FS Friday Night Oasis

Report On Personal Prophecy and More


Hello Firestorm:

This last Friday night we had a personal prophecy night forum open to all where prayers and words were shared. It was a good night and I pray everyone was blessed. 

I want to take this opportunity to mention a couple of things regarding the prophetic ministry for you to keep in mind as you read through the log, which I pray will be beneficial for all of us.
For those who are looking for a copy of the word they received, it will be toward the end of the post.

This was a text/chat room only and since Firestorm is a training and equipping ministry, it is good to call attention to the log and things which might hinder someone’s walk in the prophetic ministry.  Several things came to the surface as we all joined to bless one another.

In the New Testament Paul mentions there was a bit of chaos as everyone was trying to bring forth a word a psalm, a testimony, whatever.  The same is still true today, everyone is so eager and excited to share, sometimes we do not work together, “decently and in order.” You will see that in this log and you will see the excited and hunger too. I Corinthians 14.

The prophetic word is not a teaching, preaching, opinion or experience that has happened to you.  It is the first person Word from Yahweh.  Example:  I AM the Lord Your God and I Am coming soon.  Not God told me He is Your God or I think you should study the verses at……Or, years ago I had a similar time when God told me, He was My Lord.

When we mix the prophetic Word of Yahweh with a teaching, preaching or opinion, it dilutes and confuses His Word. There is a difference between a prophetic teaching, counsel or experience from what God is saying directly to someone.  It has nothing to do with us, it has to do with whom He is speaking to. His message to them. 

In trying to help someone, we don’t want to try and interpret what Yahweh said to them.  Words can mean different things to each one of us. It is good to let the person interpret the word for themselves and ask God to bring more information.

When someone is giving a Word From Yahweh God, it should be respected and honored.  Most people never understand if you post something while someone is prophesing, you are interupting and disrespecting His Word. It is good to be excited, but it is also wise protocol to wait your turn.

When more than one person is prophesying at the same time, not only is it confusing, but it is hard to focus on His Word and get the full revelation of what He is is speaking. Even when He speaks to someone else, you can always glean from His Words.

You have to choose a name to enter the room and participate.  It is wise to choose name which does not lead people to assume something about you which might cause you to be led astray with a prophetic word.  For instance if you put on the name waiting on Jesus, people’s hearts may be led to think you are needing a breakthrough. 

New people to the prophetic are quick to follow their emotions and I am sure if someone came in the room with the name skull and bones, we would have issues.  So be wise in how you present yourself, on ground at your churches and online.

I understand the issues with privacy and someone being hurt and not wanting to say who they are until they understand Firestorm is a safe place, none the less be careful with deception and fear. 

All in all we had a great night and I hope at the next Friday Night Special where we gather to exercise and stretch our prophetic gifts, you will be able to join with us.  Apologies to those who were not able to give and share when the stream unexpectedly shut down at 10:30.

The outline is:

Worship 20:4;
Opening Prayer 20:20;
Opening Remarks Becca 20:23;
Prophetic Ministry 20:39
I have sectioned off each part.

\o/ = Praise, hands to the heavens
o/ = Raising Hand to be called on (right handed)
\o = Raising Hand to be called on (left handed)


[19:48] <Broadcaster> Hello Painting-Mama!
[19:48] <Painting_Mama> Hello Everyone!
[19:48] <Cindy> Hi Bonnie πŸ™‚
[19:48] <char> have not seen you before
[19:48] <char> HI BONNIE
[19:48] <Broadcaster> Hi Bonnie!
[19:48] <bonnienelp> Hi Everyone
[19:48] <char> whosh everyone coming in  fast
[19:49] <bonnienelp> whooo hoooo going to be a party tonight
[19:49] <Cindy> LOL
[19:49] <Sandi> hi Bonnie and Painting_Mama
[19:49] <char> amen Bonnie
[19:49] <SignetRing> Yes, I am new.  I was here last night but did not stay to the end.  Blessings to all. 
[19:49] <Cindy> Holy Ghost Party
[19:49] <char> i did not come on last night forgot all about it
[19:49] <bonnienelp> \o/ = hands to the heavens
[19:49] <Cindy> we missed you char
[19:49] <char> YEs Do the HOLY GHOST ROLL
[19:49] <char> thank you bonnie
[19:50] <char> signet ring  i have been on this room  for a long time
[19:50] <char>  many years
[19:50] <Broadcaster> Yes we did miss you last night Char!
[19:50] <char> that is
[19:51] <char> thank you very much
[19:51] <char> forgot it was thursday  and i went to  bed early
[19:51] <Painting_Mama> Hi Sandi, sorry, I am catching up on reading.
[19:51] <Sandi> Forgive me Becca, but I will need to get up and down a few times this evening so if you call on me and I am not answering, then I am up
[19:51] Sheryl Joined The Chat
[19:51] <char> lol sandu
[19:51] <Cindy> Hi Sheryl
[19:51] <char> good evenin sheryl
[19:51] <Sandi> hi Sheryl
[19:52] <char> there are a lot of poeple in here tonight
[19:52] <bonnienelp> I have you covered Sandi
[19:52] <char> good time Holy Ghost party  tonight
[19:52] <Broadcaster> No problem Sandi!  You have freedom to move about as you need to!
[19:52] <Sandi> thank you Bonnie
[19:52] <bonnienelp> love you
[19:52] <Broadcaster> We make a good team so we help each other out!
[19:52] <Broadcaster> I love you Sandi!
[19:53] <Sandi> aww I love you too Boss πŸ™‚
[19:53] <char> one day i am going to get to meet you all  i have met bonnie  when iw was on a trip with the son that lives in AZ
[19:53] <Sandi> and you too Becca, and I just love mushy stuff!
[19:53] <Broadcaster> That would be awesome Char!
[19:53] <bonnienelp> lol
[19:53] <char> i am going to see if son is going on a trip  have not heard from him lately
[19:53] sarah Joined The Chat
[19:54] <char> will ask Him  to lets go again 
[19:54] <Cindy> Hi Sarah
[19:54] Deborah Joined The Chat
[19:54] <Cindy> Hi Deborah
[19:54] <char> that is the son that lives in AZ
[19:54] <Sandi> HI Sarah and Deb
[19:54] <Broadcaster> Hello Deb and Sarah!
[19:54] <char> the other 2 live here
[19:54] <sarah> hello
[19:54] <char> as well as one of my daughters
[19:55] <char> good evening sarah
[19:55] Deborah Left The Chat
[19:55] <sarah> Good evening everyone
[19:55] <char> lots of ladies in here tonight
[19:55] Deborah Joined The Chat
[19:55] <char> good to see that
[19:55] <SignetRing> Good evening sarah
[19:56] <Broadcaster> We have a man too which is awesome!
[19:56] <Deborah> Hi all. Had no chatbox on Explorer, had to use Chrome
[19:56] <char> just one man in here
[19:56] <bonnienelp> LOL
[19:56] <Sandi> so far Char
[19:56] <char> to keep us company  lol
[19:56] weary_soul Joined The Chat
[19:56] t Joined The Chat
[19:56] <bonnienelp> always nice to have a man around the house
[19:56] <Sandi> welcome T and weary soul
[19:56] <Cindy> hello weary_soul
[19:56] <char> weary soul  you will not be weary  after tonight
[19:56] <weary_soul> Hi everone
[19:56] <bonnienelp> Yahweh is calling His sons to come back
[19:56] <char> lol
[19:56] <Cindy> hi t
[19:57] t Left The Chat
[19:57] <Broadcaster> Hi weary soul and t
[19:57] <weary_soul> thanks
[19:57] <Broadcaster> Yes He is Bonnie!
[19:57] <Sandi> By the way folks, as a reminder this is not a video forum night, but text chat only
[19:57] Tony Joined The Chat
[19:57] <weary_soul>  Painting_Mama the Lord says you are not just painting 
[19:57] <char> weary soul you won’t be weary after an evening in here
[19:57] <Broadcaster> Hi Tony!
[19:57] <Sandi> hi Tony
[19:57] <Cindy> Hi Tony
[19:57] <weary_soul>  The door being open for you to teach and guide others with your painting gift
[19:58] <Tony> Hello
[19:58] <SignetRing> Blessings weary_soul
[19:58] <Painting_Mama> Wow, thank you!
[19:58] <bonnienelp> hey there Tony is this our Wild Irish man
[19:58] <char> i used to draw and paint  haven’t in years
[19:59] <char> no place to really do it
[19:59] <Painting_Mama> It’s hard to find the right place and time.
[19:59] <Tony> I dont think so,Im from Bowling Green ,Ky
[19:59] <char> lots of people in here tonight
[19:59] <bonnienelp> well that is awesome welcome
[19:59] <bonnienelp> long way from Kentucky to Ireland
[19:59] <bonnienelp> lol
[19:59] <weary_soul> But you have been painting in a metaphoric way into others lives
[19:59] <bonnienelp> I am in Tennessee
[19:59] <char> Welcome all you new people
[19:59] <char> I am in kansas
[19:59] <bonnienelp> Broadcaster  = Becca Card
[19:59] <Cindy> I’m in Florida
[19:59] <Broadcaster> I am in Alabama
[20:0] <Painting_Mama> Ha ha, I love that! “Painting in a metaphoric way into others lives.”
[20:0] <char> we are from all over the us
[20:0] <ginny> From Maine here.
[20:0] <Sandi> West Virginia
[20:0] James Joined The Chat
[20:0] <SignetRing> Florida
[20:0] <sarah> I’m in Michigan
[20:0] <Sandi> welcome James
[20:0] <Broadcaster> why dont you all tell us where you are from
[20:0] <weary_soul> Broadcaster the Lord says yes the turburlance is hard and can be shaking experience but it is about to end your path for your desires is becoming a flat road for you to travel
[20:0] <Broadcaster> welcome James
[20:0] <James> Thank you.
[20:0] <Cindy> Hi James
[20:0] <Tony> Deborah is a friend on Facebook and sent info for this forum
[20:0] <Deborah> Some of you my facebook sisters and brothers? πŸ™‚
[20:0] <Sandi> weary_soul your name wouldn’t be Jim, would it?
[20:1] <char> i am not on face book  just skype
[20:1] <bonnienelp> awesome, we are glad everyone is coming in 
[20:1] <Deborah> Awesome!! πŸ™‚
[20:1] <SignetRing> yes I follow Deborah
[20:1] <char> Holy spirit said for me not to go there it was for my safety
[20:1] <char> so i haven
[20:1] <char> t4
[20:1] <weary_soul> I am from Maryland live in Georgia for  years just return to maryland hopefully will not be here for long’
[20:1] <weary_soul> No my name is not Jim
[20:1] <sarah> Deborah, are you the Deborah Waldon Frye from facebook?
[20:2] <Deborah> yes sis
[20:2] Paul Joined The Chat
[20:2] <Cindy> Hi Paul
[20:2] <Broadcaster> Thank You weary soul
[20:2] <Sandi> welcome Paul
[20:2] <Broadcaster> Welcome Paul
[20:2] <sarah> Hi, I have followed your page Deborah for many years now
[20:2] <char> more men coming in  every week   good to see
[20:2] <weary_soul> Hi Deborah I know you from Facebook
[20:2] <Paul> Thanks Sandi
[20:2] <Deborah> Started here on Firestorm many years ago.. πŸ™‚
[20:3] <Deborah> Hi weary soul
[20:3] <sarah> glad to be a part of this
[20:3] <char> i have been coming in here for a lot of years also deborah
[20:3] <Deborah> Thank you father for bringing in those who are hungry!! Amen! \o/
[20:3] <Broadcaster> Welcome Everyone!
[20:3] <Cindy> \o/
[20:3] <Broadcaster> It is awesome to see you all here!
[20:3] <char> thank you broadcaser
[20:3] <Deborah> You shall be filled!
[20:3] <SignetRing> \0/
[20:3] Roxanne Joined The Chat

[20:4] <Broadcaster> Let’s spend some time worshiping the Lord and telling him how much we love Him!
[20:4] ivan Left The Chat
[20:4] <char> more in here tonight  that i have ever seen
[20:4] <Broadcaster> Welcome Roanne
[20:4] <Sandi> welcome Roxanne
[20:4] Paul Left The Chat
[20:4] <Cindy> Hi Roxanne
[20:4] ivan Joined The Chat
[20:4] Paul Joined The Chat
[20:4] <Roxanne> Hi Everyone
[20:4] <bonnienelp> Hallelujah Father God  we love you
[20:4] <char> I am glad more men are coming in all the time
[20:4] <Broadcaster> We love You Father!
[20:4] <bonnienelp> Move in this place tonight
[20:4] <Tony> my first time, is the whole chat going to be in this format?
[20:4] <bonnienelp> and bring healing and direction
[20:4] <Cindy> Father God, you are worthy of praise!
[20:4] AlexIsason Joined The Chat
[20:4] <Cindy> Thank you for Jesus. 
[20:4] Zack Joined The Chat
[20:4] <char> pretty much tony
[20:4] <ivan> is the stream on?
[20:4] <Roxanne> Father we praise you and lift you up.
[20:5] <Broadcaster> You alone worthy of our worship
[20:5] <weary_soul> You are a refuge our stronghold . We will not be moved from you Papa . 
[20:5] <Cindy> Hi Alex and Zack
[20:5] <bonnienelp> tonight is just chat Monday and Thursday video stream
[20:5] <Deborah> Tony: Just on Fridays
[20:5] <Tony> ok
[20:5] <Broadcaster> Hi Ivan – This is a text only forum
[20:5] <SignetRing> You are so worthy Lord
[20:5] <Zack> Hello
[20:5] <ivan> oh ok πŸ™‚ thank you
[20:5] <Sandi> Welcome Alex and Zack
[20:5] <Tony> ok< thank you Deborah
[20:5] ivan Left The Chat
[20:5] <Deborah> Oh, how I love Jesus, because He first loved me
[20:5] <bonnienelp> Glory and Honor to You Father for what You are doing tonight
[20:5] <SignetRing> You Lord are my strong tower
[20:5] <Broadcaster> Welcome Zack and Aleisason!
[20:6] <char> yes  i was missing the sound
[20:6] <char> wondered why
[20:6] <bonnienelp> Bring Your Words and Your Power
[20:6] <SignetRing> the glory and the lifter of my head
[20:6] <char> now i know
[20:6] <SignetRing> I sing to You a new song
[20:6] <bonnienelp> There is no limit to Your Grace and Mercy
[20:6] <Broadcaster> We are going to start with telling God how much we love Him and worshipping Him
[20:6] <SignetRing> I worship and adore You
[20:6] <SignetRing> There is NONE like YOU
[20:6] <Sandi> Can we all hold our conversations as Bonnie continues praying us in and Becca (Broadcaster) gets this meeting started
[20:6] <SignetRing> I can search and find NONE like YOU
[20:6] <Deborah> Tony: Live streaming on Thursdays with Bonnie and chat forum for prayer and prophecy
[20:6] <Roxanne> Glory to you Jesus we love you
[20:6] <bonnienelp> Lift up your voices to Your God 
[20:6] <bonnienelp> we enter into His Presence
[20:6] <bonnienelp> with Praise and thanksgiving
[20:6] <Deborah> \o/
[20:7] <Tony> Great
[20:7] <bonnienelp> all can worshp 
[20:7] <bonnienelp> all can praise
[20:7] <Roxanne> \o/
[20:7] <AlexIsason> amen
[20:7] <SignetRing> Bowing at Your feet, in Your presence
[20:7] <bonnienelp> Open the eyes of our heart FAther
[20:7] <AlexIsason> \o/
[20:7] <bonnienelp> and let us see You
[20:7] <weary_soul> and if noone does the rocks and stones and anything else will lift it forces to praise the one and only almighty God .
[20:8] <bonnienelp> \o/ = hands to heaven 
[20:8] JC Joined The Chat
[20:8] <bonnienelp> Glory to You Yahweh
[20:8] <Deborah> You are so kind and patient Father..we love You..we want to know You more
[20:8] <Cindy> Hi JC
[20:8] <bonnienelp> Bring Your Healing Words tonight
[20:8] <bonnienelp> and move through all of us
[20:8] <SignetRing> You alone deserve the glory and the honor, my Abba
[20:8] <AlexIsason> Amen
[20:8] <Broadcaster> You alone are worthy of our praise
[20:8] <JC> Hello, this is my first time coming on to the stream. I am grateful to be here. 
[20:8] <Cindy> Welcome
[20:8] <Roxanne> Seek those those things which are above, where Christ is sitting at the right hand of God
[20:8] <weary_soul>  Jesus who holds my heart what can I say to tell you how much I love you and oh how I love the way you love me Your love is like aa fresh morning spring sparkling with life 
[20:8] <bonnienelp> Let Your Spirit move through us
[20:8] <char> welcome
[20:8] <Broadcaster> Welcome JC!  We are glad to hae you here!
[20:9] <bonnienelp> and draw us closer to You
[20:9] <Tony> Thank you Jesus Christ!
[20:9] <bonnienelp> For we are seeking You and Your Presence upon us
[20:9] <Broadcaster> We long for Your Presence
[20:9] <bonnienelp> Let not anything come to rob Your words
[20:9] <Broadcaster> We hunger for more of You
[20:9] <Deborah> Holy Spirit flow
[20:9] <Broadcaster> Feel this room tonight with Your presence
[20:10] <Broadcaster> Fill this room
[20:10] <bonnienelp> Touch Touch Touch \o/
[20:10] <bonnienelp> Fill us to overflowing
[20:10] <AlexIsason> \o/
[20:11] <Broadcaster> Take the coal and cleanse my lips so that I speak only your words
[20:11] <AlexIsason> Amen \o/
[20:11] <bonnienelp> purify our hearts and souls
[20:11] <Tony> Holy Spirit I need to hear from you tonight.
[20:11] <Roxanne> Nor height, nor depth nor any other created thing, will seperate us from the love of God which in Christ Jesus our Lord. Thank you Jesus for your love for us.
[20:11] <SignetRing> \0/
[20:11] <Cindy> \o/
[20:11] <bonnienelp> All who are weary come and drink from the fountain
[20:11] <JC> Thank you Jesus for the outpouring of spirit here as you touch each of us! and also those who could not make it to the stream.
[20:12] Edna Joined The Chat
[20:12] <bonnienelp> Encourage, edify and comfort those who have come Father
[20:12] <bonnienelp> bring life and light tonight
[20:12] <Cindy> Hello Edna
[20:12] <Broadcaster> Let noone leave the stream
[20:12] <Edna> hello
[20:12] <Broadcaster> leave the SAME
[20:12] <Broadcaster> let us all be changed
[20:12] <bonnienelp> \o/ Holy Holy
[20:12] <Tony> Yes!
[20:12] <Broadcaster> Holy are You Lord!
[20:12] <bonnienelp> Creator of All We Worship You
[20:13] <Broadcaster> I bow before You and give You my all!
[20:13] <Broadcaster> Welcome Edna!
[20:13] <Edna> hello thank you!
[20:13] <bonnienelp> Remove the scales from our eyes and let us see clearly
[20:13] <Roxanne> Lord we go low that you may be exalted 
[20:13] <bonnienelp> and open our ears to hear Your Words tonight
[20:13] <Deborah> Thank you for pouring out Your love over this room
[20:13] <bonnienelp> Hallelujah
[20:13] <Roxanne> Yes, Lord remove the scales give eyes to see
[20:14] <bonnienelp> We want to know You more FAther
[20:14] <bonnienelp> more than with just words
[20:14] <bonnienelp> we want Your Touch
[20:14] <Broadcaster> OPen the eyes of our heart we want to see You
[20:14] <Tony> Absolutely!
[20:14] <Sandi> Come Lord Jesus and visit us
[20:14] <Deborah> We’ve come to meet with you Father..open the eyes to see You in all your Glory
[20:14] <Edna> Father less of us and more of you father!
[20:14] <bonnienelp> BE lift High in this place Father
[20:14] <Roxanne> Glory to You, for He is Holy, Holy, Holy
[20:14] <bonnienelp> Know You are Reverenced in this house
[20:14] <Broadcaster> Be glorified in this place!
[20:15] <SignetRing> Holy, holy, holy, holy, holy
[20:15] <Roxanne> Yes, Lord
[20:15] <Edna> holy spirit we welcome you
[20:15] <Sandi> fill this place with your holy presence
[20:15] <bonnienelp> \o/ Yes Hallelujah
[20:15] <Edna> fill us up father
[20:15] <Roxanne> Holy, holy, holy, holy \o/
[20:15] <bonnienelp> Have Your Way Father
[20:15] <Edna> you are worthy to be praised
[20:15] <Deborah> Jesus you are the cup that won’t run dry
[20:15] <Sandi> we want to glorify you in all we say and do
[20:15] <Broadcaster> Fill us up so that we can pour out
[20:16] <Deborah> Neverending supply
[20:16] <Roxanne> The name above all names
[20:16] <Tony> Thank you Jesus Christ!
[20:16] <Broadcaster> Be glorifed
[20:16] <Edna> hallelujah!
[20:16] <Roxanne> The King of Kings, The Great I am
[20:16] <bonnienelp> We are no longer slaves to fear
[20:16] <sarah> there is much you have to teach us oh mighty King, there is much you want to show us oh Lord, let your presence fill our cups to overflowing
[20:16] <bonnienelp> we are the children of Yah
[20:16] <Sandi> for you are so worthy to be exalted
[20:16] <Sandi> so be magnified and be glorified
[20:16] <Deborah> We stand in awe
[20:16] <Broadcaster> Worthy is the Lamb!
[20:17] <bonnienelp> Teach us of Your Ways Father and set us free from the lies of the enemy
[20:17] <Cindy> Glory to God in the highest!
[20:17] <bonnienelp> Holy Holy Holy
[20:17] <JC> Thank you Jesus for calling us out of darkness into your glorious light
[20:17] <weary_soul> Thank you Jesus for all you’ve done all you are doing all that you will do tonight. Holy Spirit fill us up to overflowing let’s God love pour into ur heart soul and spirit so we leave radiating the Lord’s love to all those who need to feel his presence and be changed
[20:17] <Edna> Let your love fill us up to overflow 
[20:17] <Roxanne> All Flesh is like grass, and all its glory like the flower of grass. The grass withers and the flower falls off, but the word of the Lord endures forever
[20:17] <bonnienelp> Hallelujah
[20:17] <Tony> Change and fill me Lord
[20:17] <bonnienelp> Yes FAther
[20:17] <Deborah> I feel His Presence…He is with us \o/ Thank you Lord Jesus
[20:18] <JC> Allow us to come up higher Lord!
[20:18] <sarah> yes
[20:18] <SignetRing> Ohh, what a LOVE !!!
[20:18] <AlexIsason> \o/
[20:18] <bonnienelp> Come lets go up to the mountain
[20:18] <Edna> \o/
[20:18] <Broadcaster> Let me be refined by Your fire!
[20:18] <bonnienelp> come lets go up to the Lord
[20:18] <Roxanne> May you be glorified and lifted up here tonight Father
[20:18] <Sandi> we thirst for you
[20:18] <Roxanne> Yes, Lord more fire
[20:18] <Tony> Fill me Lord!
[20:18] <Roxanne> Lord remove all the defiles us and grieves your Spirit
[20:18] <Edna> There is no one like you father !
[20:19] <bonnienelp> Draw us closer Father
[20:19] <AlexIsason> Thank You Father for Jesus!  Thank you for your love.
[20:19] <Broadcaster> We love you Lord and lift our voices in Worship!
[20:19] <SignetRing> Majesty !!!!!!
[20:19] <Deborah> \o/ \o/ \o/
[20:19] <Sandi> You are our Rock, our Strong High Tower
[20:19] Merva Joined The Chat
[20:19] <Edna> we worship you !
[20:19] <Broadcaster>
[20:19] <Sandi> Hi Merva
[20:19] <Cindy> Hello Merva
[20:19] <Broadcaster> Hi Merva!
[20:19] <Edna> worship !! we praise you !!
[20:20] <Merva> Hi

[20:20] <Broadcaster> BOnnie would you please open the room in prayer1
[20:20] <AlexIsason> Help me to be a better father to my kids Father …  Please protect them as they leave for New York tomorrow for a wedding.
[20:20] <bonnienelp> Father Yah we come tonight hungry
[20:20] <bonnienelp> for You
[20:20] vicki Joined The Chat
[20:20] <bonnienelp> there is nothing else that matters 
[20:20] <Merva> Yessss
[20:20] <Cindy> Hello Vicki
[20:20] <bonnienelp> You are our All in All
[20:20] <bonnienelp> Touch each one tonight
[20:20] <bonnienelp> and let them know how special they are
[20:20] <vicki> Hi 
[20:20] <Edna> \0/
[20:20] <bonnienelp> let them know they are called
[20:20] <AlexIsason> \o/
[20:20] <bonnienelp> and important to You
[20:21] <bonnienelp> let them hear Your Words
[20:21] <Tony> Yes
[20:21] <bonnienelp> and let us help each other
[20:21] <Merva> \o/
[20:21] <bonnienelp> for Father above all You want us
[20:21] <AlexIsason> I praise You Father!  \o/  Glory to the King of kings, Lord of lord!  Amen!
[20:21] <Cindy> \o/
[20:21] <bonnienelp> to love you and love each other
[20:21] <bonnienelp> In the Name of Yahshua we turn our eyes and ears to 
[20:21] <bonnienelp> You tonight
[20:21] <bonnienelp> Be Glorified 
[20:21] <bonnienelp> Hallelujah
[20:21] <bonnienelp> amen
[20:21] <AlexIsason> \o/
[20:21] <Roxanne> Amen
[20:21] <Edna> \0/
[20:21] <Tony> Amen
[20:22] <Edna> Amen!!
[20:22] <SignetRing> Amen
[20:22] <JC> Amen!
[20:22] <Merva> Amen  \o/
[20:22] <Sandi> amen
[20:22] Ling Joined The Chat
[20:22] <Broadcaster> Amen!
[20:22] <Cindy> Hello Ling
[20:22] <Sandi> welcome Vicki and Ling
[20:22] <weary_soul> Amen
[20:22] <Broadcaster> Welcome Ling and Vicki!
[20:22] <AlexIsason> Thank You Jesus for what You did for me on the cross!  \o/  Thank You Father for your love!

[20:23] <Broadcaster> I have a few things i wanted to share before we actually start with ministry
[20:23] <Edna> we praise you father !
[20:23] karen Joined The Chat
[20:23] <Broadcaster> While i share will you please look at the list of people that are in the room and ask the Lord who He wants you to speak into their life
[20:24] <Tony> Yes!
[20:24] <Broadcaster> and we will start prophesying to each other shortly
[20:24] <Broadcaster> One thing that is important that Firestorm is a place of training and equipping ministry
[20:24] <Broadcaster> It is a safe place 
[20:25] <Broadcaster> You have a PLACE
[20:25] Paul Left The Chat
[20:25] <Broadcaster> I am sure some of you have been hurt in the church
[20:25] <Tony> Thank You!
[20:25] <Broadcaster> and not given a place to fulfull your destiny
[20:25] sue Joined The Chat
[20:25] <Broadcaster> our prayer is that You will find your place here at Firestorm
[20:26] <Broadcaster> so we are putting you to work tonight!
[20:26] <Cindy> Hello Karen and Sue
[20:26] <karen> Bless You
[20:26] <Broadcaster> O
[20:26] Ling Left The Chat
[20:26] <Broadcaster> There is no pressure but our desire is that You will seek the Lord for someone in the room and speak into their lives
[20:27] <Deborah> Sandi: you might want to show them how to raise hand, etc. πŸ™‚
[20:27] <Tony> Speak to me Lord
[20:28] <sue> thank you for your kind welcome, May the Lord Bless you
[20:28] Sandi Left The Chat
[20:28] <Broadcaster> Because we train and equip there are rare times that we might point out something that you might could do better.  We are all learning!
[20:29] <Broadcaster> It is totally out of love!
[20:29] <weary_soul> Are we supposed to just post here? sorry if not as I kind of already did t but would like to know before I go agin
[20:30] Ling Joined The Chat
[20:30] AlexIsason Left The Chat
[20:30] <Broadcaster> Weary soul what you need was fine!  I will explain the “protocol” before we start the actual ministry time
[20:31] <Broadcaster> What you shared was fine!
[20:31] <weary_soul> thanks
[20:32] <Broadcaster> As I was thinking about what we were doing tonight  etc.  I received an email from J. Lee Grady Wednesday
[20:32] <Broadcaster> It really kind of summed up some things that I think are important to remember.
[20:33] <Broadcaster> He called them prophetic guidelines
[20:33] <Broadcaster> there are more of course
[20:33] <Broadcaster> πŸ™‚
[20:33] <Broadcaster> 1. Don’t chase prophecies.
[20:33] JenB Joined The Chat
[20:33] <Broadcaster> We should not be going from place to place to try to get a β€œWord”.   
[20:33] <Cindy> Hello JenB
[20:33] <JenB> I’m so late but I’ made it!!!
[20:33] <Broadcaster> We should be chasing God, spending time in His word, building relationship with Him.  Asking Him what He is saying to us.  
[20:33] <Broadcaster> Welcome Jen! It is great to see you!
[20:34] sarah Left The Chat
[20:34] <Broadcaster> 2. Never give prophets elite status.  
[20:34] <Broadcaster> We are all members of the body and no man should ever be considered greater than another. 
[20:34] <Broadcaster> The one thing that I appreciate about Firestorm is that we are all given the freedom to walk in our giftings.  
[20:34] sarah Joined The Chat
[20:35] <Broadcaster> Even though BOnnie is the President and we all love her I dont’t think anyone in Firestorm actually worship here are put her on a pedestal which is a very good thing!
[20:35] <Broadcaster> 3. Never give harsh prophetic words. New Testament prophecy should encourage, comfort and exhort believers.  
[20:35] <Broadcaster> 1 Corinthians 14:3 – On the other hand, the one who prophesies speaks to people for their upbuilding and encouragement and consolation.  
[20:36] Ling Left The Chat
[20:36] <Broadcaster> Even if there is a time that there needs to be correction there is a way to do it in love
[20:36] Sandra Joined The Chat
[20:36] <Broadcaster> 4. Soak in God’s Word. Prophecy will never, ever contradict the Bible. 
[20:36] Ling Joined The Chat
[20:36] <Cindy> Hello Sandra
[20:36] <Broadcaster> It is important that we have relationship with God
[20:37] <Sandra> Hi Cindy
[20:37] <Broadcaster> If we do not talk to Him and listen to Him how we will know His voice
[20:37] <Broadcaster> I want to get started with ministry at this point.
[20:38] <Broadcaster> Please pick a name out of the least of people in the room.
[20:38] <Broadcaster> and ask the Father what He wants to say to them
[20:38] <Broadcaster> If you have a word to share, question, etc
[20:38] <vicki> / yes
[20:39] <Cindy> o/ 
[20:39] <Broadcaster> or when you are ready to share please raise your hand like this o/
[20:39] <vicki> 0/
[20:39] <Merva> o/
[20:39] <Broadcaster> and then when you are finshed say done
[20:39] <weary_soul> Sue the Lord wants you to know he is sending people to you to help you minister to others. As you are ministering to others you will have opportunity to teach and raise the ones the Lord sends you to help to minister to others
[20:39] <Broadcaster> I will tell you to go
[20:39] <weary_soul> done

[20:39] <Broadcaster> Go Cindy!
[20:40] <Cindy> While worshipping, I heard a word for AlexIsason
[20:40] <Cindy> I noticed he left the room, however felt led to share anyway, praying he will get it
[20:40] ginny Left The Chat
[20:40] <Cindy> I heard Mighty Warrior
[20:40] <Cindy> I hear the cries of your heart
[20:40] <Cindy> I am with you and for you!
[20:40] <Cindy> I am strengthening you even now.
[20:40] <Cindy> done
[20:42] <Broadcaster> Good Word CIndy!
[20:42] <Cindy> πŸ™‚
[20:42] <Broadcaster> I also wanted to let you know that we will post the log from tonight on the main list so you will have it to refer back to!
[20:43] <Broadcaster> Go Vicki!
[20:43] <vicki> Roxanne I see you walking on a path with Jesus and heard him call you His tender one as you walked together picking up rocks of revelation these are things He is showing you that will be given to others and He will show you who and when to release these revelations of love that will be a rock for others to stand on they are His heart for them 
[20:44] <vicki> Do not fear this will come with easy as the Holy Spirit leads you done 
[20:44] <Broadcaster> Go Merva!
[20:45] <Merva>  I was looking through the names and saw weary_soul, and I know he/she said something before I came on….but
[20:46] <Merva> Weary_Soul…when I saw your “name”, it told me that you find yourself weary.
[20:46] <Merva> I pray to the Lord, that He teach you NOT to think that way.  I personally know that it isn’t easy sometimes, but a learning that we HAVE to look at our situation differently.
[20:47] <Merva> I have thought that way for a number of years, but now I am “coming out of it” you might say.
[20:47] <Merva> I find myself talking to the Lord differently now.  
[20:48] James Left The Chat
[20:48] <Merva> I’m talking to HIM in a way that I think HE wants, now.   Hope I’m being clear enough to you!  
[20:48] <weary_soul> o/
[20:48] <Merva> Just know that Jesus is FOR you, and NOT against you
[20:50] <Merva> I feel that it’s much better now!!  Talk to Jesus as your confident and friend, and without negativity.
[20:50] <Merva> Just take HIS word for everything!
[20:50] <Merva> done
[20:50] <Broadcaster> Good Job!
[20:50] <Broadcaster> For Cindy!
[20:50] <Broadcaster> Your ife began on God’s canvas
[20:51] <Broadcaster> a brand new sunrise God had made
[20:51] <Broadcaster> A lift time to fill it full of meaning
[20:51] <Broadcaster> Because God has His brush in His Hand
[20:51] <Broadcaster> All the colors of the rainbow were present
[20:52] <Broadcaster> And lifes of real design could be seen
[20:52] <Broadcaster> Each day the Master’s to’uch was so evident
[20:52] <Broadcaster> For Goe has His brrush in His hand
[20:52] <Broadcaster> He has cleansed You and made you His own!
[20:52] <Broadcaster> Done
[20:53] <Roxanne> o/
[20:53] <Broadcaster> Go Raxanne
[20:53] <Cindy> Thank you Becca
[20:53] <Cindy> confirmation
[20:53] <Broadcaster> Sorry Weary Soul I will get you as soon as Roaxanne finishes!
[20:53] <Roxanne> I have a word for a few people should I just share one and let someone else go? I am happy to go after weary soul
[20:54] <Broadcaster> If it is okay with you, let’s let weary soul go since i didn’t see his hand up
[20:54] <JenB> o/
[20:55] <Broadcaster> and then you do everyone that you have at one time
[20:55] <weary_soul> actually is there any way I can talk to someone in private such as you broadcaster or Bonnie. 
[20:55] <sarah> o/
[20:56] <bonnienelp> since Becca is leading the class you can send me an email if that is ok at :BonnieNelP@aol.com
[20:56] <weary_soul> thanks
[20:56] <Broadcaster> So go Roxanne
[20:56] <sue> I have just been asking God, what is the truthbcoz people are disalusioned with “so” many versons of what the truth really is. God said to me, Jesus IS the Way the Truth & the Life. No one comes unto the Father except through Him. I sensed there were many spirits at work in this present age, but which of them are truely of God I asked. Gd said there is only 1 Spirit that isfrom Me & that is the HO
[20:56] <sue> LY Spirit. Be thou holy because I am holy. Many prayers try to justify oneself are votile & empty, the only Rightousness acceptable is of Me, through the Blood Jesus shed once for all time on the cross. Shed for sinners shed for rebels shed for me. Jesus is our only right standing beforea holy God& our only helper is the Holy Spirit who purges & prunes us through God’s word & His gentle voice. I b
[20:56] <sue> elieve that getting into heaven is achieved ONLY by trusting in the finished work of Christ, then the working out of our Salvation must be done in holy fear & tremblingso as to attain the impact of the Holy Spirit at work. Listening to Hisstill, gentle voice in a world of chaos. A dove, pure & gentle is easily scared away & that is exactly how God decribes the Holy Spirit.  Not mearly a spiritual 
[20:56] <sue> forse that will make us feel good but One who will purge our spirit & ignite us from within. A quiet gentle Spirit speaks to the diserning heart. We have to shut ourselves in with the Holy One in the secret place if we are to press onwards & upwards. The Holy Spirit is a mighty flowing River to those those will come &  drink at His refreshig waters, the souls only place to be rejuvenated & fille. 
[20:56] <sue> In Him is Life & Light for as many who call upon Him in Spirit & in Truth. 
[20:56] <Roxanne> Sarah this is for you. I sense the Holy Spirit saying “like Sarah the bride of Abraham waited for her promise you to have waited for your promise. Surely my arm can reach you me dear one for I have heard the cry of your heart this day. Soon these things will come to pass.
[20:57] <Broadcaster> Roxanne is sharing prophecies right now
[20:57] <Roxanne> Sue this one is for you, I sense the Holy Spirit saying ” the first will be last and the last will be first.You have waited for your “turn” for a long time.The Lord has seen you while you thought you were sidelined you are on His frontline.
[20:58] <Broadcaster> so can everyone else hold their comments until Roxanne is finished.  Raise your hand and we will cal on you o/
[20:58] <Roxanne> I also have a name for someone and wonder if this is the spouse or brother of someone here. The person is Joe
[20:58] <Roxanne> Otherwise I am done
[20:59] <Sandra> I have a son named Joseph
[20:59] <Roxanne> May I share for this person who isn’t in the room?
[20:59] <Broadcaster> Yes You can Roxanne!
[20:59] <Zack> If anyone is led for a Word for me, I would apperciate it. 
[20:59] <Roxanne> This is what I heard for Joe ” your brokeness is not your lot for you will be made whole”. Does this resonate Sandra or is this for another Joe?
[20:59] <Roxanne> Done
[21:0] <Sandra> absolutely, thank you
[21:0] <JenB> o/ wow that spouse Joe is for me
[21:0] <JenB> i pray for him daily WOW
[21:0] <Broadcaster> Wow!  That is awesome Roxanne!
[21:0] <Roxanne> He is dearly loved…done
[21:0] <bonnienelp> \o/ Hallelujah
[21:0] <sue> wow! that is so accurate. I have had nothing but closed doors for my entire lifetie. Each time I begin to serve, doors close on me. I really want God to make His will clear to me & I hope He has something spacific for me in my future
[21:0] <Broadcaster> \o/
[21:0] <JenB> ok maybe it wasn’t for me 
[21:0] <Broadcaster> Go Jen!
[21:1] <JenB> but I do pray for a Joe daily
[21:1] <Broadcaster> Take it Jen!
[21:1] <Roxanne> Yes please take it Jen
[21:1] <JenB> amen
[21:2] <Broadcaster> Sometimes words are for more than one person!
[21:2] <vicki> \0
[21:2] HeartWounds Joined The Chat
[21:2] <Cindy> Welcome HeartWounds
[21:2] <Broadcaster> Welcome Heart Wounds!
[21:3] <HeartWounds> Thank u
[21:3] <Broadcaster> Go Jen!
[21:3] <Broadcaster> Did you have a word someone?
[21:3] <JC> I have a word for Tony. Tony,  I hear β€œsmoke signal” I feel this is signifying a gifting from the Lord, likely in the forms of long-distance communication or visual communication.. I sense the Lord is seeks to use you to transmit news to others and provide strategy to allow others avoid danger. This may be for the purposes of possibly gathering people to a common area. 
[21:3] sarah Left The Chat
[21:4] <JenB> we have been separated for many years Joe and I but it has been necessary for our growth…He still does not know the Lord so I pray everyday for his salvation
[21:4] <Broadcaster> We will pray for him with you Jen!
[21:4] sarah Joined The Chat
[21:4] <JenB> Thank you
[21:5] <Roxanne> May I ask if he is military or if the other joe is military or if someone has a husband in the military?
[21:5] <JenB> we have never been married but Lord says to keep praying for him.
[21:5] <Tony> JC ,is that all the word?
[21:5] <vicki> Just wanted to say yay Roxanne..beautiful rock, of course I don’t know you but see why I was seeing what the lord showed me about you <3 Precious  
[21:5] <Roxanne> Bless you Vicki. xo
[21:6] <JC> Hi Tony i am not sure how it applies.. but i felt was for you. Sorry i dont have more 
[21:6] <Deborah> o/
[21:6] <Broadcaster> Jen are you finished?
[21:6] <JenB> Joe isn’t military but he is a strong man who almost lives a military lifestyle
[21:7] JC Left The Chat
[21:7] <Tony> Thank You,JC!
[21:7] <JenB> Yes done
[21:7] char Left The Chat
[21:7] <Broadcaster> Go Sarah
[21:8] <sarah> I was originally praying for Roxanne but….i’m not sure how this fits
[21:8] <sarah> I see rivers of living water rising up, up up
[21:8] <sarah> cresting the banks
[21:8] <sarah> and flowing across the land
[21:8] <sarah> flooding the land the living waters 
[21:9] <sarah> are soaking into the ground and moistening the hearts and fallow ground is opening itself to welcome the things of the kingdom
[21:10] <sarah> I’m not sure it’s for any one but it’s a sight that is beautiful and I thoughht I’d share
[21:10] JC Joined The Chat
[21:11] <sarah> the water is the word and thhe word is the will of the Father doing what he knows is needed
[21:11] <sarah> done
[21:11] <Broadcaster> I will take it!  I want rivers of living water to flow from Belly
[21:11] <Roxanne> Me too!
[21:11] <Cindy> me too!
[21:11] <Broadcaster> I think it is a actual a word for everyone sarah
[21:11] <JenB> amen
[21:11] <SignetRing> Amen
[21:11] <Edna> Amen
[21:11] <Broadcaster> so we are all going to receive it!
[21:11] <sarah> amen
[21:11] <Roxanne> amen
[21:11] <Broadcaster> Good job
[21:11] <Merva> yes
[21:11] <Sandra> amen
[21:12] <Broadcaster> Go Deb
[21:12] <Deborah> For Zack
[21:12] <Tony> Amen!
[21:12] <Deborah> I see you as a Warrior of the Lord
[21:12] <Deborah> You have been through much and many negative words have been spoken over you
[21:13] <Deborah> But God says that He knows who He has made you to be
[21:13] <Deborah> Every day of your life he has written in his book
[21:13] <Broadcaster> \o/
[21:13] <Deborah> Keep your eyes upon Jesus
[21:13] <Deborah> He is raising you up
[21:13] <Deborah> to be on the front lines
[21:14] <Deborah> winning many to Jesus
[21:14] <Deborah> and taking down the territories of the devil
[21:14] <Deborah> in your family
[21:14] <Deborah> in your region and in the world
[21:15] <Deborah> I hear evangelist and healing ministry.
[21:15] <Tony> Praise th Lorde
[21:15] <Deborah> Father loves you so much..He is well pleased with you. done
[21:15] <Cindy> o/ for Zack also
[21:15] <Broadcaster> Go Cindy!
[21:15] <Cindy> I heard called and equipped. 
[21:15] <Cindy> I heard ask Him for wisdom 
[21:15] <Cindy> and He will direct your steps. 
[21:16] Ryaan Joined The Chat
[21:16] <Cindy> done
[21:16] <Deborah> o/
[21:16] <Ryaan> Can i get a word
[21:16] <Broadcaster> Go Deborah
[21:16] <Deborah> Tony. I hear a warrior for you also
[21:16] <Deborah> You are the King’s man
[21:17] HeartWounds Left The Chat
[21:17] <Tony> Please!
[21:17] <Deborah> And I hear that Father is working all things for your good
[21:17] <Deborah> He is an on time God
[21:17] <Deborah> He will not be late
[21:17] <Broadcaster> \o/
[21:17] <Ryaan> who is this for this i am new my first time here 
[21:17] <weary_soul> o/ for Tony also
[21:17] <Cindy> Welcome Ryaan
[21:18] <Zack> Thank You, Lord Jesus and thank you Deborah and Cindy for letting the Lord speak through you. This definitely speaks to me and encourages me. I’ve been through a lot. God bless y’all.
[21:18] <Tony> ThaNK YOU 
[21:18] <Deborah> What he has done for you before he will do again. You are His War eagle. Rising on the Winds of His Spirit
[21:18] <Broadcaster> This is for Tony Ryann!;’
[21:18] <Ryaan> Thank you cindy
[21:18] <Cindy> Be blessed Zack.
[21:18] James Joined The Chat
[21:18] <Ryaan> thank you you broadcaster
[21:18] <Deborah> The storms shall not destroy you but you shall ride ABOVE them in Him. amen and done
[21:18] <Roxanne> o/
[21:18] <Cindy> o/ 
[21:19] <Broadcaster> Go Roxanne
[21:19] <Ryaan> Hiw do i know if i get a word
[21:19] <Broadcaster> We will tell you
[21:19] <Roxanne> I got a ord for James but this was before James joined us and boom here James joins 
[21:19] <Broadcaster> When someone gets ready to prophesy they will say this if for Ryann  or Becca etc
[21:19] <Ryaan> Thank you My real name is ryan james Goodrick
[21:20] <Broadcaster> Great to have you with us Ryan
[21:20] <James> for me Roxanne?
[21:21] <Broadcaster> If you have a question or comment raise your hand like this o/ and we will tell you to go and when you are finished put done
[21:21] <Roxanne> James I sense the Lord saying “you have been contending for breakthrough, there is freedom (I hear for this hour – I think means its coming fast or now) claim it for it is yours”. done
[21:21] <Cindy> o/ for James also
[21:21] <Roxanne> Yes this is for “James”
[21:21] <Cindy> I have something for James also
[21:22] <Broadcaster> go cindy
[21:22] <Cindy> I heard His promises are YES and AMEN! Keep standing dear brother. Let your declaration of faith be only what God says through His holy word.
[21:22] <Cindy> done
[21:22] <Tony> Thank You Deborah! Praise the Lord!
[21:22] <James> o/
[21:23] <Broadcaster> Go James
[21:23] <Ryaan> WE WANT MORE OF YOU LORD
[21:23] sue Left The Chat
[21:23] <James> Thank you Roxanne and Cindy for these Words. Zack is my son and we have been thru some stuff. Would appreciate your prayers
[21:23] <Cindy> Praying
[21:24] <Broadcaster> Defintely praying
[21:24] <Roxanne> James there is breakthrough right now
[21:24] <Roxanne> sorry I don’t mean to speak out of turn
[21:24] <Deborah> o/
[21:24] <Roxanne> James stand now and  claim it
[21:24] <Broadcaster> I dont think you did Roxanne!
[21:24] <Roxanne> If I may
[21:24] <Broadcaster> Go Deb!
[21:25] <Broadcaster> Hold deb
[21:25] <Tony> weary_soul……  Did you have a word for me too?
[21:25] <Deborah> I was glancing at the names and my eyes rested on Karen
[21:25] <Deborah> ok..holdinng
[21:25] <Broadcaster> did you have something else to share Roxanne
[21:25] SignetRing Left The Chat
[21:25] <weary_soul> Yes but thats okay The Lord works on his timing I will get it to you
[21:25] <Ryaan> Tony I keep hearing Joseph for you for some reason
[21:25] <Roxanne> James I was given this word before you even got in the room the Lord is standing and in agreement with you in this hour. Swing your sword brother it is yours
[21:25] <Roxanne> done
[21:26] <Tony> ok
[21:26] <Broadcaster> \o/
[21:26] <Cindy> \o/
[21:26] <Broadcaster> Now Go Deb!  Sorry!
[21:26] <Deborah>  I was glancing at the names and my eyes rested on Karen
[21:27] <Ryaan> Was i off i am new to this Tony
[21:27] <Deborah> and this may seem strange, but I saw a beach ball..this make sense to you sis Karen? I also have more even if it doesn’t. LOL
[21:28] <Deborah> I sense that the Lord is calling you to a season of relaxation and rest
[21:28] <Tony> lets let Deborah finish
[21:28] <Deborah> To lay back and rest in His love
[21:28] <Ryaan> Yes Sir sorry
[21:28] <Deborah> to play in the Living waters
[21:29] <Tony> no prob
[21:29] <Deborah> and be restored and renewed. done
[21:29] <Cindy> o/
[21:29] <Broadcaster> Go Cindy!
[21:29] <Cindy> word for Sheryl
[21:29] <Deborah> Its OK Ryaan!!
[21:29] <Cindy> Precious daughter, come and rest with me
[21:29] <Cindy> I was hearing living waters and fountain
[21:30] <Cindy> He wants to refresh you and strengthen you 
[21:30] <Cindy> and encourage you and heal you
[21:30] <Cindy> He is the lover of your soul!
[21:30] <Cindy> Done
[21:30] <Tony> This is my fist time too Ryann
[21:30] <Cindy> We are so glad you gentlemen are here
[21:30] <Tony> Amen!
[21:31] <Deborah> o/
[21:31] <Broadcaster> Go Deborah
[21:31] <Deborah> Ryaan
[21:31] <Ryaan> Thank you was that confirmation to you spirit Tony
[21:31] <Deborah> Father is so delighted with you
[21:31] <Deborah> You are eager and so willing to learn
[21:31] <Deborah> that is why He has brought you here
[21:32] <Deborah> to learn how to walk in the prophetic
[21:32] <vicki> O
[21:32] <Tony> Ryann, the word from Deborah is for you
[21:32] <vicki> oops sorry
[21:32] <vicki> o\
[21:32] <Deborah> Keep looking to Jesus, he is the Author and Perfecter of your faith
[21:33] <Deborah> For He is first in everything
[21:33] <Deborah> Seek Him first and ALl these things shall be added to you.
[21:33] <vicki> trying to raise my hand messed up so sorry
[21:33] <vicki> word for ryann
[21:33] JC Left The Chat
[21:33] Sheryl Left The Chat
[21:34] <Broadcaster> well get you next vicki
[21:34] <Broadcaster> when deb finishes
[21:34] <Ryaan> Thank you Debroah
[21:34] <Deborah> Father wants you to prctice the gift He has placed within you, even now He is giving you dreams and visions. So be patient, Holy Spirit is filling you to overflowing with His Fire 
[21:35] <Deborah> and you shall release itand many shall be healed delivered and saved. done
[21:35] <Ryaan> Amen I do recieve dreams
[21:35] <Tony> Im not sure Ryann , but now that Deb has gave you that word then it may meaN SOMETHING TO ME
[21:35] <Broadcaster> okay go vicki
[21:36] <vicki> Ryann, not sure if you play basketball but I see you on a court playing and the Lord cheering you on you are a team player and He is training you for a coach position amen done 
[21:36] <Tony> Bless you Ryann
[21:36] <weary_soul> o/
[21:36] <Broadcaster> go weary soul
[21:36] <weary_soul> Tony you have such a tender gentle heart and shown many incredible love in their times of needs. you have a gift for listening and comforting. The Lord is going to increase your gifts and bring more recognition of your abilities so many more can come to you to seek refuge wisdom and feel his love through yur acts and words
[21:36] <weary_soul> done
[21:37] <Tony> confirmation! Thank You!
[21:37] <Broadcaster> For Painting Mama – By your name it makes me think of an artist
[21:37] <Broadcaster> and i just see you at an easel paining beautiful paintings
[21:38] <Broadcaster> but it is not You the is paining them
[21:38] <Broadcaster> painting them
[21:38] <Broadcaster> Yahwey has Your hand and painting the pictures for you
[21:38] <Broadcaster> The paintings may also be writings
[21:39] <Broadcaster> but God is increasing your creativity 
[21:39] <Broadcaster> and the thhinks that you will bring forth 
[21:39] <Broadcaster> will set captives free
[21:39] <Broadcaster> done
[21:39] <Cindy> o/
[21:39] <Broadcaster> go cindy
[21:39] <Cindy> word for Ling
[21:40] sarah Left The Chat
[21:40] <Cindy> I heard songs, He wants to create songs through you
[21:40] <Cindy> You are HIS MASTERPIECE
[21:40] <Cindy> His poema (Ephesians 2:10)
[21:40] <Cindy> His workmanship
[21:40] Ryaan Left The Chat
[21:40] <Cindy> He created you in advance for good works
[21:40] <Cindy> in Christ
[21:40] <Cindy> You are so LOVED
[21:40] sarah Joined The Chat
[21:40] <Cindy> You are precious in His sight.
[21:40] <Cindy> Done
[21:40] <Painting_Mama> I have been praying for increase in creativity and have sensed a calling in setting captives free. Such confirmation! Thank you!
[21:40] vicki Left The Chat
[21:41] <sarah> o/
[21:41] <Broadcaster> Go Sarah
[21:41] <sarah> Ling, I hear first came the stalk, then the bud and now the blossom
[21:42] <sarah> I see a beautiful peonie blossom
[21:42] <sarah> and just like the ants have to come and prepare the bl
[21:42] <sarah> bud for opening the word is having a perfect work in you
[21:43] PurePraise Joined The Chat
[21:43] <sarah> I see a beautiful blossom opening and you are in a timewhere the sun is shining upon you for favor and the delight of your father
[21:44] <sarah> enjoy Ling! Enjoy! done
[21:44] <Cindy> o/ more for Ling
[21:45] <Cindy> I have given my angels charge over you to guard you in all your ways (Psalm 91)
[21:45] sarah Left The Chat
[21:45] <Cindy> done
[21:45] sarah Joined The Chat
[21:45] <Ling> Tq Cindy. The Lord recently wanted me to pickup guitar again and lead in worship in CG but ive been hesitant and wasn sure.
[21:45] <Cindy> I stepped out in faith
[21:45] <Cindy> I am new at this prophesy thing
[21:45] <Cindy> and that’s what I heard
[21:46] <Deborah> Welcome PurePraise
[21:46] <Cindy> Stay in fellowship with Him
[21:46] <Ling> Tq Sarah…the Lord called me his Peonie few mths ago this really resonates within me. tq
[21:46] <Cindy> songs will be birthed through you from Him and they will bless many!
[21:46] <PurePraise> ThankYou
[21:46] <sarah> amen
[21:47] riseupnhim Joined The Chat
[21:47] <Roxanne> o/
[21:47] <Broadcaster> Go Roxanne
[21:48] <Roxanne> I have for 3 people. This is for Edna I sense the Holy Spirit 
[21:48] Sandra Left The Chat
[21:49] riseupnhim Left The Chat
[21:49] riseupnhim Joined The Chat
[21:49] Deborah Left The Chat
[21:50] <Roxanne> Edna I sense the Holy Spirit saying ” doors have been closing but I will open a door that no mancan close. I also hear your joy will be your strength. Edna I don’t know if you are comfortable in worship but this is a big key for you.
[21:50] Deborah Joined The Chat
[21:50] <Roxanne> I also wonder if someone has a child or knows a Lucas?
[21:50] <Cindy> I know a Lucas from my past
[21:50] <Cindy> a friend of my son
[21:50] <Cindy> they haven’t seen each other in 10 years
[21:51] karen Left The Chat
[21:51] <Edna> thank you Roxanne ..yes i am !
[21:52] <Roxanne> I also have a word for Vicki I sense the Lord saying “daughtere of my heart I am so pleased with you. I hear Him saying you are a “nuturer of His children” and a “lover of all that I love” You walk with Him and talk with Him and more oil is coming. 
[21:52] vicki Joined The Chat
[21:52] <Roxanne> Vicki just had a word for you.
[21:52] <Roxanne> Also for Lucas
[21:52] <vicki> I am back 
[21:52] <Roxanne> This is for a Lucas who is sick and frail
[21:52] sarah Left The Chat
[21:53] sarah Joined The Chat
[21:53] <Roxanne> and fighting for his life. There is healing oil coming on him. Done
[21:53] <Tony> Thank You Jesus Christ!
[21:53] <Roxanne> \o/
[21:53] <Cindy> \o/
[21:53] <Roxanne> Does anyone know a Lucas who is sick?
[21:54] <Tony> \o/
[21:55] <Roxanne> done
[21:55] <Broadcaster> We are going to close soon but  we have a few that have not received a word yet
[21:55] <Deborah> o/ Pure Praise
[21:55] <bonnienelp> o\James
[21:56] <vicki> 0/ did i miss a word through Roxanne had to go for a minute 
[21:56] <Ling> 10:52] <Roxanne> I also have a word for Vicki I sense the Lord saying “daughtere of my heart I am so pleased with you. I hear Him saying you are a “nuturer of His children” and a “lover of all that I love” You walk with Him and talk with Him and more oil is coming. 
[21:56] <Tony> It is posted up on feed Vickie
[21:56] <Ling> just reposted for u Vicki
[21:56] <Broadcaster> Merva, Sandi, Sue, Jen , Pure Praise and Bonnie so please share if you hear anything for them
[21:57] <Broadcaster> Go Deb
[21:57] <Deborah> I see a heart beating. Your beats as one with the Father’s
[21:57] <vicki> Thank you 
[21:57] <Roxanne> Vicki you have the Father’s heart…what a beautiful spirit you have!
[21:58] <vicki> \o/
[21:58] <Tony> Pure Praise , Deborah has a word for you
[21:58] <Deborah>  That was for PurePraise. I see her heart beating as one with father’s. I am the Orchestrater of your life. 
[21:58] <Broadcaster> \o/
[21:58] <Broadcaster> Go Bonnie!
[21:58] <bonnienelp> Wanted to say thank you to all of you for joining in
[21:58] <Deborah> still going for pure praise
[21:58] <Deborah> πŸ™‚
[21:59] <PurePraise> Praise Jesus!
[21:59] <Broadcaster> oops i am sorry
[21:59] <Broadcaster> please continue
[21:59] <Deborah> its ok, dear sis
[21:59] <JenB> Amen what Deb said about Purepraise is what I got also
[22:0] <Deborah> Father just wants her/him to know that He is arranging things so that her life will come together in harmony with family
[22:0] <Deborah> for she has a heart for Him
[22:0] <Deborah> and there shal be no more unrest
[22:0] <Deborah> but he says” Come and rest, weary one”
[22:1] <Deborah> for I am working all things out for your good
[22:1] <Deborah> Your praises are a sweet sweet fraghrance to Me and I love you. done
[22:1] <bonnienelp> Thanks Deborah
[22:1] <bonnienelp> I wanted to share a word for James but also to bring forth something
[22:1] <PurePraise> Thank you Deborah. I am crying with joy
[22:2] <bonnienelp> which will really help all of us in bringing forth the Word of the Lord
[22:2] <bonnienelp> decently and in order
[22:2] <Deborah> ((HUGS))
[22:2] <bonnienelp> When someone is sharing a Word from God
[22:2] <bonnienelp> it is God speaking through them
[22:2] <bonnienelp> think on this
[22:2] <bonnienelp> should we be interupting His Word
[22:2] <bonnienelp> in the church one of the problems they had 
[22:2] <bonnienelp> and still today is when a bunch of prophetic people met
[22:2] <bonnienelp> they were so excited to share
[22:3] <bonnienelp> they spoke over each other
[22:3] <bonnienelp> and so many times the word of the Father was lost
[22:3] <bonnienelp> Firestorm is a safe place to share and we want everyone
[22:3] <bonnienelp> to bring forth what they are hearing, but
[22:3] <bonnienelp> with care not to step on The Word
[22:3] <bonnienelp> each person is important
[22:3] <bonnienelp> each part of the puzzle you bring is so needed
[22:4] <bonnienelp> to help others.
[22:4] <bonnienelp> so keep this in mind
[22:4] <bonnienelp> when that Nabby bubbling prophetic stirs inyour belly
[22:4] <bonnienelp> smile
[22:4] <bonnienelp> Ok for James
[22:4] <bonnienelp> I sense many have decided who you are James
[22:4] <bonnienelp> but the Father says look deep into your soul and listen
[22:5] <bonnienelp> for I am going to bring forth what I have given you
[22:5] <bonnienelp> and you shall bgin to walk in a different level
[22:5] <bonnienelp> you have toyed with several things in the church but 
[22:5] <bonnienelp> it is not your passion where they have placed you
[22:5] <bonnienelp> I speak a break through for you in you ministry for you do have a ministry
[22:5] <bonnienelp> and it is to bring forth the Word and to apply it
[22:5] <bonnienelp> I see the Pastor upon your heart for people
[22:6] <bonnienelp> and I also see where you have gone out and 
[22:6] <bonnienelp> wanted to worship and evangelize 
[22:6] <bonnienelp> I speak a new level into you tonight for your communication skills
[22:6] <bonnienelp> to come forth where people understand your words
[22:6] <Broadcaster> \o/
[22:6] <bonnienelp> and I speak a new level of discernment t rise
[22:6] <bonnienelp> so that you will see when there is a distraction
[22:6] <bonnienelp> or something to be avoicded
[22:7] <bonnienelp> I speak reconciliation to family members and a 
[22:7] <bonnienelp> I call forth a new job, the doors to open where you will
[22:7] <bonnienelp> go and be recieved and love being able to minister where you are
[22:7] <bonnienelp> seeking your finances
[22:7] <bonnienelp> There is also the sowing an reaping that I am hearing
[22:7] <bonnienelp> and I am praying for what you have sowed to beging 
[22:7] <bonnienelp> to come forth and be fruitful
[22:8] <bonnienelp> I see you as a writer/teacher
[22:8] <bonnienelp> there are many ways for The Father to bring forth your gift 
[22:8] <bonnienelp> and the place for you to minister.
[22:8] <bonnienelp> I speak encouragement to you to know who you are and step forth
[22:8] <bonnienelp> to learn more
[22:8] <bonnienelp> Isee humility and a deep love for the Father
[22:8] <bonnienelp> so James, 
[22:8] <bonnienelp> the one who is true
[22:8] <bonnienelp> I bless you
[22:8] <bonnienelp> and call you forth
[22:9] <bonnienelp> I see the commissioning of the Father upon you and an
[22:9] <bonnienelp> ordination to recognize you coming
[22:9] <bonnienelp> Watch your walk and hold tight
[22:9] <bonnienelp> the Lord is going to rock your boat
[22:9] <bonnienelp> and you are going to love getting out on the water
[22:9] <bonnienelp> iN the Name of Yahshua I bless you man of God
[22:9] <bonnienelp> done
[22:9] <Tony> My first time,I understand better now.Thank You Bonnienelp
[22:9] <Broadcaster> \o.
[22:9] <bonnienelp> go Becca
[22:9] <Broadcaster> For Sue
[22:10] <Broadcaster> The Father loves You
[22:10] <Broadcaster> He is really more and more the truth of Your word
[22:10] <Broadcaster> to bring forth
[22:10] <Broadcaster> There will be a place for you to full your desitiny
[22:11] <Broadcaster> fulfil your destiny
[22:11] <Broadcaster> He is pleased with You
[22:11] <Broadcaster> He will make a place for You
[22:11] <Broadcaster> He has already made a place for you
[22:11] <Broadcaster> so rest in Him 
[22:11] <Broadcaster> knowing that HE has Your Back
[22:12] <Broadcaster> done
[22:12] <riseupnhim> o/ For Ling
[22:12] <Broadcaster> Go Sandi
[22:12] <riseupnhim> Ling I sense in my spirit that you are one that gives much grace to others, even when it can sometimes be hard to give. 
[22:12] <riseupnhim> Also I sense that you are a giver and will gladly give your last to see another’s need fulfilled. 
[22:12] <riseupnhim> And so I would like to pray for you. 
[22:13] <riseupnhim> Father I lift Ling up to you thanking you for her heart which is after your own. 
[22:13] <riseupnhim> And I ask that her every need be met so abundantly that she has more than enough to pour out to others. 
[22:13] <riseupnhim> I sense Father that Ling has a very special need that not many have knowledge of
[22:14] <riseupnhim> and I ask Father that by your grace you would quicken the heart of those that are obedient
[22:14] <riseupnhim> to your call and your will 
[22:14] <riseupnhim> when they hear you speaking
[22:14] <riseupnhim> to bring in this unspoken request
[22:15] <riseupnhim> in Jesus name amen and done
[22:15] <Broadcaster> Amen!
[22:15] <Cindy> o/
[22:15] <Broadcaster> Go Cindy
[22:15] <Cindy> word for Merva
[22:15] <Cindy> Handmaid of the Lord
[22:15] <Cindy> I am well pleased with you
[22:15] <Cindy> You are my daughter and the apple of my eye
[22:16] <Cindy> You are my delight
[22:16] <Cindy> Continue to seek me and learn of me
[22:16] <Cindy> for I have much more to show you
[22:16] <Cindy> mysteries, revealed by the holy spirit
[22:16] <Cindy> I am your teacher
[22:16] <Cindy> and your friend
[22:16] <Cindy> your comforter, protector, healer, provider and so much more
[22:16] <Cindy> I am your everything
[22:17] <Cindy> Times of refreshing are coming to you my daughter
[22:17] <Cindy> Be still and know that I am God
[22:17] <Cindy> draw near to me and I will draw near to you
[22:17] <Broadcaster> \o/
[22:17] <Cindy> done
[22:17] <Broadcaster> For Jen 
[22:17] <Ling> Tq riseupnhim
[22:17] <PurePraise> thank you JenB
[22:17] <Broadcaster> go ahead ling
[22:18] <Merva> Thank you Cindy
[22:18] <Cindy> Blessings Merva!
[22:18] <riseupnhim> o/
[22:18] <Broadcaster> Go Sandi
[22:18] <riseupnhim> One more thing for Ling
[22:19] <riseupnhim> I was hearing you singing and 
[22:19] <riseupnhim> you were singing to the Lord with the angels
[22:19] <riseupnhim> done
[22:19] Sheri Joined The Chat
[22:19] <Sheri> Hello?
[22:19] <riseupnhim> Hi Sheri
[22:20] <Cindy> Hi Sheri
[22:20] <Broadcaster> FOr Jen – I see you in military camoflauge
[22:20] <Sheri> am I early or having connection issues?
[22:20] <Broadcaster> with combat boots
[22:20] <Broadcaster> (Sherri this is a text only forum)
[22:20] <Broadcaster> and the Father has been training and preparing you for battle
[22:21] <Broadcaster> and You are well prepared
[22:21] <Broadcaster> You are will giving it your all to fight for others
[22:21] vicki Left The Chat
[22:21] <Broadcaster> and bring them into the kingdom
[22:22] <Broadcaster> Father is well pleased with you
[22:22] <Broadcaster> do not be weary for He is giving you everything you need
[22:22] <Broadcaster> done
[22:22] <bonnienelp> o/ tag Jen
[22:22] <Broadcaster> Go bon
[22:22] <bonnienelp> Oh the Love of the Father is upon you
[22:22] <bonnienelp> and you are so excited and there is so much you are hearing
[22:22] <bonnienelp> from the Father 
[22:23] <bonnienelp> I see where you are a worshipper and in the times of need you are on your 
[22:23] <bonnienelp> knees. You are one who is faithful
[22:23] <bonnienelp> and the Father is ready to move you to the ne
[22:23] <bonnienelp> next season for you have been crying out to Him 
[22:23] <bonnienelp> for the increase
[22:23] <bonnienelp> to go deeper and you are hungry for more
[22:23] <bonnienelp> and I hear for you to fast
[22:23] <bonnienelp> for it will
[22:23] <bonnienelp> bring forth the breakthrough you are seeking
[22:23] <bonnienelp> the Father says make the deal
[22:24] <bonnienelp> and I will honor what you are seeking
[22:24] <bonnienelp> I also see some doors opening for ministry where you
[22:24] <bonnienelp> will be in a group where people are wanting to learn
[22:24] <bonnienelp> more and it will be a blessing for you to glean
[22:24] <bonnienelp> from them and also speak into their lives
[22:24] <bonnienelp> I hear teacher and leader
[22:24] <bonnienelp> you are not one for titles, 
[22:24] <bonnienelp> but you will fulfill those roles
[22:25] <bonnienelp> there is also a healing ministry I am hearing
[22:25] <bonnienelp> one you have prayed over 
[22:25] <bonnienelp> for your hands to be able to be layed on those in need
[22:25] <bonnienelp> to be raised up
[22:25] <bonnienelp> So Father for this one, she wants a lot, but you have put that in her
[22:25] <bonnienelp> and I call it forth, 
[22:25] <bonnienelp> the destiny and the fruit to be manifested and come forth
[22:25] <bonnienelp> for Your Glory Father and to affirm who she is in You
[22:26] <bonnienelp> In the Name of Yahshua, I bless you woman of God
[22:26] <bonnienelp> and I heard the Father say tag……..she is also a strong prayer warrior
[22:26] <bonnienelp> Blessing to you lady,   keep on keeping on
[22:26] <bonnienelp> done
[22:26] Broadcaster Left The Chat
[22:26] <bonnienelp> who has not had a word
[22:26] <bonnienelp> tonight
[22:26] <bonnienelp> anyone?
[22:26] <Sheri>    o/
[22:26] <riseupnhim> me
[22:27] <sarah> me?
[22:27] <bonnienelp> two
[22:27] <bonnienelp> ok
[22:27] <bonnienelp> Deborah will you seek for Sandi 
[22:27] <Deborah> yes
[22:27] <Roxanne> o/
[22:27] <Roxanne> for Sandi
[22:27] <Sheri> Sandi or Sheri?
[22:27] <bonnienelp> ok hold everyone
[22:27] <bonnienelp> are you ready Deborah
[22:28] <bonnienelp> stretching you
[22:28] <bonnienelp> lol
[22:28] Broadcaster Joined The Chat
[22:28] <bonnienelp> you there Deborah
[22:28] Broadcaster Left The Chat
[22:28] Broadcaster Joined The Chat
[22:29] <Deborah> ok..was listening πŸ™‚
[22:29] <PurePraise> wb broadcaster
[22:29] <bonnienelp> ok want Roxanne to go first
[22:29] <bonnienelp> Becca is the Broadcaster
[22:29] <Deborah> No. I will go πŸ™‚
[22:29] <Deborah> My daughter
[22:29] <Deborah> How i love you

The Stream ended……..



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