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Dorian Begins To Bow To The Hands of Yahweh

By September 9, 2019Equipping the Saints

Oh Hallelujah to Yahweh \o/ 

I can feel the ground under my feet shaking and I hear the sound of an army waking……

The headlines rocked my socks off this afternoon, as I turned on my computer and went looking to see the status of Dorian. Oh my goodness. Glory to Yahweh! Thank You Father!!!!!
Dorian is bowing to the Most High God, as He answers the prayers and travailings of His saints for His Hand of Protection over this nation. 
Do not surrender and settle for the turning away from just Florida.  Press on with your prayers and praises to Yahweh for this storm to turn totally away from all of our coastal cities and towns. 
Glory more Glory to our God Yahweh, who is showing His Mercy is new every morning. He is giving us more time and encouraging us to gather TOGETHER in our prayers and ready ourselves for the battle over who will be the LORD and GOD over this Nation of the United States of America.  United we shall be, for our battle demands we come together in unity and one accord.  
Here are the headlines I saw just as they were posted.

Hurricane Dorian’s path continues away from Florida in 2 p.m. Update from National Hurricane Center


Hurricane Dorian’s forecast path continued to veer away from Florida with the 2 p.m. Saturday advisory from the National Hurricane Center, although much of the state’s east coast remains within the danger zone.

The forecast track remained essentially unchanged from late-morning track, where the center steered clear of Florida and aimed at the Carolinas. The cone of uncertainty, showing possible paths for the storm’s center, excludes Broward and Miami-Dade counties but includes the rest of the Florida coast to the north.

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