to be who we need to be in this hour.

He is Upping the Ante Which Means I Have to Respond

When someone ups the ante, it calls for those involved to come into agreement with the increase. The book of Romans in chapter 12 speaks of being a living sacrifice with each part of the body of Christ doing its part.

Not lagging behind in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord.
Romans 12:11 NASB

I also like the way the Mirror Study Bible says it.

Do not allow any hesitation to interrupt the rhythm of your zeal; capture the moment; maintain the boiling-point intensity of spirit devotion to the Lord. Romans 12:11 MSB

There is pressing upon us in the current events. He isn’t leaving us alone to deal with circumstances by ourselves. He is putting in His effort in order to assist us. This is activating us to put in more effort.
It’s important during this time to tune into His leading that is specifically designed for you. He wants us to turn off the television and read our bible with resources that stir our interest and connect us to Him. He wants us to fast and pray more during this season. We all have specific and personal roles and places where He is guiding us. He is waiting for us to choose if we are going to participate or not.
Paul’s Practical Application of God Wanting Our Action
These verses in Romans tell me to be a living sacrifice, serving the Lord in my role within the body of Christ.
Live consistent with who you really are, inspired by the loving kindness of God. My brothers, the most practical expression of worship is to make your bodies available to him as a living sacrifice; this pleases him more than any religious routine. He desires to find visible, individual expression in your person.
The same goes for every aspect of ministry, whether it be serving or to give instruction, or to just be there alongside someone to remind them of their true identity; always let faith set the pace. You are intertwined with your gift, wrapped up in the same parcel. Lead with passion; minister mercy cheerfully.
Romans 12:1, 7-8 MSB
Things are not going to get easier in the world. Things are different. My Father Yahweh sees that the stakes are higher. He is upping the ante, and this initiates my response to Him to put more of myself into serving Him. He promises recompense.  (Photo via Unsplash)
When the Ante is Raised, so is the Potential Payoff
“Up the ante” means “increasing the stakes”. By increasing the stakes, you are increasing your potential payoff as well. In poker, an “ante” is a forced bet that all players at the table must put in before the hand gets underway. (https://www.poker-king.com/dictionary/up-
I’ve been asking myself if there is something that is holding me back from responding to Him at times? I’m asking Him to show me. So, I ask you the same question. Somewhere there is a perception of yourself or others that doesn’t line up with what God says is true. Maybe it’s a perception of who He is?
Make the Exchange: Your Past for His Glory
I see a picture of His Hand putting His Glory into the ante! He is sitting at the table pointing to the pile. It’s all of His provision and His promises for YOU.
Will you accept what He has provided? Will you accept that He has chosen you to share what He has to give? He is promising the glory of His presence and goodness to increase in your life:
Cast off those things that want to hold you back. I paid the price for your healing and restoration. My glory is here to come upon you. I am bringing increase of the winds of My Spirit to blow the Breathe of Life on you and it will overflow to others. I have provided. Provision is yours. Creativity is yours. You will sense my glory without even trying.
As you rest in Me, My present help and My goodness is manifesting while you are simply living your life. All of a sudden, you will say, “the presence of the Lord is here!” Abundance in the midst of your living.
Lean in and soak up the delights of My efforts.  They are taking you into a deeper place. You are overcoming what is in the past. Your awareness will realize the rivers of living water for your abundant life with Me in greater measure. They will flow to barren places. Carry the promise to others. Comfort the people! Comfort My people! Take My comfort to the people!

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