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Firestorm Conference Testimony

By August 26, 2020Equipping the Saints

Hello Everyone:

I sent out a post asking if anyone had a testimony of what happened to them at the FS Prophetic Roar Conference this year. I have a couple folks who have sent me a note and I wanted to share and let you know it is not too late to send in what happened to you at the Conference at Victory Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Here is a testimony from Maureen “Bridget” Norris

This conference was going to be much different for me than the others. I had determined this in my heart. Admittedly, I watched a lot of things happen. My heart wanted to participate. My brain argued A LOT.

The day we had the activation about the Procession music. I heard along the same thing that everyone else heard. The first person got up and almost read my paper where I had written down what I was given. I got up to go to the front. My feet yielded to other people as they also had said what I had written down. I was bouncing up and down in an almost giddiness, because, at that point, I KNEW I was still hearing what God was saying, and not chasing down rabbit-trails. I was ecstatic and my spirit was already jumping.

I was worshipping during the service the morning of July 31st, and I heard in my spirit to walk over and grab my mattah —what I then called — walking stick. As I reached for it, the hesitation and nerves all said NO, you will make a fool out of yourself. I argued, for about 15 seconds, grabbed it, and walked back to my spot. Prior to this, I had been dealing with back/neck/shoulder issues for a few months, having been awakened in writhing pain to the point of tears, and in the hospital twice in July for the same.

I NEEDED a breakthrough where those, and several other, issues were concerned. As I started to war, in faith, and that is just what it was, WAR, MY atmosphere had changed. I lifted my mattah above my head, both hands, in faith. We started the serious worship. My mattah and my hands were still both up, bent slightly at the elbow, because I was feeling pain, and getting tired.

Suddenly, in the middle of all that, I felt a hand grab the mattah, between my hands, and pull straight up. My feet were planted solid. My arms BOTH straightened up. No pain. A lot of tears, but no pain, for the first time in months. As I had my eyes closed, I thought it was someone who had come over to “fix” me. Well, it was. Just not in the physical.

I thought I heard Bonnie mention my name at one point. I just could NOT take myself away from that. I just continued to worship in my spot, hands raised, eyes closed, elbows solid and locked with that mattah. I went back to Facebook that afternoon to re-watch the broadcast from that morning, to see where it was that Bonnie did say my name and to write down the word Bonnie gave me later in the service.

All that to say this.

That morning, the Lord healed me of so many issues at this conference.
These are just two of the times at this conference that the Lord walked me through and held me up.


Hello Everyone:

I sent out a post asking if anyone had a testimony of what happened to them at the FS Prophetic Roar Conference this year. I have a couple folks who have sent me a note and I wanted to share and let you know it is not too late to send in what happened to you at the Conference at Victory Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Forgive me for my delay as I struggle to get caught up. I am sending the original note concerning the conference with pictures below. Blessings, bon

Here is a testimony from Becca Card, VP Firestorm Ministries Int’l

Every conference we have is different and there is a sense that it just might be the best one. But to me there is no doubt that the 2020 conference is the very best one. First of all Yahweh was in the house waiting on us. I have to believe that no one there left unchanged in some way. Yahweh touched each of us and meld us together in a new way.

For me I had to fight to get there. There were health issues and other things that were stopping me from going. I told Bonnie and others, “If I can just get there, things will change. I will change, but I have to get there. Thanks to Nicole for picking me up and letting me ride with her and some other things I was able to go almost at the last minute.

When I walked into the church I was overwhelmed with the presence of Yahweh. I immediately knew that I was in His Presence. I could have literally fallen on my face and just been with Him. I don’t have words to express it but at that moment there was shift or change in me.

There were a lot of different moments that were special. Yahweh melded us all together. We were one voice. In the middle of pandemic we were together worshipping Yahweh, learning more about Him and then using our gifts.

There was a point when they prayed for me and there was a breakthrough. Even though the symptoms did not go away I got my life back. Every day I got a little more of me and a whole lot more of Yahweh. From the moment I got there and felt the first touch until the last touch when we left the church Yahweh was constantly touching me and changing me.

Yahweh is still changing me even now that I am home. A few short days after getting home I had a cardiology appointment. He wanted to do a heart cath. Miraculously within an hour of being home I had an appointment in two days. My LAD (the widow maker) had two blockages of 80% and 100% . The majority of my LAD artery was blocked and after they put two long stents in the blood is flowing in my heart again. I believe that all this happened as a direct result of what happened at conference.

No one left unchanged. Make plans now to come to next year’s conference. You will be forever changed.


So, what happened to you?

What is your testimony?
Send it to me so we can share

Firestorm 2020 Conference

The Year of The Prophetic Roar

What Happened

Hello Firestormers:

It is almost impossible to explain what all happened at the Firestorm 2020 Conference. In the midst of a pandemic, in the midst of all the fear and riots and our whole lives being shaken, we came together to Roar and Worship our King.

We came to love on Him and let Him know how important He is to us. We came to Fellowship, Dance, Praise and send up our Shouts of Glory and Praise to Yahweh and Yahshua/Jesus for all the world to see.

We came to pray over each other and release the Word of The LORD to all who would hear and believe.

I have no doubt in my mind or spirit, we changed the atmosphere and I declared before the conference; those who came would be changed.

So today, to those of you who were able to come, were you changed?

I would love to hear your testimonies and be able to share them with all of our Firestorm Friends and though many of our friends were not able to come this year because of health, finances and such, I am sure they would love to hear what happened to us. Please take a few moments and right down your thoughts and send them to me: BonnieNelP@aol.com

Blessings to you all and please note; it is not to late to send in a donation to help us with conference expenses.

Here are some pictures from the FS Year of The Prophetic Roar Conference.


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