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Hello Everyone:

As I watched the morning news and all the chaos and confusion, anger, hate and such spreading across the Nation, I thought, WOW Father, this is crazy. In the midst of all this, here we are gathering, coming together to Worship You.

And worship we will do and we will release our “shout” into the heavenlies and I know there shall be a change in the atmosphere.

I wonder Father, how many others have felt Your Touch? How many have heard Your Voice wooing them to come and seek Your Face? To worship You and give You Praise and Thanksgiving, not just what You have done, but for who You ARE. You are I AM, the Creator of ALL things and You have called us to come out of the storm and into You. How Great You Are!!! Yahweh!!!! \0/ May we be a Great Blessing to You and a “force” You can use for Your Glory.


Bonnie Nelson
July 29, 2020

For today you have chosen to come to Me, in the midst of the storms raging across your Nation and I have chosen to be with you. Come and let me refresh you and give you new hope for what is to come, for with Me there is
life and life more abundantly.

Shake off the dread to which the enemy has sought to press you down and let My Spirit in you lift you to a new
place to where you will see answers to your prayers and a new path to walk upon, which shall lead you closer to
Me and the understanding you have been seeking.

All is not lost, close your eyes and reopen them to see what I see. I see the beginning of My House, not being restored, but being born again into the destiny I have prophesied. For the coming time shall find you and I moving and ministering together in a Deeper
Way than before. Know this, the victory is Mine through you. Use My Words to STAND on and PULL strength from
and the armies against you…they shall move.

Today, Declare My Words, Prophesy life and Resist the waves of evil, which the enemy is releasing across the world.
You have chosen to come and stand on the wall as intercessors over your nation and its people. Have no fear for I AM with you.
I knew you before I created the stars and I have been preparing you to be steadfast in Me. Be encouraged I will never leave you or forsake you, for I love you and I AM for you. Come and dance and sing with Me. My Name is Yahweh!

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