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Firestorm on Fire – 2021 Conference

By April 19, 2021Prophecy

On The Road – Back To Yahshua/Jesus

Firestorm On Fire

August 19-20-21

Victory Christian Center
1641 Middle Tennessee Blvd
Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37130

Hi Everyone:

This year I have been watching/waiting to see what is unfolding in our Nation, the new Administration and the rules and regulations regarding Covid before setting the dates of the Firestorm Conference for 2021. When I saw the picture above, I felt the nudge to get to work, plus I just saw a new figure revealing the number of followers in the Church here in the USA. It is down 20 percent over the past 10 years from 67% to 47%. Think on this! There is a need to stir up the fire of Yahweh again in this land!

I have a sense 2021 is the year Yahweh is lighting up the road back to His Son. It is time to get back to the business of saving and training souls for the Kingdom, in the Name of Yahshua on-ground and ON FIRE!!! Can you feel your spirit moving? If not, stop and SHAKE Yourself, it’s time to wake up. Your destiny is calling you forth out of the cave. Do you remember Jesus saying, “Lazarus come forth?” It was Lazarus’ time to come forth and it is our time now to come forth as well. Let the Church Arise!

The dates for the conference are set for August 19, 20, and 21. I sense this will be a time of refreshing, refilling and new beginnings for many who do not yet know who they are in Christ and where they fit.

The Prophetic Word of Yahweh is alive, on fire and ready to move through us to bring forth what is needed for those He is going to bring to us. It will be a harvesting of those lost who are hungry to know God and be saved; a time of imparting and implanting the Spirit of Christ and making people new in Him. This will also be a refreshing for those who have grown weary and need healing in the spirit and in the natural.

Do not think lightly of this gathering or set limits in your spirit, for the Father is going to show Himself Strong and Able to do whatever is needed through those who know Him and call upon His Name. Do you want this? Ready yourself!

I am seeking to know what Yahweh is saying to you in the spirit about this gathering. So, be looking for an upcoming forum where we can all meet and share what we are hearing and seeing. Press in to the Father for what He wants to say through you about this conference.

Be ready to Expect the Un-Expected and Anticipate a Mighty Move of Christ in you and upon you and those who He will draw to us. Come ready to Praise, Worship, Pray, War, Dance, Prophesy, Share Your Testimony, Proclaim and Declare the Words of the LORD.

This is the TIME to Break Out of the Old and Come Into the New

Let US

Stop & Listen To Yahweh In The Burning Bush

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