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Do You Not See It?

May 26, 2019

Victory Christian Church

Murfreesboro, Tennessee


There’s a change in the seasons, a change in the seasons for you. For today I AM doing a new thing, Have you not read when I have said I AM doing a new thing?  Can you not feel it?


Do you not feel the electricity in the room today? Do you not feel the Presence, because I AM here and I AM touching and I AM Touching and bringing healing, but I am also touching and bringing you into a new day. This is the new day I say to you  


For it is beginning to get hot, it is beginning to get hot and in this world you will need to stay cool and you will need to walk in My Truth. You will need walk in My truth and come as I lead you.


And I am going to restore and reconcile things that have been out of order. I’m going to put things into place and I Am going to bring you into an area to where finances will not be an issue with you anymore. For you shall know when is enough and when it is not enough and you shall not focus on those things, but you shall focus on Me and your eyes shall turn upward for I AM the Truth the Way and the Light.


And today I say unto you, this season that is coming upon you, will be one that you can take things out of the atmosphere and make them yours and they will be Kingdom things and you shall walk and talk with My Words and you shall Pray and the deaf will hear and the blind will see for I have called you into this season. I have called you forth into this season.


Do not think lightly of who you are I say do not think lightly of who you are for I AM in you and you are in Me and nothing is impossible for Me, for I AM the God of the Impossible. Seek Me and you will find Me, for I am deeply planted inside of you.


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